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  1. Boy in a dress will always be just that, DNA cannot be changed no matter how much you want to 'identify' as another sex. Transgender madness has arrived here as well.
  2. I refuse to drive here, let the Mrs do it while I sit there and tut tut at all the madness going on around us.
  3. less kfc, coke and other western muck, Thai diet is far healthier
  4. Would not have a Thai massage if it was free, the last one nearly crippled me. Far too many unqualified doing it.
  5. It's the ideology exported by Islam
  6. Orton Rd

    Linux Mint Install disaster

    Win 7 was great then bought a new machine with 8.1, terrible, always dropping the wi fi connection but struggled on with it. Last week tried to upgrade to win 10, no luck so gave it up and installed Mint 19.1, very impressed with it. It even linked up to the printer without installing anything extra, no freezing up, no more wi fi drop outs or YT buffering, wish I had gone over to Linux before. Not keen on ever having to use the terminal a lot but the the commands are easy to find. Also not loads of viruses and malware or Microsoft gathering data, and it's free of course. I'll be sticking with it.
  7. could be no more 90 day reports, replaced by 30 day ones
  8. If he scraps the 90 day and brings in a 10 year visa with reasonable financial requirements he will be a superstar in my book. People moan about immigration hoops then when somebody plans to make things easier- they still moan! I don't think personal insults towards the officer are of any help.
  9. If they cannot even take real action on plastic bags what chance do they have with air pollution?
  10. I'd rather do almost anything than have to have sex, boring tiring and after all done it thousands of times before. Having a good dump is far more satisfying these days
  11. The way things are going possibly not!
  12. Orton Rd

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Threatened by the scaremongering of 'racism' it must be built or American democracy will not stand.
  13. If Karma was real people like Mao would not die in bed after killing 60 million
  14. Orton Rd

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Bush won a minority of the votes, other presidents too that's the system you have. Actually it's more a case of completing the wall as some of it exists already.