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  1. If they start murdering innocent Thais on the street again it wont be a decent place for anyone
  2. illegal coup rigged election with un elected senate majority appointed appointing senior post to a convicted heroin dealer rubber stamping the watch mans pathetic justification for wealthy assets banning the future forward party, it's MP's and leader for getting too popular etc etc etc
  3. More fantasy, the protesters have not caused any violence which must be highly disappointing for some, and have ran rings around the uniformed do do's in charge. His state of emergency was a total failure, his banning media outlets from covering the protests was as well as has been the comical yellow supporters who were from the army. He can forget everything else and concentrate on his resignation speech, it's a new age and he and his band of uniformed stuffed shirts will soon be consigned to history where they belong.
  4. They were 100% army in yellow shirts last night at govt house, the rest are civil servants made to turn out and a few old brainwashed die hards. Very few of the former middle class yellows for reasons which cannot be mentioned
  5. Unless grovelling appreciation, any critic of another culture, however backward is always tagged as 'racist' these days. Old Anthony was spot on, he never mentioned muay thai but he would have added it to the borrowed list. He even had a point about the music, if you listen to anything from the 60's it sounds like it was recorded in a garage on a cassette tape.
  6. yes he was wrong about the music, but that's about all
  7. Sir Anthony Rumbolds letter on leaving Bangkok as UK ambassador in 1967 could not be improved upon "I have very much enjoyed living for a while in Thailand. One would have to be very insensitive or puritanical to take the view that the Thais had nothing to offer. It is true they have no literature, no painting, and only a very odd kind of music — that their sculpture, their ceramics and their dancing are borrowed from others — and that their architecture is monotonous and their interior decorations hideous. Nobody can deny that gambling and golf are the chief pleasures of the rich
  8. Queuing up to get in, anything for a free feed from dozy do gooders
  9. Joker of the year says the conflict needs to be resolved in parliament with the protesters representatives, er but i thought he banned them all and their party they voted for, as well as it's leader. Lifts state of emergency as too embarrassing to pretend anyone took a blind bit of notice of it
  10. True, even on our remote village several houses are owned by Chinese, one family own 3 houses to rent out and some like these do not even speak Thai. How they get round the law is a mystery, but I know they get around immigration rules with various moves so buying houses should be no obstacle.
  11. I agree but there are people who have a talent for languages just like some are good at music or painting. Mrs had one student who mastered not only speaking and reading but also writing in 3 years of lessons once a week. She wrote Mrs a long thank you letter in perfect Thai when she went back home. Then there is me who gave up years ago, they even have difficulty understanding the numbers I give them at the Big C till
  12. Unless somebody is wiling to buy them they are not worth anything, many will sell at a price people are willing to pay.
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