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  1. I got sick of 8.1 problems so tried to install 10, it would not work. Ended up installing Linux Mint 19, better than 8.1 by far. No auto updates, no security problems not hanging or software not responding, makes windows feel like treacle.
  2. Caucasian kindness knows no bounds obviously. Two things they can be proud of is their immigration policy, and not allowing foreigners to buy the place up
  3. Lets see now, it's a corrupt hierarchical society where respect is given upwards to your betters, or rather the richer more powerful ones, with age in there as well. Road deaths worst in the world, wealth disparity between rich and poor the worst in the world, or about. The education system is woefully inadequate and turns out people taught what to think rather than how to think. The place is riddled with rubbish millions of soi dogs and the TV is just another instrument to keep the populace from thinking too much. Most of it's culture is actually imports from the Khmer, India and China and even Laos. Not a great deal to be proud of, unless you have been brainwashed to be.
  4. Logically as they are Islamist fanatics they should be dealt with under sharia law, it's their right as an oppressed minority! What is the punishment in sharia for troublemakers, banishment, cutting off limbs or Crucifixion.
  5. Criminal convictions, financial mis statements
  6. British now it suits her, up until now she has identified herself as Muslim Jihadist. Britain was a place she turned here back on and despised when she was off to help fight against western values. She asked for sympathy but had none for those innocents with their heads cut off, she was quite happy about that. It's not Britain exporting it's problems, it's Islam.
  7. You believe what she has to say about anything? Who cares where she was born, she should never be let back into the UK.
  8. Not a terrorist, but the wife of one and following a prophet who claimed he was victorious by terror. If she did not agree with terrorism why leave it until Isis were almost defeated to try and bail out to a comfy council flat and benefits for life provided by a society she hates? We must be mad, literally mad to let these evil people back into the UK. She was not just a housewife or a victim, she was a terrorist supporter cheering from behind her burka. Sorry darling supporting one of the most barbarous and evil movements in history WAS dangerous, stupid and wrong. Sympathy is with those butchered, burned, raped, hanged and flung off roofs while you smiled, NONE for you.
  9. what good does having 'empathy' with those who cannot afford to stay here do for anyone? Sounds like another one who did not know what he was letting himself in for, Thailand was never 'paradise' and when the rose tinted glasses fall off and the financial necessities become apparent it can be better back home.
  10. Some find the yearly photos of you sitting on the bed etc a bit humiliating, then they can demand you take in Thai neighbours to vouch for you, the whole process then gets put on hold for a month while they consider if you are worthy of an extension. Apart from the money they make it more difficult than an on the spot retirement stamp.
  11. Might be best to take his grave away, like the left are fond of doing to historic statues of heroes
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