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  1. Saw lovely luktarn today at charity event, School in klong toey. Thought it was the roughest one i had even been to then remembered went there about 10 years go for a similar giving out of materials, shoes today. The teachers still walk around with sticks, and I don't blame them! The kids knew all the words to the songs, even a Pumpuang one. MV is her hit from a few years back.
  2. No mention of any dismissals at the Bank then, theft usually results in at least that
  3. I got a COR free did anyone get a reciept when they paid? They are only valid for 90-days apparently
  4. I would book them but the garden is not big enough
  5. If you are looking for a concert band in the central area you could not do better than this one, Yinn will have to help with the name. Very professional set up, the stage lights and sound are top notch and while the music had little morlam that could probably be requested. They are from Ayuthaya and what sets them apart is the size of the stage as it has three, and the size and talent of the dance troupe. At least 28 dancers which is unusual for a band like this, and as the night wears on the feathers give way to bikinis. The girls seemed to be having fun, as did our drinks waitress who had to be carried off at 9.30 as she must have been knocking back the spirits herself. Nice ramwong set when the girls come down and dance with the audience, highly recommended band. Thais can put a party on like nobody else! The waitress had nothing to do with the band, the catering is always done separately.
  6. where will six month pregnant women have to fly to if this happens?, Chinese have been at it for years.
  7. Sack the lot of them and sell it to Air Asia
  8. Mine was rejected as did not include the all the paperwork of house purchase, not just the chanote
  9. Laws appear to have little to do with how the Police act or their decisions, they are a law unto themselves.
  10. Except for the appalling state of the railways, in my experience. They should start with basics, sort out immigration lines, stop cheating taxi and tuk tuk drivers from ever driving one again, end the double charging and far more at national parks etc. Do away with claiming tax back at the Airport, do what the Japanese do- take it off in the shops over a certain minimum amount. End the idiotic licensing hours when a visitor can't get a drink for no good reason. Make the vans safer, or better replace them all. Sod all except hot air will happen of course.
  11. He has been to Phuket a few times in the past and while that does not make him a suspect pervert, shagging a 17 year old who claims she was forced needs investigating.
  12. I feel exactly as the OP does, until the pills wear off and the Mrs starts nagging and half the dogs in the soi start up with the barking competition. Crazy and unreal but more of a nightmare than a dream at times.
  13. How about ending the idiotic and pointless no buying booze times? As it is I cannot get a glass of wine in the local pizza restaurant in the afternoon, must baffle some tourists who bought the lie that Thailand is 'laid back' In some places 7/11 does not even stock drinks as too near a School, but it's illegal to sell to kids anyway. People who live near pubs don't want them open until 4am, they go from one extreme to the other.
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