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  1. Free at Samut Prakan, did one while I waited. They get paid and have good pensions, no excuse for extorting customers with a service fee excuse.
  2. Ask a few Thais if they know what the speed limits are on various roads, or what the road signs mean. Mrs says she has not got time to read the road signs!
  3. Daisy Dream Sukhumvit soi 33 down an alley just past the Bless hotel will sort you out
  4. Why would they come here, sex tourists excepted? Far better, safer and culturally enriched in Europe, Italy, Spain Greece, all more attractive destinations than Thailand.
  5. I'm sure Lord Buddha did not have this sort of nonsense in mind!
  6. The would be world class resort in the news again, for all the wrong reasons as usual, strictly for the low life's, IMO.
  7. Most Thai women these days are glued to the Korean ones, same stuff less screeching , slapping and hair pulling
  8. How can you respect rules which allow them to turn a blind eye if they are offered enough to do so?
  9. The number of vaccines available now is not going to help tourism at all. Siambiosience will not start producing them until June, so obviously not a priority for some reason
  10. Sadly seems common, Mrs best mates husband in a Surin primary school got 20 years for it. Swore blind he was innocent
  11. Just an excuse for them not being able to provide any, apart from Chinese one nobody in their right mind would want
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