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  1. The notion that 10-30+ kilo of free good meat per pig, is just walking around pattaya and belongs to know one, is just a farcical. Somchai and his mate dip stick, would be out there with a machete in a few hours all pigs would be dead, and in back of pick up. Carry on Thailand.
  2. Me thinks , it is all registered on a central data base. so who is in on the act , when you go in or out of Thailand Carry on Thailand. most amusing.
  3. But you've missed the point. You could easy get run over for stepping in the path of a bike coming the other way. The pavement is for two way traffic not just one way.
  4. He did a runner with all his old, bad con artist, retirement visa mates, but they left 1200 of these at the airport.
  5. Well it does look the same as if you were in the line for Uk citizens arrivals at London Heathrow.
  6. looks like there is a never ending supply. I'm sure they were all gone last time. BJ was around. Or is it some new type of, Catch and release scam.
  7. Normal Thai male behaviour. he was in a rush to get back to his desk and carry on his working day.
  8. can you tell us what uk offshore bank, does free transfers ? or did i read that wrong ? also what address are you using for the offshore account ? uk or Thai.
  9. Doing it for 10 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few will get thrown under the bus, for sure. wonder if someone stopped paying.
  10. yes +1 A major financial loss, is the only thing that will ever get there attention. Only after you get there attention, can other corrective measures be introduced successfully. Carry on Thailand
  11. Many bad boys hide in the Temples of Thailand. Good job cops, wonder who grassed him up.
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