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  1. That sounds about right for the fools in charge, from the top to the bottom Carry on Thailand.
  2. Because it was a public service vehicle, thats why. no rocket science needed for this one. Do you work freelance in a Thai bus garage ?
  3. That's ok for the ladies, or Australians, Why not give this one a go,
  4. Panasonic top loader 10 years old, still works great. think it was about 5,000 when new. If you got a pick up. take it to one of the back street shops. ask how much to fix, could be just a few baht to do. if its totaled, give it to the shop and go buy new one.
  5. OK. 1993, Hull city center, Uk Got in a cab with 3 other mates on the piss out side the tower night club, heading out of town, going round a corner and the rear wheel come off the cab. the cab ground to a halt, with us lot, in stitches of what just went on. No one hurt, we found the wheel , but not the nuts, so game over, driver got a back up cab for us all. a very funny drunken night, with a lost cab rear wheel. so, there you go a story from home country. But like, all stuff like this, it happens to much over here.
  6. Bloody idiots, if they think we are done for. We will alway find a way, we will never give up.
  7. Like that old Who song. Squeeze box. She goes in and out and inAnd out and in and out and in and outShe's playing all nightAnd the music's all right. .
  8. Just don't give him an after eight mint. !!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aczPDGC3f8U
  9. Yes, Just imagine how much money the bad boys get to stick in there pockets. let alone the nasty crimes and murders, they commit to bring the drugs to the users. Why not , just legalize it all. Tax it, control it. Bad boy out of business. Win, Win, Win. Nah, Roll on the Dog and Pony shows. like above. maybe the world will wake up one day.
  10. Reminded me of that old sopranos joke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AElwdXEcKhs
  11. Not saying it is true or not. But the grass is always greener on the other side, to some people, even when that have it all, in our home countries. A guy down the end of the road from me many years ago, come home from work to find his lovely Thai wife had left him for another man. This is the best bit, she run off with the guy who owned the jewellers shop in the high street. ( the gold shop owner ) how Thai is that.
  12. Nice to see the true face of how some in Thailand treat there dogs. Only thing new about this, is it was caught on camera.
  13. Gets my vote. maybe get manufactures to come with a smaller size Thai line of products for the ladies, so the Thai guys don't loose face. Wonder if you will be able to buy them along side lottery tickets at the Wat maybe even have special ones, with lucky numbers on the side.
  14. Your right it could have been much, much, worse. if he had been caught smoking on the beach.
  15. Nah, That requires effort. So, just a quick tick in the correct box of the paper work, and on your way. Carry on Thailand.
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