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  1. Looks like a normal house but with some nice decorations stuck on.
  2. I think they should make a new show under a different name. A parody with ancient actors playing the old roles never look right.
  3. There's no problem with long distance but since you have admitted you have no interest in her I think you should leave her alone.
  4. ''the military'' are the same boneheads that caused two world wars and almost ended life on planet earth with nuclear weapons? Let's take away your salary and see how quickly you return home.
  5. Any new lifeform in Dover is an improvement. Slime, moss, yogurt. In a few hundred years it might resemble a sustainable habitat for humans.
  6. The virus can infect dead things now?
  7. An ED visa is cheap and more secure. Just study Thai. It is very useful especially the reading and writing. Or you can go to university and get a degree if you don't mind the embarrassment of being the older than the teacher.
  8. They have been doing random searches of businesses recently. Normally they give you a few days notice. They ask all the staff questions, check the paper and take some money. A lot of people just ask some friends to turn up for the day and pose as staff. But recently they have been turning up randomly and catching people out. A lot of small companies have genuine staff that work at home and come in occasionally. They can have a hard time if caught out.
  9. Positive is good. That what I got for my AIDS test results.
  10. The is udderly disgraceful. They should all be fitted with lighting rods.
  11. No I will lick a bat. Vaccine is for baby.
  12. Walen is a good school. They have branches around Thighland. They do all your visa paper work too.
  13. I tried to believe in god but he told me to stone homosexuals, practice incest and eat children. So I gave it rest for a bit.
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