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  1. Not quite correct ! I was previously a " resident tax payer in France " but I "officially" gave up my residence status in France when I moved to Thailand and thus became a " non resident of France " . I had already become a "non resident of the UK " previous to that . As a UK "National " ,I do of course still have the "right of residency "in the UK and before Brexit , the right of residency in the EU. So when you state one can only obtain a Non Imm O-A from a country where one has residency status ie the EU prior to Brexit , that is therefore incorrect for myself since I officially be
  2. Once again , wrong information . O-A visa does not have to be obtained in your "home" country . I am a UK national and both I and several other UK Nationals have obtained O-A visas at the Thai Embassy in Portugal . It's possible some Embassy's are more flexible than others but it does not seem to be "fixed in stone " . If you don't ask , you don't get !!!
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