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  1. I refuse to use this app and the AOT Airport app (which one is supposed to download as a requirement for re-entry to Thailand because it has a Covid check in it. The problem with these apps is it specifically asks for access to your personal date and files - something I am NOT prepared to do !! Beware - big brother may be tracking and watching you !!
  2. it's about time it was on a "like for like" footing - just look at the import duty if you move here and want to bring your car !! I'm not sure I want to remain a " 1 year tourist" after deciding to up-sticks and retire here , invest and live here long term ( Guess I didn't read between the lines before taking the plunge here ). Unfortunately things are going "the wrong way " and becoming more like China and how they treat Hong Kong . Indonesia is actually the most democratic country in Asia . Others like Thailand are currently labelled as FD's (fake democracies )
  3. some older Condo's are really well built ( mine about 30yrs old ) , no cracks , no movement and very solid walls plus air gap and plasterboard on adjoining walls . Most new Condo's (and houses) are really thrown together with airbricks and really cheap construction . The exception are really upmarket developments with either European or scrupulous project management . As already mentioned elsewhere , the land prices are so high that in order to make any profit , the construction is cut to the bone . Older, well maintained Condo's in low rise buildings are well worth renovating ( definitely
  4. Only to keep them afloat (government subsidised) otherwise there won't be any hotels when tourists finally do come back
  5. The meeting also endorsed the TAT’s plan to partner with Thai Airways and local hotels to offer tourism packages plus quarantine stays to foreign visitors. The packages will be offered from December 1 to March 31 next year, with a target of 2,000 visitors and Bt200 million in revenue per month. Another subsidized government scheme to keep both Thai Airways and hotels afloat to stop them going under !
  6. Yes, in Pattaya and Jomtien also. Number of reasons : a) the introduction of land tax on undeveloped land promted land owners to develop or sell b) many projects were already agreed before this Pandemic and downturn - the bank loans, necessary EEA approval etc and (possible investor deposits) so the developers have not much choice except to build. Only problem is that now, foreigners are discouraged from buying or investing in homes/condos here because of many reasons(government red tape to live and enter Thailand, job losses worldwide, Covid restricting travel, peoples spending habits, o
  7. Hope it didn't take 26 months to get your personal effects released? Makes me a bit worried as my Container arrives end of this month. If you had and problems getting your Container released then would appreciate you extrapolating on problem(s) encountered.
  8. Are the police really going to club and batter their own countrymen ?? I don't think so or they would be crazy to do so . Many of these protesters , young and old have lost their jobs , lost their lively-hoods and used up whatever savings they had - and little help from the government . Where do they turn to ? They see all the pomp and splendour and riches of the elite . Such a big divide in this country between those who have and those who have not. The young are the future of the country .Perhaps amendments to the Constitution should be put to a peoples vote ?
  9. I keep saying about the people that test positive in quarantine. It maybe that the 2 British persons who tested positive in quarantine became infected in transit . The are required to get a Covid negative test before travel so they did not have it then ! The problem is that Thai Nationals are not required to have a test before flying like the rest of us . If a Thai National is infected and allowed to board a plane then that person can unknowingly infect others and they would not know until after the virus incubation period either when the symptoms become evident or on testing at arrival
  10. Immigration must be getting a bit pedantic on this ! A yearly bank statement ? I have always , about one week before expiry of my visa/extension of stay ( previously on O visa - now on O-A) I have gone to BB and obtained the normal letter confirming the amount and equivalent in Thai baht in my account plus made sure I get my bank book updated to that day ( deposit account) and then go back to Immigration with everything else . My bank book shows that it has not been touched for a year as I just leave it there and forget about it because I know it's only for visa/extension of stay . Tha
  11. Exactly - because you chose this country to live in and buy a property . Way ahead of Vietnam (for the moment anyway)!
  12. I applied at the Thai Embassy Lisbon and they "offered" me the O-A visa as the only solution to return , replacing my O visa . So, it it not an initial application .Granted , a first time application from outside Thailand makes it almost impossible to show the funds in a Thai Bank. The Lisbon Embassy was actually superbly helpful in all aspects of getting me back to Thailand in record time so it just goes to show if you contact the Embassy where you wish to return from, explain your position , be nice - then you get the right information and assistance . I forgot to mention that I did act
  13. I had thought that holders of Non Immigrant "O" visas and retirees on extension of stay were not yet permitted to return to Thailand ??? I am flying out on 17th October (by necessity ) to Europe and need to be back about 10th November . I contacted the Thai Embassy/Consul in Lisbon (from where I will return ) and they gave me the requirements for applicationof CofE etc . I am aware of all the additional requirements ( medical / fit to fly/Covid Test/flight booking/ASQ booking etc etc ) which is not a problem - only the VISA Re-Entry Issue. Thai Consul in Lisbon sent
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