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  1. I do but unfortunately I am not allow to give you that on TVN. I suspect you have been reading the Phuket Rag which has a different slant on things. The conviction was was for manipulation of Thai Airways shares. Nothing to do with Bangkok Airways. The same person one Dr. Prasert happens to own almost 100% of the shares in Bangkok Airways. He would hardly manipulating the shares in Bangkok Airways by selling the shares to himself and then buying them back from himself. Try BP for the link.
  2. Why would you think I meant Bangkok Airways when I specifically referred to Thai Airways? The prime story in the news is about Thai Airways shares. It so happens the filthy rich primary culprit involved in the share price manipulation with Thai Airways shares also owns 92% of Bangkok Airways. Greed for money is the root of all evil. All three scoundrels involved have all been banned from being executives or directors of listed companies.
  3. Cadbury

    Thai politics on table at Asean-EU meeting

    I doubt the EU will be much impressed by the shenanigans going on over the date of the election. After all the Generals have had almost 5 years to set one. Can't see the EU looking favourably at a free trade agreement with Thailand while there is a continuance of military rule and an obvious reluctance by the leaders to turn the country into a democracy.
  4. Maybe your comment about the Thai Airways being run by competent people is not altogether true. Rich people with self-interest yes but for a few of them their incompetency has been exposed. If they were competent they would not have been caught caught in the share trading scam with Thai Airways shares that has just been exposed. It is reported elsewhere today where the Chairman Dr. Prasert and his sidekick Mrs Narumon have been fined almost 500 million baht for share manipulation. Both have been barred from holding directorships of listed companies. Dr. Prasert has resigned his positions as Chairman of Thai Airways. That sort of outcome doesn't come from being competent; it comes from being corrupt, greedy and foolish. Sorry i can't provide the link.
  5. Cadbury

    Premchai and wife in court over tusk charges

    That story has a familiar ring to it. A similar excuse has been used before with some success. No harm in trying it again given the precedent has been set by a very senior politician.
  6. Cadbury

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    An understatement to say the least. I guess by "us" he means Thailand but to be precise it is the unelected senior leadership of the the Thai government which is not only being erratic but negligent and smugly duplicitous.
  7. And who is that man standing at centre stage? Is it really him or just a cardboard look-a-like? Clowns to the left and jokers to the right but Thailand is stuck in the middle with me. (thanks Gerry Rafferty).
  8. This airline is surely run by incompetents, what else would explain why they are losing millions of dollars a month and having to be propped up by an equally incompetent government. The charging of this extortionate amount and the refusal to refund is tantamount to theft which is sometimes seen an acceptable practice within some Thai commercial and government agencies.
  9. The Deputy Prime Minister Thailand Prawit said he thinks the Thai-owned hotel in Nairobi, Kenya had been attacked by the Somalian Islamist group al-Shabaab, "because the food is delicious". So what's on his menu for the Somali terrorists? Goat curry? This man is a complete fool!
  10. Is this man sick ......or what? He is showing serious signs of mental torpidity.
  11. Any chance of this "unknown" group having an allegiance to or being funded by the elitist and filthy rich Palang Pracharath Party who would be desperate to see the junta's reign continue? Seems like the conditions are right and the timing is right for the perfect scenario to allow the junta to have a ready made excuse for a long term deferral of an election. I am sure Blind Freddy could see this coming.
  12. People accusing Thailand's military junta of insincerity? Of course they are insincere; how else are military politicians supposed to behave? This government has already established it's bona fides so far as insincerity is concerned with a multitude of broken election promises. Junta mischief so far as selective approvals of medicinal cannabis comes as no surprise.
  13. Big Joke Surachate seems to be trying to redeem himself and Thailand after making a goose of himself by initially seeming to side with Saudi Arabia and the family of the girl. All this while accusations and denials were being made as to how diplomats were allowed inside the sterile immigration area and her passport being seized. When the media began asking questions Big Joke's flip-flopping started. The EU being great defenders of human rights will have been watching this circus and probably confirming in their minds that Thailand is not yet ready for a Free Trade Agreement.
  14. The words of an honest and truthful leader. During his visit to Japan in February 2015, General Prayut said: "We plan to hold elections in Thailand at the end of this year or early next." By the end of 2015, the timeframe had slipped. On the sidelines of a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the Prime Minister assured then-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that the junta was committed to the democratic roadmap and would hold elections in 2017. In January 2016, the message was the same. "No matter whether the draft constitution passes the referendum or not, the Government will hold the election in 2017 according to our roadmap," General Prayuth told reporters. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-09/thailand-government-flips-on-donald-trump-election-statement/9032042
  15. Cadbury

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    So showering the dense population of the city of Bangkok with silver iodine which has been rated as a hazardous chemical is a good idea. Harmful not only to humans but to livestock and fish. Even mild toxicity absorption via nose, lungs and skin can cause gastro irritation, renal and pulmonary lesions, and mild blue or black discoloration of the skin. No worries folks the caring junta has your welfare at heart. If the smog doesn't get you the cloud seeding will.