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  1. Bit difficult to see straight or sideways or up and down when they are having their power nap.
  2. He should get over there pronto with his spade and his leaf blower and lend a hand, just like he did in Chiang Mai.
  3. The whole country is run an ad hoc basis. Nothing is ever planned. Everything happens with knee jerk precision and initiated by people who haven't got a clue what the're doing.
  4. Take the gold out and exports fell by 0.4%. Something they must have forgotten to mention.
  5. Greed has no bounds even among the rich elite friends of the government. I wonder how many of those members of parliament belonging to the billionaires club have one.
  6. And many might be equally confident that Somkid will be wrong. These desperate economic "managers" with their stimulus packages are just clutching at straws.
  7. The best source of ideas to get such companies to relocate would be to find out what Vietnam has been doing for the past two years. There are probably very few companies left which haven't already gone to Vietnam.
  8. In fact the reverse is happening. Thai smart money is going into Vietnam like never before. They are deserting the junta sinking ship. https://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/200935/thai--investment-wave--in-vietnam-getting-stronger.html
  9. Does this mean that less Chinese will p!ss their pants while waiting in the immigration queue?
  10. A chemical and plastic company dedicated to the environment. Pull the other one!
  11. He will be welcomed into the Pharang Pracharat Party. He might even be given a ministry so long as he swears allegiance to the PM. A two headed trough snorter. How good does it get? He will be the envy of cabinet ministers.
  12. Too little too late Thailand. The junta politicians have been asleep at the wheel since 2014. Totally absorbed with matters of high importance such as twerking, lotteries (which they still haven't fixed) and pavements and the like. They do this while they spend their energies on lining their own pockets and conduct their own brand of political skulduggery. For whom the bell tolls!
  13. Gold exports soared 407% in July from a year earlier. This could be a signal that something is afoot. Maybe for good reasons the rich are shipping out their gold to safer havens.
  14. They might just as well make it dawn. That will make it safer for bar and club patrons to stagger home in the daylight and allow some visual recognition of approaching katoeys.
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