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  1. This odious individual keeps "popping up" lately and probably with good reason. He is close friends with the previous coup leader and now self appointed Prime Minister Prayut who trying to legitimize himself by holding a rigged election. The repetitive appearances of this General is more likely a not too subtle warning that if the correct result is not achieved he will initiate another coup to make sure his old mate remains top banana.
  2. The Thai army distinguished themselves in Laos helping defend against the southern push of the Vietcong and Vietnamese Army. That came after the Vietnamese booted out the French at Dien Ben Phu. On all accounts the Thais gave substantial support to the CIA in the supposedly covert "Secret War". After all they had good reason to fight as Thailand itself was at risk from the Vietnamese. As it turned out the Vietnamese were stopped about half way down and Laos was ultimately carpet bombed to kingdom come by the Americans. More bombs were dropped on Laos than on Germany and Japan combined in the Second World War. Well done America; unexploded bombs are still killing innocent people in Laos.
  3. Once again the PM is responding to political and electoral comments; something he is not supposed to do according to law while he is in caretaker mode. He is making a habit of this and the Electoral Commission should gag the man and threaten him with jail if he continues to break the law. If they had the courage, which they haven't.
  4. They have reached a resolution not to resolve the matter. Procrastination will lead the way as no one is prepared to make a decision and put their name to it. It will surely be referred to various committees and objected to by conservationists. It will probably die a natural death or some day in the future money will change hands which will give it the kiss of life. In the meantime floods and droughts matter little.
  5. How did the "transgender for PM" rating go in the Super Poll? Mr. Pauline Ngarmpring is a man in his early 50's; perhaps it was him they prefer.
  6. Airbus is not poised for take-off and neither is anything else in the Eastern Economic Corridor until the matter of the high speed train link-up between airports is confirmed. That has now stalled and come to a halt because one of the bidders want's the rules of the tender changed to something better suited to themselves. The Japanese have previously pointed out the shortcomings and lack of planning in relation to the EEC. Inadequate infrastructure within the EEC was just one of the deficiencies they mentioned.
  7. I believe vocational training does exist. Wasn't it announced last year that inmates would learn how to fabricate handguns with the co-operation of weapons manufacturers.
  8. I have a friend who lives in a village not far from Phon Phisai and I have passed through there a number of times. I don't see any problems with living there particularly if you have a friend living not far away. It could be quite economical I imagine. My only reservations would be boredom would set in after a while but that could be overcome by short term journeys to nearby locations like Nong Khai or Udon Thani. The bus services there seem good.
  9. Good idea to notify Immigration. Big Joke will be there in a flash with his camera crew and 20 metre self-promo banner and leg chains to check her visa for overstay or if she has a Red Notice against her. The words immigration and compassion don't rhyme.
  10. This report and this particular comment sounds awfully like an an electioneering announcement for the PM. Something that is not supposed to happen and not allowed by law while he is in caretaker mode.
  11. Your comment about another coup being planned is spot on, as is the belief of the 31.98% who think the same. This will certainly happen in the unlikely event this rigged "democratic" election does not go in favour of the self appointed incumbent PM. The promised vigilance of army personal at the polling booths will go a long way toward ensuring his victory.
  12. There is only two groups in Thailand the junta is interested in protecting and the rice farmers is not one of them. They are interested only in protecting their 1% filthy rich friends and themselves. The military is effectively the security of their wealth. The rest of the population can suck it up and do as they are told and the disadvantaged can be grateful for the 500 baht they are given.
  13. I am reliably informed that for senior citizens it is worthwhile registering at a Thai hospital as a foreigner patient. You are then issued with a hospital ID card which you can flash to immigration if need be. Whether you ever get to use the hospital is immaterial. It is the card that is important and impressive. I works for someone I know when they say to the IO they are here for their montly/bi-monthly visit/check-up. If there is any debate remind them that TAT says Thailand is the Asian hub of medical services.
  14. For some it is like the perfect storm. With their own currencies weakening substantially against the US dollar while the baht is relatively stable. The Australian dollar and British pound are two examples.
  15. A more truthful headline would read: "PM Prayut hits the campaign trail for the Palang Pracharath Party"
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