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  1. Yeah. Wife's condo. No travel last year on new passport so all the pages empty except for those with the items you mentioned. They kicked back a duplicate and one of the condo docs. I think it took so long because I tried to chat him up.
  2. Just back from Jomtien Immigration. High anxiety preparing all the documents. I had gotten an income letter from the US Embo. in Dec. Copied all the docs same as last year. Marriage cert., wife's condo ownership papers, Wifey's ID, all pages used in my passport. Completed application form and photo. All signed by wifey and me. I cleared the reception desk with ticket 818. Sat down at 10:29AM. Counter clicked from 817. Gave the sporty young dude all my stuff. He looked all my docs over and underlined some stuff with yellow highlighter, handed unneeded papers back. I had to sign the new rules acknowledgement. He asked for the B1900, handed me a chit and told my to come back Monday aft. I was on the street calling my wife to come pick me up at 10:39. Because of posts by some anal retentive OCD posters, I also took old passport, bankbooks, US docs showing sources of my funds. All of which were not requested or needed. I just took the same stuff as last year. Oh, I had the nightmare last night, but I woke up, had a piss and a puff or two of some medicine, went back to bed.
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