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  1. If you have an extension application under consideration and return a day later than stamped, provided it has been approved, they will issue the extension. There is no fine. A considerate office would phone you to advise you when it was approved. Use common sense, just say you were popping in to see if it had been approved as you haven't received a call.
  2. It's not the normal procedure, it's blackmail/corruption. To late to complain about last year, but if they state another home visit required for 1,000 baht, let the wife speak to them and make a complaint, ring 1178.
  3. You obtained a 1 year extension of your permission of stay, a permit, not a Visa, based on marriage. You were scammed. Immigration use their own paid for vehicles and it's part of their job. They get an allowance if they use their own vehicles. Usually a home visit is only required for the first extension application, but if you keep paying for their journey's they'll be more than happy to call each and every year. This is my document checklist for extension based on marriage. Extension of Stay based on Marriage.odt Medical certificate - No!
  4. I would assume you'll be applying for a 1 year extension based on marriage before your 90 day entry expires. That application will count as a visit and they'll issue a notification of the next 90 day report date.
  5. You can only apply for the Non O-A Visa in the Country where you have permanent residency status. The funds can be any in an account in any Country.
  6. I only ever applied for one residence certificate, the day after I arrived in Thailand for good. I filed a TM30 and requesting the above at the same time, which was free, to purchase a motorcycle. Back then Immigration merely stamped and signed the application form and it was good enough to purchase my first motorcycle at that time. Since then, due to abuse, my office now request a letter from whoever requires the RC requesting it. They now supply a written letter addressed particularly to the department/organisation/dealership that requires it. They charge 200 baht
  7. Correct. A new TM30 is now only required if you move permanently to a new address. No longer required if you take a break abroad or in a different Province anymore. Here is the amendment to the regulations for TM30 reporting. TM30ReportingRegulation.pdf
  8. They are named differently. The certificate of residency is as you stated for permanent residents. For proof of address to obtain a DL the form for that is a 'residence certificate'. APPLICCATION FORM RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE IN THAILAND แบบฟอรร์มการขอหนนังสสือรนับรองททที่พนักอาศนัยในประเทศไทย IMMIGRATION BUREAU It is we the foreigners who incorrectly call it a certificate of residence as already demonstrated in this topic. Res cert App form..pdf
  9. Like the Thai lady I bumped into the other day who told me she lives in the UK now. 'Where' I asked. 'Sydney'
  10. If your Thai wife intends entering on an Australian Passport, she's entering as a foreigner and will be subject to the same requirements.
  11. @sqwakvfr Yes, and now the US have also had to adopt the E-Visa application process, the good thing about it is you can now obtain the single entry Non O Visa based on retirement, then apply for 1 year extensions as an alternative to the O-A Visa. The Health Insurance is not a requirement for extensions based on retirement from a Non O entry, only the long term O-A, O-X entries. I'm sure some US citizens will find this a more suitable and cheaper option.
  12. And if the borders remain closed, you won't be able to do that quick in/out just before the Visa expires to get another 1 year entry. Quite a few lost out on that option with the O-A when the border closed last year.
  13. Thanks for that, but nobody said a KR 2 had to be translated.
  14. You don't need to file another TM30 unless you move and need to register a new residential address.
  15. Obviously you need to be legally married first before applying for an extension based on marriage. You should also obtain a certified copy of your Passport from your Embassy as most Amphurs now request this. Have this translated and legalised by the MFA along with your affirmation. My advice, there is a translation office on the 3rd floor of the MFA who can quickly do the translation (they have templates), then take it downstairs to the legalisation section. Depending how busy they are it can take up to 3 days. You can pay 100 baht for return of completed documents
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