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  1. My extension is due 10th July, I applied Tuesday 2nd June (38 days early). My under consideration stamp and report back date is 9th August. 30 days after my actual renewal date, just to confirm your facts. Speak to Immigration, change your plans, or don't apply and take the automatic extension, but no guarantee of applying for the extension later. I should add a friend in Yasathon, expired Non O, with (now) expired permission of stay didn't transfer his funds in time to season for a marriage extension. Yasathon IO told him he was automatically extended until 31st July and to return before that date when his funds had seasoned - it wasn't a problem.
  2. She won't need a lawyer. Simple as that!
  3. Your incorrect. Just ask any bank how a husband/wife usually access funds of the deceased with or without a Will in place. You can also add your wife to your account, with any single person allowed access and withdraw, so it's not frozen in the event of death. Even in the event of the bank freezing an account, with a Will in place and without a lawyer it takes about 3 weeks to petition the Family Court and obtain the necessary Court Order. Again the spouse is automatically entitled to the estate. Production of the spouse's death certificate and proof you are the legal spouse is often enough for these offices to change the name of ownership for land and vehicles.
  4. If there is any kind of dispute, a simple but effective clause inserted in the Will takes care of that scenario. If you want to name a low level official as the Executor that's your choice. Usually the Executor and the beneficiary would be your wife/husband. Under Thai law your wife/husband is automatically the beneficiary of your estate, unless a Will names another.
  5. It's also possible to get a comprehensive pre drafted Will in English, requiring only your personal details, name of executors and beneficiaries from the same competent lawyers for free. Complete and translate to Thai.
  6. Siam Legal charged a friend for a conversion from VE > Non O > Retirement extension and he had the proof of finances - nothing dodgy. 42,000 baht and that was 6 years ago. How big are your pockets.
  7. No you don't. Many Thais make a Will at their Amphoe.
  8. Then it's a bad employer, forget the job. No, a Non B. If married change to an extension based on marriage which allows the right to work, then just need the WP.
  9. When borders re-open you could exit on your US passport and re-enter VE on your Canadian passport, then convert to a Non O at your local Immigration, then in the last 30 days of the Non O apply for an extension again.
  10. You are not on overstay. Your permission of stay has automatically been extended until 31st July and may be extended further if borders don't open. There are an estimated 500,000 foreigners in the same boat as you. Don't worry, do nothing other than wait for further updates.
  11. Submitted marriage extension application yesterday. 4 Photos, one showing house number, one of full external view of the house, one in the lounge, one in the bedroom. 2 x 5x7 colour photos per A4 page, 2 sets of each.
  12. The validity of your re-entry permit is tied to your extension expiry date (21stApril 2020). Had you been able to fly on 29th March, you would have been granted permission of stay only until 21st April. You will have to start again with an Non Imm O Visa in order to obtain any further annual extensions based on marriage. I'm assuming from your first post you and your wife reside in the UK, but visit Thailand. Depending on the frequency and duration of those visits, you may not even need a new Visa. We can suggest alternatives if we know a little more about the duration of your visits to Thailand.
  13. It's not ideal to discuss personal information on the forum, but if you send me a PM with some personal details about your planned Will, I can probably give you some advice. You don't need a solicitor, they'll rip you off for something you can make yourself.
  14. I suspect you have a an extension based on marriage with a re-entry permit. At the present time International passenger flights are still suspended. What date does your permission of stay on the extension end.
  15. If you normally make 90 day reports, then your on a marriage extension (a permit, not a Visa). You should renew your extension on the due date.
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