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  1. Quite a few unfortunately. Some are still able to obtain Embassy Income letters, without any proof of funds in Thailand. A Norwegian expat passed away yesterday. Been sick for a month, in ICU for the last 2 weeks. Extension based on retirement, Embassy Income letters, no Thai bank account, withdraws via an ATM as funds required using his debit card. Another unpaid hospital bill going on the record.
  2. If/when the US start to use the E-Visa application system, then the 'O' Visa will be available for retirees over 50 years old.
  3. It wasn't misinterpreted, I even wrote dated examples out. The permission to stay for 1 year from an O-A visa and permission to stay from an extension based on retirement are different, in that they are given for different reasons. One is subject to the conditions set by the type of valid Visa, the other is subject to the conditions set by the local Immigration rules. The examples were thus. O-A issued and entry Jan 2018, with a second entry Jan 2019 with permission to stay until Jan 2020. In that scenario the very first extension of permission to stay based on retirement will be effective after 31st October, therefore Insurance will be requested. O-A issued and entry Jan 2017, with a second entry Jan 2018 with permission to stay granted until Jan 2019. In Jan 2019 you extended your permission to stay based on the requirements and criteria set out in Police orders. In Jan 2020 no Insurance is requested because you previously extended on the basis of retirement before the amendment became effective on 31st Oct 2019. Those were the examples and the answers I previously posted to the above question. We will have to wait until after October 31st to see whom and under what criteria is affected for a definitive answer, but I'd guess as usual we'll have different offices with different interpretations. I can still interpret it with two different meanings, even after the explanation I received.
  4. I'd recommend anyone in this position makes their own enquiries at their respect offices and repot back to build a picture.
  5. No Insurance required. You've already extended your permission of stay from a 1 year entry of an O-A Visa.
  6. Problem is you have to provide an active Policy to obtain the Visa. Even now London aren't allowing applications to proceed for the O-A without proof of the Insurance.
  7. I'll stand to be corrected Joe, but I think it was in a recent statement made by the deputy Public Health Minister.
  8. Keep thinking! If you cancelled your policy you would effectively be in an overstay position.
  9. That appears to be exactly what they are doing though. Perhaps the fact it was recently reported there are currently 80,000 expats in Thailand on an O-A Visa, and dare I suggest with the overpriced policies available for limited cover, I can't but suspect someone at the top levels of Immigration are on a cut, would give an answer to the reasoning behind the theory. Obviously I daren't suggest that though.
  10. It appears the intention is to apply it across the board starting 31st October, for permission of stay obtained from the O-A Visa and extensions based on retirement from any remaining permission to stay from an O-A entry. That is exactly as I have already advised for anyone unsure how this change will/could impact there situation.
  11. Because it does pertain to extensions of stay applied for after 31st October, when the permission of stay your extending was granted from an O-A Visa entry.
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