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  1. Why don't you first of all speak to your KK branch - explain the issue. They can provide monthly credit advices, perhaps you can order these monthly. Your UK state pension alone won't meet the requirements, so presumably your transferring a private/company pension as well. What method are you using for that - how is that coded?
  2. If you think TI are going to flip through pages of Passbooks trying to identify foreign transfers from various banks, whilst the queue grows behind, I believe your in for a surprise. They'll probably push it back and inform you to get bank statements clearly identifying foreign transfers, either 'International Transfer', 'FTT', or 'Bahtnet'. Those are only descriptions my IO are familiar with and want to see. You've got the added problem of regularly updating the passbook and god forbid your on the last line where the it will just bring your balance forward and omit previous debits and credits. What you gonna do now!
  3. 05030 isn't even in the book. If you don't know, how do you expect TI to know. Ask KK for a HQ statement. If it states Int Transfer, then those are what you need. If not, you need to request a credit advice receipt. (Every time you make a monthly transfer) Really don't have all this crap with BKK.
  4. 05027 is an International transfer. What is 05028 - 05029?
  5. Regardless of the method used to make International transfers to Thailand, the issue is how your Thai bank process and record that transfer. From the examples I've seen, only Bangkok bank process transfers similar to what you'd expect from a UK bank. There is no guarantee for example with Kasikorn (and others) that an International transfer would be processed in such a way as it was clearly coded in your passbook or online statements. In this case you'd have to request statements from the HQ, credit advice receipts, or a statement of International transfers (not positive KK offer that) as proof of International transfers for Immigration purposes. It's possible to acquire the evidence of International transfers, regardless of Thai bank, or method of transfer, it's the lengths you may have to go to, and how to obtain it that's the issue.
  6. There isn't an issue with your wife living at an alternative address to where she's registered. However she is only entitled to any free or subsidised government services in the Province where she is registered. If she required government hospital treatment, in Pattaya she would have to pay full costs. In the Province where she is registered as living, she'd receive treatment under the 'universal health scheme'.
  7. Yes. You'll receive another 90 day entry on return from the UK, allowing you to stay until July, then you can extend for another 60 days which will take you to beginning of Sept, before having to obtain a new Visa. Alternatively, you can do a border run just before expiry of the Visa (end May) receiving another 90 days until end Aug, then extend for 60 days until end of Oct before obtaining a new Visa.
  8. Just to be clear, your Visa will have a 'Date of Issue' and an 'Enter before' date. Your entry stamp will have 'permission to stay until ……….' Can you confirm these dates. A Non Imm O ME Visa is valid 1 year, but you can remain up to almost 17 months, with only 3 border runs, if you use it to it's full potential.
  9. Then ring 1178 or 1155 (English speaking). They'll speak to the office. Actually if you challenge them without belittling or embarrassing them, they show greater respect.
  10. Have they given the same response to retirement extensions based on income? They may not be aware of the amendment, or they just can't, or don't know, or be bothered to check bank statements. I total agree with Joe, sometimes you have to make a stand. Ring the advice line on 1178 or the Hotline on 1155.
  11. You can't extend a Visa. They have an expiry date. Get a new one from a Thai Embassy/Consulate. On the other hand, I extend my permission to stay every June, at my local Immigration office. (A permit).
  12. If your overseas transfers were direct to Krungsri, then statements from HQ, or a statement of International transfers should work for you. Additionally a letter confirming BAHTNET transfers are overseas transactions.
  13. That should have read Feb 2019 - Jan 2020. To late to edit original post.
  14. You can lead a horse to water, but ………………………………... Unfortunately that's the fault of the education systems in Asia, where they're not encouraged to think for themselves, or use their own initiative. Being clear and precise is not a strong point of the Thai language. Even Thais frequently misunderstand each other.
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