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  1. If they do, you can always apply for a 30 day extension first. You don't. It clearly states towards the bottom of the form ''I wish to apply for a Non Immigrant Visa. They usually advise you to return in 14 days. Otherwise you seem to have covered the main basics.
  2. As previously stated there are two separate Insurance requirements, but not both apply to all types of entry, just certain types. The separate Insurance requirements can be combined in one policy. I've never commented to the contrary on that. In your case only the Covid Insurance is required, which must cover the duration of stay. Same, plus Thai Embassy website and Police Order information. It did. You are denying reality again! It's difficult to fully rely on a story from a poster based on the experience of a fr
  3. I would recommend you apply for the Non Imm O SE from the Thai Embassy based on marriage. Only Covid Insurance required, no Health Insurance requirement, then apply directly for the 1 year extensions of stay based on marriage. 400K in a Thai bank for 2 months prior to the date of application.
  4. The requirements from individual Amphoe's can vary, so you should first check with them. This is the requirement at mine, yours may vary. First and foremost, you must have the permission of the Blue book holder to use their address for registration. They have to attend with you to sign the application form. Under the Civil Registration Act, a Yellow House book can be issued to any foreigner meeting the requirements, regardless of his marital status, or living situation. Original Documents. 1. Passport. 2. Certified (Embassy) copy of your Passport, translate
  5. I assume returning from the UK? Well, the Non Imm O ME Visa is no longer available from the UK. Single or married? How long do you intend to stay?
  6. I was previously of the opinion that for those re-entering Thailand on a re-entry permit on an extension of stay based on retirement the 400/40K Health Insurance was indeed a requirement. I based this not so much on the rather vague information given on the Thai Embassy website (London), but on correspondence I've witnessed between applicants and the Thai Embassy. After some research, it appears apparent that to obtain the required COE, no Health Insurance is required in this situation, but correspondence with the Embassy suggests otherwise. I had a returning frien
  7. She can, but if legally married you become the automatic heir by law of ascension. The issue is with the land, which cannot be in a foreigners name and an usufruct can prevent any Thai named on the Land Deeds from selling the land from beneath your feet. The usufruct should protect the foreigner whilst living, but ceases upon his death. If the Thai wife deceases you essentially become the owner, but cannot be named on the Land Deeds.
  8. Immigration Act 1979. Section 38 : The house – master , the owner or the possessor of the residence , or the hotel manager where the alien , receiving permission to stay temporary in the Kingdom has stayed , must notify the competent official of the Immigration Office located in the same area with that hours , dwelling place or hotel, within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the alien concerned. If there is no Immigration Office located in that area , the local police official for that area must be notified. In case the house , dwelling place , or hotel where the alien h
  9. TM30 form. Notification Form for House Master, Owner or Possessor of residence where alien has stayed. TM30-New.pdf TM7 Extension application Form. TM7 BlankFillable Form-Alan.pdf Transfer stamps to new Passport application form. Tranferstampsnewpassport.pdf 1. File the TM30. 2. Transfer stamps to new Passport. 3. Apply for extension.
  10. How long has he been here? The requirement to file a TM30 was never previously enforced at many IO's, CW being one of them. Then I recall it suddenly being enforced throughout the Country and CW fining those who they previously informed it wasn't needed. TIT. Check the back pages of his Passport. The receipt of filing a TM30 is often stapled in the back. If he has such a receipt, then there is no further need to file a further TM30.
  11. A foreign can own the property, he cannot own the land the property sits on. In the event of the decease of a Thai wife, your given 12 months to transfer the Land Deeds into another Thais ownership. You can make an usufruct to protect your right to use the land until death.
  12. You carry on paying the mortgage, which I assume is what you were already doing.
  13. You will certainly have to file the TOM30 first before proceeding with the extension application. These may be separate desks, but I am not familiar with CW Immigration. @ubonjoecan advise better on your question.
  14. The fine cannot exceed 2,000 baht. It's at the IO's discretion, but quite commonly 800 baht seems to be the standard fine.
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