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  1. Hello TV Reader, Doctor Semmelweis lived in Hungaria in the early 1800's. He collected a lot of data that showed that doctors could prevent fatal cases of puerperal fever by simply washing their hands after operating on cadavers before assisting in a live birth. Unfortunately, in spite of having lots of data to support his position, Semmelweis's observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time, and his ideas were rejected by the medical community. He died after being committed to an insane asylum, a broken man. Years later, it was obvious that he was correct, and the doctors at the time were hopelessly antiquated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignaz_Semmelweis For anyone who has not been able to lose weight in the past, it's not your fault. God knows it wasn't my fault. You are NOT alone. Please read Fred's well intentioned recommendations (and I'm not picking on you Fred). Then, I recommend that you basically ignore all of them, particularly the low fat recommendations. Actually, I don't mean ignore, I mean that some of what he says is in fact correct, like low sugar, for example. It's just that it is not at all the most important thing, so you should ignore it UNTIL you understand the most important thing. Then, AFTER THAT, come back to this again. On the other hand, please proceed to follow Fred's advice if you look forward to strict diet control, lots of rules, and 45 years of working out, because that is what he has said he did if I recall correctly. Yes, I agree, probably, do that and you can see success. I, and the commenters on YouTube, have SUCCESS and we are not doing ANY of those things. Fat and old people who can do limited exercise are LOSING WEIGHT without special foods and without exercise. Which way do YOU want it? So what to do if none of those recommendations worked before? Start by watching some videos by "Butter Bob" on YouTube. Bob is no longer in the public eye after a lot of hate and scorn was heaped on him from the online health community, kind of similar to here on TV. But the proof is in the results. Please read the COMMENTS on his videos for inspiration, and see the thousands of people that found lasting SUCCESS after a lifetime of failure. This is the most important thing you can do, first and foremost: understand the problem with your body. Do not expect Fred or Robblok to understand it. They are like the doctors that had Semmelweis committed to the asylum, hopelessly caught in their own dogma. Continue to remember the pictures that I posted. High insulin --> fat babies, low insulin --> skinny (this is REGARDLESS of diet). After that, dig some more into the role of insulin in weight control. Understand how it works. Forget everything about diet and exercise until you understand the role of insulin. Then do some more digging and understand how to naturally lower your insulin, without drugs or special foods. Read the video comments for inspiration. You are not alone and you can do this. And that is a LOT BETTER advice than "grow a spine". Ridiculous and worthless. I will respectfully bow out of this thread here. Over to you Fred and Robbloks. Don't lead them down that dead end "eat less, exercise more" dogma. Accept that there might me a better way, learn. Don't be like the doctors that had Semmelweis committed. And a thumbs up would tell me that all the time I spent butting heads with these guys was worth it, that is actually accomplished something. And come back in six months and post again your success story
  2. Hello Simon, thank you great question. It seems you are quite reasonable and always learning new things. With low insulin, your body simply cannot absorb the energy. It is digested, it goes into your blood stream, but the cells cannot utilize it without insulin. It exits your body in stool and urine. Your body cannot absorb it. This is not digital, it's analog. The lower we can get out insulin, the less our body will absorb from what we eat. So the key is (which is what I have successfully done), is to get your insulin lower. Without addressing that, without doing that, this is why most people will fail at diet and exercise. Forget everything else you think you know about weight loss (this means you FRED). All your advice did not work, but getting my insulin down WORKED!
  3. Sorry to hear about health problems, but you didn't address anything I said. Which is that lower insulin causes you to lose weight REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU EAT. I completely REJECT the calories in, calories out nonsense, There is a lesson there.
  4. Going back to the OP, I believe that 90% of obese people have a chemical imbalance that number one, makes them hungry all the time, which makes sticking to any diet impossible. And number two, easily packs on the pounds for whatever they DO eat. Impossible for them to be successful without addressing the underlying ROOT CAUSE. Do your own research. There is a way that is far easier and works far better than the failed mantra "eat less, exercise more". Please stop leading people down this dead end. No I am not a troll. I am living proof.
  5. OK thanks, see bolded text. I have just showed you how it is NOT that simple! LOW INSULIN, IF YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT, PREVENTS IT!! Even you eat whatever you want, it will NOT BE STORED AS FAT!! It's THAT simple!!!!!
  6. OK guys, in an attempt to calm the masses, here is another strong hint. I have already asked you, what is common in both photos? And there was one or two posts who had the right answer. What is common about both photos is they both have uncontrolled insulin levels. Therefore, their weight is not in control. The babies on the right have high insulin due to exposure in the womb. THEY ARE FAT NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. The man on the right has diabetes before insulin was available. HE IS SKINNY NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES. These pictures are incredibly important because we FORGET that this is what the result of low insulin looks like. We forget because modern medical interventions quickly address the problem and we never see it anymore at this stage. Low insulin PREVENTS your body from absorbing nutrients, even if you are eating them. You see? It's not just about diet and exercise. There are other factors. No one is suggesting that we want to get diabetes. What this showed me was if I want to lose weight easily, I need to get my insulin levels down. That is MUCH more important than any diet or exercise. Here is another clue. Which of the symptoms interested me? You guessed it. That got me very curious. This is UNEXPLAINED weight loss. It says you are eating MORE, and still losing weight. Bingo! Now FRED, please pay attention. It says EATING MORE, and LOSING WEIGHT. That is what I want to do!
  7. Thanks again Fred, as I always say, I believe you are sincere in your posts, trying to help people. Another hint, the bolded text above is what my mother told me since I was young. I always believed it, it makes perfect sense, I always followed it. And it is precisely the thing that doomed all my efforts, for reasons that you are not ready to listen and understand. If I may gently recommend, you need to do your own updated research.
  8. I would question those numbers, but anyway, having millions of fit and lean people proves nothing. You mentioned in your post about body types. Perhaps there are millions of the lean body type? You mean there are other factors? They didn't actually do anything to get that body? The real question is: how many FAT people have lost the weight and are now fit and lean for long periods? And the answer to THAT question is a very low number. Eat less, exercise more is a failure for MOST people. The data proves it. Do your own research.
  9. OK man thanks, but you didn't answer the question. I really do want to know. If I may repeat: So if what you have written hasn't worked for someone, what would you tell them? Try harder? As I said before, these people like me are generally already mentally defeated. Trying harder in that mental state is impossible. So what would you suggest?
  10. Yes sir, there is a cure, it's easy, it works, it's NOT eat less, exercise more. Of course you need to change something about your life. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. Of COURSE, you must change something. BUT, it's basically NONE of the things you have posted in your first post which I referenced above. And no drugs of any kind. You see how cobatitive you have become? You are not receptive to learn anything new. No problem, you can stay with your old failed mantra. I have dug deep into recent research and then I have also modified what I found. I am losing weight that I NEVER could lose before following your advice. Sorry to bring you this news. I will post another clue. Then I am quite sure you will tell me you knew it all along lol.
  11. Thank you Pineapple. I am not a troll. I am losing weight that I NEVER could lose before following the eat less, exercise more failed mantra. I am not exercising (ok maybe a little bit, but certainly not vigorously). And eating the same foods as before. And before the sponge can accept the water, it needs to be softened up a bit. For some posters here, a tough nut to crack. I have found many times that just coming out and telling people like this is useless. They must find it for themselves. There is a better way than eat less, exercise more. Find it.
  12. Hello Fred, I did go back and read all of your previous posts. I really believe that you have your beliefs in what works for you and you are sincere in trying to help people. But here's the problem. I did all these things almost my whole life and they don't work for me. Consistently gaining an average of 1kg per year, after 30 years, do the math....... Not quibbling, but your first sentences discuss body types. So then it's NOT just about diet and exercise? There are other factors? Because that is what I have been saying all along. The pictures I posted show examples of people not in control of their weight. There are other factors. One other minor thing, pure alcohol products like rum, vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey all contain no carbs. They are metabolized quite differently than sugar. Back to the thread. So if what you have written hasn't worked for someone, what would you tell them? Try harder? As I said before, these people like me are generally already mentally defeated. Trying harder in that mental state is impossible. So what would you suggest? Because there is a better way. I am proof.
  13. Hello Simon and thank you for your contribution. Congratulations and no one can argue with your success. You don't mention how many kilo's you lost, if any. And you don't mention what will happen when you are unable to do these exercises. And YES we can all agree that regular exercise is great for one's general health. Where we differ is everyone here is saying that the obesity epidemic is a diet and lack of exercise problem. I disagree strongly. Lastly, what if, for every success like yours, and Fred, and Robblok, there are TWENTY failures, like mine, and millions of others. Because that is what the data shows. Would you still say that diets and exercise work?
  14. OK perhaps we are getting somewhere. So you are in agreement that diets and exercise don't work? BigStar? Robblock?
  15. Hello Fred, please read my posts again. I never said millions of people are doing it. I said millions of people have this problem and are NOT doing it because they are too busy failing at diet and exercise and getting mentally crushed in the process. Please stop doing this to people thanks man. Diets and exercise don't work. Yes they work for fitness guru's. For the vast majority of humans, it doesn't work. "The average American spends $1,860 annually on health and fitness, including gym memberships, reports GOBankingRates." https://www.coloradoan.com/story/money/2020/01/11/health-and-fitness-spending-gym-memphership-worth-it/40960733/ That is an amazing statistic and from where I am standing it is a TOTAL FAILURE. Please stop recommending a failed mantra thanks.
  16. Because no one here is ready to listen and understand (well a few people are). You are too busy preaching failed mantra and thereby misleading everyone, with the best intentions. I don't mean you personally, I mean fitness pro's who lack understanding. And anyone who preaches diets and exercise lack understanding. "1. As weight loss programs, diets don't work! Yes, you lose weight, but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1 to 5 years." https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/changepower/201010/why-diets-dont-work-and-what-does Nine five percent%!! Furthermore, regain the weight and EVEN MORE!! The end condition is WORSE than the start. After a few tries, overweight people are mentally crushed, resigned to their fate. No thank you. Please stop telling people diets and exercise work. Science proves it doesn't. What I am doing works, without any special foods, and no exercise, and it is EASY! And I have already told you where to find the answer.
  17. Ok man thanks, but you haven't told me anything new that I haven't heard before 100x, in particular from my body building friends. It makes a great story, but just because a million people say it, that doesn't make it true. And in fact, it's counterproductive because I spent a large part of my life following exactly this faulty advice and never addressing the root cause. I have tried what you have said countless times before, and it has NEVER worked, ever. It's too difficult over long periods to maintain for anyone except fitness buffs. But now I am doing something easy and it works! And I feel that you are sincerely trying to help others, but you are doing a grave dis-service by ignoring all the evidence that "eat less, exercise more" is a failed mantra, while simultaneously closing your mind to the possibility that a chemical imbalance is causing millions of people to be hungry all the time and gain weight easily. Because if that is true, you can exercise all you want but as soon as you stop, the weight comes back on and even more than before, which matches the evidence we see when we look out into the world. Since you are not open to the possibility, I am wasting my time telling you. You need to find it for yourself, but you won't because you are fit. And you lead people down a dead end road. I know for myself that what you have said sounds good but HAS NOT WORKED FOR ME EVER. And millions of other people as well. To answer the OP, I think that certainly there ARE people who don't care about their weight. But I think the number is low, perhaps 10%. The rest would change it in an INSTANT if they could, but they can't with your advice, it doesn't work. When I say it doesn't work, what I mean is it works a little bit with huge expenditure of energy while they are doing it, but it is TOO DIFFICULT to maintain for long periods. So the end result is FAIL. There IS another way that works. Once again, I fixed the chemical imbalance in my body and the weight is MELTING off, no exercise needed. I believe this is true of millions of people. But you are too closed minded to even consider the possibility. My problem, and millions of other people's problem, is definitely NOT A LACK OF EXERCISE PROBLEM. The proof is in the scale numbers. And I believe there are MILLIONS of people just like me, don't even know it, and their leaders are leading them down a dead end path, which is why their problem is never able to be solved. Very sad.
  18. And what if you are wrong? Thought exercise. Let's say that there is this fictional country where there is something in the water that makes people incredibly hungry twenty four hours a day, so they eat much more than an ordinary person would eat. Not only that, but this mysterious substance also makes any food these poor people eat get immediately stored as fat and not burned. It would be reasonable to expect in this fictional country that there would be more fat people than in a county without this substance in the water. Probably all the people would be fat or at least fatter. Question for you: would you say that these fat people in this country, which has this substance in the water, are fat because of choices they made? Because I wouldn't.
  19. I was never able to lose weight in my adult life no matter what I tried. It was hopeless. Now the weight is melting off easily. I am very confident I will reach my weight goals, and I was NEVER able to say that is the past. And I have done NONE of the things you mentioned. I have no disease, I take no medication, nothing wrong with me, eating the same foods, little or no exercise. In fact, after all this typing, I think I will eat my THIRD donut this morning and I'll STILL be losing weight, without even trying. THIS is the goal. Then ADD exercise and feel GREAT! My body builder friend APOLOGIZED to me, seeing it work and realizing that diet and lack of exercise was NOT the root cause of my weight problem.
  20. Hello Fred, thank you for your excellent post, which fills in some of your background. I find that most people who preach "diet and exercise" have been training for most or all of their lives. A good friend of mine was badgering me about diet and exercise, which we did together. He was previously a body builder also. He really worked hugely hard at it, he lost weight, but it was SLOW and DIFFICULT. I didn't lose at all. I don't lose weight on low carb. Low carb allows me to stop gaining. In other words, I usually gain about 1kg per year. Yeah low carb, allowed me to stop gaining, but I was unable to lose. Another friend told me to install a tracking ap and eat 2,000 calories per day. There is no WAY I eat 2,000 calories in a day, more like 1,000, but still getting fat. But the badgering from my friend motivated me to dig deep and do my own research and find out what it was that was wrong with me (IT'S NOT GENES) making me fat. And it WASN'T diet or lack of exercise. Now that I have lost 15kg WITHOUT diet and exercise, and he saw it working WITHOUT diet or exercise, he actually apologized. He realized my problem was NOT diet and lack of exercise. All that nagging talk to me was NONSENSE. It was not the root problem. I already told you where to find the answer. What is the common thing in these two pictures?
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