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  1. 10 hours ago, Maybole said:

    The odd thing is the way the generations have changed their attitudes. My wife's generation (all poorly educated)were all looking for a reliable husband and for 20 year she was harassed by acquaintances and relatives who all wanted to marry a "rich" farang ( all farang were believed to be rich). Our daughter's generation were better educated and wanted to combine a secure marriage with a long time employment. My grand nice (22 years old) and 2 grand daughters (18 and 14) are focussed on obtaining university degrees with the intention of obtaining a well paid career WITH A PENSION. 18 year old questions why she should endure pregnancy and caesarian section just to please a man.

    How times have changed.

    I am well pleased with them.

    Ummm, because the future of the human race depends on it?

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Yewbzee said:

    They and other central banks around the globe are missing the point entirely on this. A centralised digital currency is just fiat currency by another name. Controlled and manipulated to the detriment of the general population over decades.

    The reason for bitcoin's (and other cryptos) popularity is that they are decentralised and out of reach of mass dilution by the money printers.

    They haven't missed any point.

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  3. During early 2019 a flu-like disease swept through Cambodia. My friend had it and he got an oxygen bottle from the hospital to help him breath. He is quite healthy in most respects but he smokes.

    If this thread is correct (and I believe it is), then it seems the world survived covid without a lockdown or any other measures. Imagine that.

  4. I'm not a doctor. Stomach ulcers can be painful. I knew a girl who was always in the hospital with stomach ulcers. When I asked her what she takes as pain medication, it was an NSAID pain reliever. A quick check of side effects of NSAID pain relievers is: ULCERS. She was doing it to herself. The doctors never told her this critical info. When she stopped the NSAID's, the ulcers went away and never returned. Please be advised, many people still don't know this. Hope he can get home.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Wars said:

    My covid 19 test had the collected time and the lab result time. The Korean air staff at JFK didn't check deeply into it they just looked at the "not detected" I didn't really see them count out the days or look at the time specifically it was a quick glance. At Bangkok it was an even quicker glance. What country are you located in? I got my test results the next day for covid 19, is there any quicker clinic that offers it near you?. 

    OK but look at it from their perspective. They do this day in and day out. As the day goes by, the cutoff time slowly changes. Only a simple glance is required to see if your time stamp is before or after the cutoff. In other words, it means we really don't know anything about how strict they are unless someone has had a case where it was specifically past the cutoff and by how much.

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