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  1. Been living there for the last few years, pretty much all my life/friends etc is there. Coming back to my country in these times wasn't really planned but had to be done and couldn't wait. Will try the Single entry visa route; thanks for the suggestion
  2. Sounds good. So is single entry, and once there will do another long term via school/agency and should be settled. Is there any sort of selection on this kind of visa or is simply as it was back in the days? (plus insurance, COE etc of course).
  3. I wasn't doing any volunteering, the school set that visa up, and i left the country shortly after. Planning to go somewhere between January and February. I guess Elite Visa Card is the only option left if this re entry won't do it, because i doubt they would do a STV for Italy anytime soon
  4. I've been in thailand in 2020 with a ED visa; when it expired, i made a Volunteer visa for 12 months through the same school, without leaving the country; Shortly after, i had to leave Thailand for medical reason, and i made a re-entry permit which is valid till september 2021 (same as the visa lenght) prior leaving Thailand. I do still have few months left in my rental contract in a condo in thai, and im planning to come back; I would be flying from Italy (which won't help im sure, given the situation here). Informations are a bit messy, but from i could find volu
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