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  1. And remember to add on the £500k for Immigration stuff
  2. Into a fire that was tempering guillotine blades for French market and hit a trampoline that scattered his parts
  3. Don’t worry .. All sorted as there was a meeting and a coming together of minds ... Sorted
  4. Maybe you will get a free Wuhan injection with every download .. A virtual vaccination ?
  5. As a Brit/Scot I agree .. If Jimmy Krankie manages to escape the traitors noose for the <deleted> against Salmond and has another vote ( Instead of the money being used to negate food banks .. Scum hypocritical Politicians).. Then remember it’s not Scottish oil it belongs also to England Wales and NIreland ... If you break away and the lawlessness and poverty kicks in then don’t go crying .. Just sell Scotland to highest bidder and hope you can find enough money to pay the border guards hahahaha ... Freedom .. Yeah right ... Independence for Mossend and River Calder <deleted>
  6. Along with prices that match shopping in Regent St London and no help with Visa deployment .. Why would you come ... Only simple bonus was 30 day visa that allowed you a few weeks partying in Cowboy and then back to work .. These people think 2 weeks give them money for Daily Kow pat guy and after that 2 days sight seeing then home to work 555555 .. Portugal with the better golf and Brazilian Burds will do me .. “;0) Less hassle
  7. These people are living in a bubble on a different planet ... But then that’s not a new thing ... You haven’t even started vaccinating 5555
  8. Sorry Ed .. You live in the Thai Twightlight zone .. I’m back at base and it looks like Europe especially Portugal and Spain are gonna be the winners .. And it’s their own fault
  9. 100% right .. They will be lucky to get 6000 and that will depend on a stopover before heading to Cambodia or Vietnam .. The Thai bubble has burst and the high prices doesn’t cut ice anymore
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