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  1. I work FIFO and have been coming in on a 3 weeks in 1 month out for the last 2 years. Even though I don't ever exceed 28 days I decided to go down the METV route to, if anything, try to show that I'm doing the right thing and not using the VE route and run the risk of the same thing happening to me. At the end of this swing at work I will be hanging around in Perth to apply for a new METV. This will be #4 so hopefully it will be granted. I always have copies of my next 2 return flights and accommodation along with no less than 30k baht on me at all times. The IO actually told me last time that I don't need a visa but you can never garuntee getting a polite and friendly IO like that so for $550 a year I'm happy to pay it. Just my 2 bobs worth.
  2. Gday All, My old iPad mini has just about karked it so I'm looking to get a new one. I no longer have an iPhone so I'll be going android this time to allow me to transfer stuff from my android phone. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent 8" tablet. I read a lot of ebooks so ease of viewing is a must and just general everyday browsing. I'm not a gamer unless you count a game of euchre when I'm bored. I'm not wanting to spend a fortune so around $400 AU is my limit. Cheers
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