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  1. Junker/Tusk and co are not the EU ,they are snouts in trough the lot of them ,they do not seem to care what happens to the country's in the EU ,just what happens to their beloved club Brussels,where they can jet around the world pretending that they are the "elected" voice of Europe ,in fact they are just an unelected bunch of c-----ts.
  2. You are right there are many good series made in both countrys ,but Any British series that America has made has been utter rubbish , sorry but the truth sometimes hurts , ,new Brit series Mum ,really good , American version Mom ,terrible . uuggg
  3. We are happy here ,i live in a house next to quite well off Thais , they are all very nice and chat mainly to my wife ,but also wave and say hello to me and have done for the last 12 years or so ,i have never had any problems here ,and seem to be accepted ,my wifes family are lovely , and i have never come across any of the "sick buffalo" stories from them ,that is except her youngest brother , but i am not alone as he trys it with all the family . as for the bullshit that all Farangs marry bar girls ,well only one person i know did ,and to be honest when he told me i was amazed ,i would never have thought it ,most i know met their wives long after they got bored with the bar scene .but then i suppose those who think everyone marries a bar girl ,are those who were only able to find a woman who worked in one .
  4. As i wrote in the headline ,what then? many many Married guys here cannot get health insurance (to old,preexisting conditions etc,what then ,will we all be deported ?
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