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  1. As i have more money and a bigger house than the average Thai this farang is a winner, sticks and stones may break my bones ,but names will never hurt me
  2. I love it back in the UK ,but its a holiday after 2 weeks i am chomping at the bit to come home. One thing i am glad about is that my wife lived in the Uk for many years and we had a nice home there,but like me ,she loves it here where she was born,mind you as long as we are together she is happy as i am .
  3. Rubbish i have used him for 15 yrs ,never ever even smelt drink on him,he is a 1st class mechanic ,many people i know use him ,he also gets recomended on here all the time by expats
  4. The best mechanic in Pattaya is Mr Sakda his tel no s 0817156819 he picks up your car and returns it,also speaks english,if parts are required you supply them ,used him for years
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