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  1. well he is Welsh ,they are all nice guys, have not been to the new location yet but have bought and sold quite a bit over the years ,i recommend
  2. I had a friend who was on the social and got grassed up that he was here for months . so worried ,flew back had interview ,told load of lies to them ,result ,nothing happened.
  3. What ,just like the ones going to that school and their parents? I lived in a town with loads of Muslims in the UK ,they didnt integrate ,,especially after the Mosque came .
  4. yes to Welsh people ,not to a bunch of people who do not integrate and cannot live by the rules of the country they live in ,best they leave and go to a Muslim country ,oh i forgot ,they dont want them and will not let them in .
  5. I worked amongs muslims for many years ,there is not one i would trust ,one who i worked with very closely once told me and i quote"you can never trust a muslim as you are not one of us" then he laughed and did business with me. years later he swindled my partner and me, a few years later when the housing crash occured in the UK ,we got our own back , yes chomper i was sad as well but what else can you expect from them?
  6. this religion is a scourge on the west ,i fear that nothing is being done ,,but then we opened the gates ,now the cancer lives amongst us.
  7. had heart problems for years ,was wondering if anyone has had a stent fitted,and how much ,especially at a govt hospital ,i usually go to Queen Sirakit at Satahip ,from here in Pattaya ,for anything i need anyway what sort of cost are they if you know ,cheers.
  8. The other day i posted on a thread about how glad i was born at a time when i could live through the 60s and 70s in swinging London ,had enough money to have a good life ,not rich ,but not poor either ,someone then accused me of being nostalgic for the past , actually that was not correct as i like the time i am living in now as well ,apart from the fact it is getting a bit silly now ,the way the younger people seem to think However my fear is for the future ,now there are 7 billion on the planet ,with many of the poorer ones trying to get to the richer nations ,by 2050 there will be 12
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