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  1. But i wonder how many "dont live here ,wink wink"
  2. well ive downloaded ep 5 and watched it from lime torrents ,always use it ,never a problem.
  3. Untill we came back here to live i didnt really watch my weight ,but a few years ago i lost 20 kilo ,i dont smoke ,and drink very little ,take 40mg atorvastatine ,and other drugs including asprin , but to be honest i eat fruit and stuff ,but dont really watch what i eat ,i do some exercise but not vast amounts ,i do think living here helps ,the warm weather especially ,to be honest when i had the BP i was told it would last about 8 years , and when i used to have my 6 monthly ,one of the other guys who had his done same time ,could not walk across the room without getting out of breath after 1 yr . so honestly dont know why i have been so lucky ,maybe its having young wives ,girl friends all my life , and being married to my now lovely wife of 22 years ,who is 23 years younger than me that and a fantastic family both here and in the UK anyway all the best keep smiling ,its what i do .
  4. Had a heart attack in my 30s ,by pass at 39 now still going 34 yrs later ,take meds cholesterol good ,b/p good ,all tests ok , just think positive . oh and go out with and marry women much younger than yourself ,
  5. please dont shoot the messaeger,i only paid at the desk and she gave me the vaccine ,an ice pack and the wipes. i didnt ask for them and as a matter of fact they were not even used.
  6. Oh come on ,do you go to the same place week in week out ,by the way Sri Racha has a great park ,with a walking track and machines, an island you can walk to via a bridge , lots of other things ,also our son went to Assumption college there ,so we know it well ,its so close to Pattaya , come on live a little. ps they also have a hospital that does cheap flu jabs .
  7. yes i have the box ,it is 12/02/2019 expires 01/2020
  8. correct ,it says on the box influenca virus(inactivated split) of the following strains Switzerland like strain Colarado like strain Michigan like strain Phuket like strain . anyway its a new type of vaccine .
  9. From the man who ,i quote said"Corbyn has wised up" he is about as wise as Abbott is ,and our cat is wiser than her
  10. its the vaxigrip tetra manufactured in France .the actual vacine is 390 baht ,the other was made up of an ice pack ,some sealed swabs to clean the jab and 40 baht for the doctor to inject you ,
  11. I love it when you post something to try and help ,then the naysayers come on ,and have a go ,its to far i will spend to much on petrol ,what has Robinsons got that T 21 hasnt got , get a life boys . the glass is half full ,not half empty , some of us live on the side of Pattaya that is quite close to Sri Racha ,its a straight run ,to the hospital there . Its a nice hospital ,hardly any wait and it makes a change to go to Robinsons , i dont want to go to the same place day after day after day ,i have a life , so have you ,get out more ,go different places stop being negative .
  12. Dont know how many will be interested ,but just had my flu jab at Sri Racha govt hospital only 495 baht , dont know if there was a Thai price but that was what they charged me ,Bangkok Pattaya hospital wanted 995 baht . ok ime a cheap charlie .
  13. Being devils advocate here,would you have done the same to gay people back in the 50s when it was a crime for which you could go to prison ? by the way i am not having a go ,just discusing .
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