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  1. I can remember a time ages ago when i was really depressed ,i had seperated from my first wife ,it was a really bad time ,i remember meeting up with her and she said she wanted to get back together and not get a divorce ,god it was awful,still once the divorce came through i was never depressed again .
  2. got mine done today , no problem only 500 baht ,
  3. at junior school that was my first and as far as i can remember my last ,thank God ,any one of them .
  4. Brought one up without a wife ,long time ago .never got a penny from her , even then they used to send social workers around ,as i was not a woman.(how can a man bring up a child) we were and still are 2nd class citizens.
  5. They sell them near us in Banglamung ,not bad ,buy them now and again .
  6. So if there is equality i take it if a woman takes time off for childbirth etc ,i can have it as well?
  7. 'you can tell a grim time is approaching ,it will be re runs of Dads Army next." far better than the politically correct <deleted> that they constantly put out nowdays.
  8. Just phoned them and they said still doing them ,so i will be off there to get mine done ,
  9. Nothing like a nice bath ,i made sure we had one in the en suite even if my wife would only shower ,my daughter in England is the same always showered even when younger,i always remember when they were building her house she had a large bath instaled in the main bathroom and i asked why did she bother as they never would use it ,her reply"because i knew you would bloody complain when your here if you couldnt have a bath" good girl she is ,taught her well
  10. Mine eventually arrived once flights restarted .took 10 days ,so about normal
  11. That rich and such a long life ,only retired a couple of years ago ,way to go .
  12. I would not even know where to start ,i am so lucky that i have had one hell of a life ,the people i have known ,famous and not ,the women i have loved ,slept with and shared such great times with ,my family ,all just great ,my son and daughter , the places i have been and the times and things i have done(and in some instances ,got away with) all fantastic .then 20 odd years ago i gave all that up and married my present wife, have lived a quieter life since then ,and you know i love this part of my life as well ,even if i am not raising hell
  13. I never shower , but i do love my hot bath at night ,i can lay there and let the cares of the world fade away , there is nothing like a nice soak in a hot bath . and no i dont care what my wife ,my son ,my daughter ,or any of my family here and in the UK think or say
  14. Nice to read someone that writes sense ,rather than the sadoes that got conned and think all Thai women just want a walking ATM. just because a small vocal minority get scammed it does not mean that the vast majority of us do as well ,glad the old boy got back home ,but to be honest ,to come here at 79 on your own to live is not the best thing to do .
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