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  1. rubbish it was turned into a gospel hall years ago ,dont know what it is now ,but its NOT called Mecca,at least not in the muslim part of town,dont know if the built another one somewhere else . ps ,that is not the one the muslims closed down.
  2. did i say they were ? no ,but i can only talk about areas i have worked in . as for fear and prejudice , be afraid be very afraid .maybe not yet ,but beware the wolfe is at the door
  3. Well i know 2 of these areas very very well and while yes you can walk around them and shop during the day , try putting up an advertizing poster with a woman not covered all over , try open a shop and sell pork , they have shops that sell religious material that is close to what i would call terrorist material , Luton they closed down the bingo hall ,why because it was called "Mecca" i could go on ,but so many have their heads in the sand , as i have said before ,not a lot i would trust .
  4. 100% British ,yea right ,just because a dog is born in a stable it doesnt make it a horse .And before you call me a racist ,i worked with and amongst Muslims for many years and there are very very very few i would trust ,and the reason is their religion ,it tells them that we are less than they are .
  5. do people like this really go about dressed like that?.
  6. Well if it means waiting hours so be it ,ime on retirement , luckily i can afford the changes ,but why should i park 800,000 in the bank for 5 months and 400,000 permenantly when i dont have to?
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