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  1. Honestly,i dont kow why half of you live here,you do nothing but moan, i have worked here and lived here for 27 yrs except when we lived in the UK for our son to go to junior school. If it was so bad we would not have come to live permanantly, if i want i can get a free flu jab but cant be bothered with the hastle so pay 500 baht get first class treatment and a good jab ,the govt hospital i use for my heart problems is terrific ,my meds are cheap and when i talk to my heart doc tomorrow will ask about covid jabs. So boys stop moaning ,if you dont like it here go back to the UK you
  2. The govt have shot themselves in the foot ,what tourists are going to come here now,social media is telling people how non Thais are treated,i know at least 3 people who normally spend time and money here who are now not going to come.
  3. Many closing, most did not rely on tourists,but they did rely on the people who worked in the tourist industry now they have gone back home,so less and less shoppers ,yesterday was shopping in Tesco ,there were more staff than us shopping there,how long will they stay open i wonder? Mind you i could parl right next to the main doors.
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