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  1. Because they prefere to run away and scrounge off the west
  2. But from what i read on here so many dont live in Thailand
  3. Keep trying Chomper,you convince yourself and a couple of others who want to believe,but the vast majority of us now rhe score,give up your fighting a losing cause,anyway all the best to you ,it must be cosy in your world
  4. Sorry Chomper,but your quote" migrants are migrants" is rubbish he is not "a migrant" he is an illegal alien
  5. I worked for my country for 44 yrs i paid taxes and hopefully helped in the building of a fine society,why dont they try that ,? Not just run to get freebies and then riot when they dont get what they want? Sorry but you have no argument whatsoever.
  6. With money in the bank, a home and familly a legal visa to live here ,pay my way ,put my son through school and university paying for everything ,didnt come illegally. Try another ploy yours has been done to death
  7. Then go back to Afghanistan and take your mates with you,your not wanted , Sorry if i aint a pc luvvie
  8. People will not be coming to Thailand i fear ,for a long time,they wont have the cash for years
  9. I supply a picture of us standing by the bed with the wife holding the dog.
  10. had heart problems for years ,was wondering if anyone has had a stent fitted,and how much ,especially at a govt hospital ,i usually go to Queen Sirakit at Satahip ,from here in Pattaya ,for anything i need anyway what sort of cost are they if you know ,cheers.
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