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  1. I feel a bit stupid after Richard's informative answer, I was only going by earlier reports from TV folks who mentioned many times that ASQ is very expensive, and that the few hotels available were all full, and that to be an official ASQ hotel you needed to grease many palms, etc. etc.
  2. As I understand it, official ASQ hotels only make you stay inside your room for the quarantine period, and deliver your meals to you outside your door. So, WHY not allow ANY hotel be used for ASQ? Any hotel willing to do the above should be able to host incoming guests for the required quarantine period. The only other thing that they do at ASQ is to have somebody come and do the regular covid test on you, but as I understand, that is done entirely by a nearby hospital. So, once again, ANY hotel in Thailand should be allowed to be an ASQ hotel, if they can
  3. Taken from the article (link) below, about the Stargazer fish: "It has a unique texture and flavor. The slightly chewy texture and mild flavor with a slight sweetness has made it very popular and earned it the nickname "poor man's lobster." https://www.sea-ex.com/fishphotos/stargaze.htm#:~:text=texture and flavor.-,The slightly chewy texture and mild flavor with a slight,nickname "poor man's lobster."&text=Cooking Monkfish | Stargazer%3A,to most methods of cooking.
  4. OP, after reading all the posts here, I think you can summarize the best advice as follows: 1- Go back home to activate your CPP and Pension, it can not be done from abroad easily. The money can be routed to you in Thailand, and is worth much more here. 2- When you go home, sell your property, and take your share (if you have any family to distribute to) and invest here in Thailand on some property. Even a shack in a Canadian city will buy you a palace here. 3- Get medical insurance here, one poster mentioned a really nice one at 6000 baht that continue
  5. Pick up a girl on the way to the hotel, let her check in, and you go to the room later. Bon Voyage!
  6. Apparently this is a very tasty fish, with a lobster like taste! I would have eaten it in a second!
  7. I think your age is a deciding factor. Yes, healthcare in Canada is almost free, but if you're already close to the limit, then why waste your last 5/10/15 years being unhappy? Go ahead with the PR for your wife, though, and keep the option open for a quick return if you ever feel the need (or get sick). Be Happy!
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