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  1. DLT? You get a form from the old amphur, who stamp it finished. You take the form and old book to the new amphur to get a new one.
  2. The yellow book doesn't become void, unless you get a form from the amphur to move it. Most/most Thais don't live where there Tabien Baan shows.
  3. No, your yellow book can be anywhere, you don't have to live there.
  4. Yes, Pad Thai was invented by "Paw" Piboonsongkram around 1932, when it was hip to be Nationalistic in many European countries that he hung out in. The Germans got the VW, Thailand Pad Thai(the food of the people). The last foreign diplomat to meet Hitler was the Thai ambassador.
  5. Thailand is a developing country. I have been treated very well, as an expat over the last 3 decades.
  6. They are proud of the negotiating skills of their former king, who was instrumental in this decision.
  7. https://www.smartrecovery.org/smart-articles/introduction-to-rebt/ i found this outfit on the web. Looks like a good way to recover and remain recovered from alcoholism.
  8. I'm an alcoholic and got sober using the 12 steps of AA nearly 30 years ago in Thailand. Now, I'm getting pretty tired of AA, perhaps due to where I live having few meetings and the ones they have seem to be full of people that are there just for the friendship. So, I'm thinking of quitting AA and looking for an alternative to keeping me sober. Is it possible? I may have been brainwashed but have been told it isn't, and always believed that, until recently. Has anyone here ever found a solution that is as good as AA? How does one leave AA? I know there are requirements for membership, that are often ignored, but are there any requirements for leaving?
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