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  1. Sorry if this has been already been dealt with at length. If I went to Suwanakhaet, Laos to apply for a Non O based on marriage on Monday Oct. 28th, and was able to pick my passport up on Tuesday and cross the border into Thailand on Tuesday Oct 29th, I would not need insurance. Is that a correct assumption. I have heard otherwise.
  2. What exactly is needed to apply for this extension. Marriage certificate (original?), wife's house registration, wife's ID card, all signed by her. Any exisiting visa requirements? Must she accompany me to immigration? Thanks.
  3. I can't meet the financial requirements since the 400,000 Baht has to be in the bank for two months prior to applying. I am aware of the single entry or multiple entry non-o visa visa based upon marriage to a Thai and I am seriously considering that option. Regarding my questions about staying in Thailand on tourist visa my question must not have been clear since I am not exactly sure of the names of the various types of visas or extensions. What I meant was that I am presently here on a visa that I never applied for in advance. I got it stamped in my passport after arriving at the airport. It's good for 30 days. Just before the last day of this visa ( visa exempt entry?) I thought I might try to get a SETV in a neighboring country. But the the non o based on marriage sounds like the most viable and sensible option. Thanks for your info and suggestions.
  4. I am presently in Thailand on a 30-day upon arrival tourist visa. ( I was previously on a Non-B for work). Would I still qualify for a SETV if applying for the visa in a neighboring country (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia). Actually, I want to hang out on a tourist visa in Thailand until I get the correct amount of money in the bank and for the correct duration for either marriage extension or a retirement extension. And if I applied for another 30-day extension in country after my initial 30-day upon arrival expires ( I am assuming that I would get a 30 day extension in Thailand) would I still qualify for a SETV? Even after two 30-day tourist visas? Thanks.
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