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  1. If one is travelling to Buriram from neighboring provinces it appears that one might be subject to a 14 day quarantine but it is inconsistently enforced. My wife's niece arrived at her hometown in Buriram from Chonburi and was put into an empty house for 14 days. She arrived last week. Another niece arrived last month and it was a similar story. If I live in Buriram and go to Bangkok and Chonburi for a few days and return to Buriram, I am wondering if I would be susbject to the same kind of quarantine. How would they know that I left and went to another province and came back. I asked my wife this and she said people will notice your absence and then inform the village headman. I have a local sticker that was put in in my passport by the village headman which seems to indicate that I am virus free. I would hate to get back to Buriram and spend 2 weeks in some kind of quarantine detention center.
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