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  1. And a few hybrid helicopters and a few hybrid APC,s There must be oodles of cash now some of the high speed trains are not going anywhere.
  2. Does anyone believe anything that the Thai government says. The thai people certainly don't..
  3. And building projects. It is virtually flame resistant.. Unlike the wacky baccy...
  4. My sister in law has Fibromyalgia, Renaud and Shogrens syndrome. And the CBD allowed her to reduce the 22 tablets a day, albeit expensive in the UK. I take tramadol 150sr twice a day for neurological pain. Would certainly consider the green stuff if it was available. The tramadol is bad stuff..
  5. Just torch crop and give the local towns a free high.... Certainly will be the Land of Smiles.
  6. Not only will reinventing old technology "oil the wheels" and improve efficiencies. It will no doubt grease the palms of several people too. Ka ching Ka ching.
  7. The device can be minimized to a size that will fit into the paratrooper insignia they all wear. Incorporate a motion detector too. But then again. The smartphone that they all carry and play with has location, gps, movement and tracking already built in... Why haven't the "Smarts" already worked out that one...? Thais and technology doesn't seem to compute. More into creating big display banners and having photos taken.
  8. Talking about biometrics. Anyone notice the multitude of people in biometrics jackets at the airports know? All playing with the smartphones. Not being sure what they do? I asked one the other day. The response was, we help if the passport information is not good.. Oh right... The chip contains fingerprints and eye scan... Not quite sure what the intent is?
  9. My son used to install the DCU units almost 20 years ago in government agencies vehicles and police cars, here in Australia. Many off the shelf GPS logistics tracking systems out there, and relatively affordable. A few dollars a week is all they cost. This sounds like reinventing the wheel... And then of course the units need to be in vehicles in motion, plus a despatch centre, and a desire to actually work, are all required. No doubt some high flying relatives will tender for the business. And the customary brown envelopes will circulate. I sort of got lost as to what they were trying to achieve!!!
  10. Its been mentioned before and is still a very average service on Thai Airways. Actually its worse than ever. The food IS not brilliant. The in flight service is average. You have to check the ticket codes to ensure that you are adequately covered for baggage allowance. I'm still silver level but was surprised that my last flight BKK to Melbourne only had 20 kg + 10kg status allowance. I was hit 7200 baht excess baggage. With a retort that I had been allowed 2kg over and only charged for 5kg. If you have a carry on bag, it's either that or a laptop bag now. Used to allow you to have a personal bag allowance, but I think that is gone also. You are lucky to get a drink with the meal offered. Many flights only generate a percentage of the points. And they are by no means the cheapest operation to fly with. They are consistent. Consistently average.
  11. Just put a picture of a monk and some lucky numbers and the cash will roll in.. ka ching.
  12. The first question I always get is, can you drop the price.. I normally say, "don't you want to see it first " Its all about the price here... Especially the working classes.
  13. I like your thinking.... Do unto others as they do unto you. "Tilak, maybe we try one more time... Bye Bye.
  14. Maybe the E kyc needs a little more KY lubrication to make it work smoothly.
  15. It's an odd one for sure.. A few years ago Ford and Australia did a deal on importing cars. Thai built focus and Fiesta came to Australia. The Ford territory was to be exported to Thailand. Unfortunately the thai government put a caveat that the engine should be less than 3 litres. Territory was a 4 litre six. A $50,000 Territory titanium when sold in Thailand became a $100,000 vehicle.. FoA went out of business. They were to build the Focus. Thailand exports Focus and Fiesta's to Australia still. I think Focus, was the right word. Well and truly Foc us, they did.
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