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  1. Not today. But can apply for permission to leave Australia. Once flights start again.
  2. Response to this and the previous post. Travel is still possible. On application. Compassionate grounds being one. And obviously It requires the planes. And approved by the government. As restrictions ease in Australia, so will restrictions on safe hub travel destinations. What Thailand wants to get back in is still the unknown quantity...
  3. Whole heartedly agree. I'm optimistic obviously for personal reasons. But looking around the globe many airlines are starting up early June. Thai airways who I have a credit with (for what it's worth) stated June for Europe and other destinations. July with restricted services to Australia and other Asian countries. Melbourne and Sydney were indicated as possible. Several friends in the airline industry say it's ramping up from June 3rd. We can only hope. I'm not a tourist. Just want to get back to the family.
  4. I would add that Vietnam with zero deaths New Zealand with zero cases. Australia with 100 deaths and restrictions easing. These are the ones who should be given access almost immediately. Minimum risk.
  5. Still not sure where the "knowledgeable" keep plucking the October date? Most international airlines are ramping up from June. Even Thai airways has schedules showing from July. Restricted locations and flights. They have to get back in the air. Freight is always required internationally. Plus the longer planes sit idle, the harder it gets to bring them into service. July with common sense restrictions is good for me. I can get back to the family hopefully, along with many other people.
  6. Global figures show that seasonal flu is behind the covid19 number. In Thailand it's possible that respiratory failure attributed to whatever, may add to this total. Oddly the road toll of 60 deaths daily average, or 24,000 a year, doesn't cause a ripple in social circles. Just a part of every day life in Thailand.
  7. I do. I have a partner and adopted family waiting for the relaxing of restrictions so we can get back together.
  8. The problem is pandemic, epidemic and systemic. Covid19 is one shocking aspect. The whole tourist / long term stay contribution to the economy is rife with problems and corruption. A good time to look at the whole package.
  9. And that's where several of them need to be hit. Smack bang in the middle of the head. But then again. No sense no feeling.
  10. Correct me if im wrong, but wasn't it a few selfish gits who returned from Italy and kicked off the Thailand covid19 at a muay Thai fight contest, and off it went. No nationalities named...
  11. The majority of the major airlines are set to resume flights from June and others from early July. Qatar, Lufthansa, Emirates, Qantas, even Thailand National carrier Thai airways has flights scheduled for July on some sites. Maybe wishful thinking? But These airlines know something that maybe we don't yet....
  12. I only realised yesterday that Australians have to apply for permission to leave Australia now. I thought it was the level 4 advisory, but you have to apply for a exemption to leave. And it must be shown at airport departure. My defacto wife of 7 years is stuck in the village after her mother died mid March. I had been in Australia when the fires were on and was heading back to Thailand and my partner when Thai airways cancelled the flights. March 25th. I'm stuck here. She is in her village alone. Hopefully Thai airways will be operating still as I have a credit for the flight on hold. Hopefully the Thailand government will see sense in flights between low risk countries first. And hopefully from Australia the permission to leave Australia will be granted.
  13. It goes all the way down to the bang for the buck. 60 baht to the £1 is now 40. Anyone buying anything from Thailand is having to fork out about 30% more. And talking about the bang, they still want top price for older stock, past it's use by date...
  14. True. You have to read the stuff completely. A couple of issues here. And one cannot happen without the other. Before bankruptcy the Thai government will want to get back as much as possible, before the receivers rule all debts to disappear under a Thai law.
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