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  1. So how do we sort the professional bike riders out from the Thais? My Australian and UK licenses are notated full bike in other words unrestricted. The thai license says bike with a symbol. Could be a 50cc . Would be too simple to front the DLT and have a new endorsement added. Probably need a new test.
  2. No different from the army conscription program. 6000 a month. Many recruits have been sent home on no pay, for months now.
  3. Talk about the boot on the other foot.. Not a nice feeling being cheated out of your money...
  4. Does NOT meet certificate of entry requirements. Come on guys, lift your game.
  5. I realise this has been aired before, but i had to contact Kasikorn bank to see if i could set up a new phone and set up kasikorn bank on the phone. Im in Australia waiting for the return plan. My banking is registered with my thai dtac service. My enquiry was to try and revise it. Attach from K bank.. May answer some questions. May confuse some even more. According to your enquiry regarding the matter, if you meant you are in overseas and you would like to use K PLUS, first of all, we would like to inform you that K PLUS cannot be chang
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