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  1. I thought BJ had got then all .? Oh that was last years bunch.
  2. This Thai anger issue. Openings here for some Psychological specialists.. But first you have to get the people to admit they have problems. (Before the event).
  3. Its as simple as chosing a good agent. Drive to immigration and get your picture taken. All of two minutes. And then you are on the inside running. The retirement extension happens. 90 day reports no need to attend. Advising address on return not needed. The stamps are real. Re entry stamps work fine too.
  4. Dream on. Two different entities here. And Immigration has no intention of going back to basic salaries. Business is Business
  5. Miserable git. He is clamping down on everything else. So why not Valentine's day. Obviously no one loves him.
  6. No windows in there. Pattaya has 4 cells. All in the same place. One for females. Sluice rooms in each. Little privacy. The odd ice pipe, visitors allowed through the bars, and depending on the clientele you might get lucky too. Food can be ordered and its delivered. Cages get locked up for a few hours each night, otherwise very sociable. Smoking was allowed. Cash is handy. Gets you privileges. Everyone sleeps on the floor. Definitely NO windows....
  7. So the prices will come down accordingly? No, i didn't think so. Just extra bottom line profits. We take a carry bag to the local market and people still want to put it in a plastic bag before we put it in our own carry bag. Doh...!!
  8. Immigration is always open to offers. Thai police and Thai immigration are two different entities. And the IO have a business to run. I re registered my mugshot today. For the next renewals etc. Business as usual... This is Thailand.
  9. It comes down to the reasons for being here. Mine were, work then retirement, then divorced, then falling in lust with a pretty Thai lady. But recent events and a fair bit of returning travel to the UK and Australia (family) have convinced me that the UK is the cheaper option on an Australian pension. Australia is expensive unless you have free accommodation. Thailand, well we are all discussing this presently. The UK even on today's exchange rate is way ahead for food, accommodation, travel.... Obviously the British will not see it that way. My pension drops to $880 a fortnight and is portable. Out of Australia A bit of bank interest on top. Just crap weather in the UK..
  10. Who is watching the security camera screens? Or are they all too busy with thier smartphone's?
  11. Even the Aussies have problems with their pensions alone funding schemes. Simply impossible. About $450 aud a week. Significant more than the British one, but still doesn't meet the basic retirement figures of $65,000 monthly income..
  12. It gets me why these contributions to the wife.? Ive been trying to live here more than 7 years, and the monthly contributions have got less and less. Because I simply don't have it to burn since retirement. Love has to factor into it somewhere.. I hope. Ive been there and done that wrt the village way of life, support for her family, rebuilding her family home, only to endure constant farang requirements. Farang have, farang pay. Suggestions for the sinsod removal in exchange for basically rebuilding the family home. Still not married. Buying the village block of land for her old age. (without me). In her name. Ending up with "her in doors" taking a hammer to the interior of the home before leaving. All in family feud, and the Golden goose (me) fled to Pattaya with her in tow. Support for the lazy non working son, 21, and some for her bright daughters education. 15. Who now contemplates braces on the teeth and a bike to get to high school. Oh and a new phone. She will not pursue child support even After her ex did the Forrest Gump thing and RUN off with another when she was pregnant So now I pay only the monthly costs for everything realistic, 2 bedroom outside pattaya. Elec, wifi, food, transport etc. She is given much less than 20k. She gives her daughter a monthly payment out of this, plus the lazy parasite of a son who only calls her when he is broke. Thats up to her. No loans to her friends or family. Should call them gifts because they don't get repaid. Thats all up to her and the amount she has. We travel a bit, local and overseas. Don't seem to do without. Eat out, but enjoy home cooking. She has her bling, several baht of gold. She knows the score. Same me.. About 40,000 a month.
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