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  1. They can't even monitor their own police cars ,bikes and emergency vehicles. Have more than 13 million unpaid traffic offense fines. So how will they monitor every single public car, bike and truck?
  2. Most visitors leave the odd sample or specimens already...
  3. Different strokes for different folks.. My thai partners friend got a good kicking from her thai man last week and fractured her leg. (He was drunk again) Police didn't want to know about it. TIT.
  4. Reasonable!!! Yes, we have made significant provisions in the 2020 budget to ensure that all major projects have sufficient padding to keep the flow of Brown envelopes going. Poor people? No such thing as poor people in Thailand. Every one has jobs. Unemployment rates are zero.
  5. It's a global alliance representing the major players, who obviously want people to buy licenses for their software.
  6. Like many stories here, this is only as good as the ways its reported. BSA, Is actually BSA /AML. Bank secrecy act. Anti money laundering. Acronyms used widely, in global finance industries. I think what they are trying to say is IT Audit for all companies and businesses to ensure licensed software is used. Ultimately the anti money laundering will come into play here somewhere... BSA Global Software Alliance is a group representing the major I.T. industries worldwide. And obviously protecting its business and profits.
  7. This from a country that uses Windows NT on just about everything, in every government office and department. That must be one huge corporate Enterprise License fee that they pay Microsoft...
  8. With a Debt -v- equity ratio like that and ROI not that great, I would be turning the lights off and closing the doors. (We did it to the Australian automotive industry) A respected Japanese mentor I had at Denso, said. No business with no profit, is better than a business with no profit...
  9. Some places it would be tantamount to racial discrimination. But hey, TIT. The land where men delight in dressing up as women. TV shows with silly noise effects that seem to mesmerize people. A day time semi active, semi casual police force. (Scared of the dark) Selective fining, mainly farang. (Discrimination again?) MY country. MY laws. And they wonder why people are looking elsewhere.
  10. There's no such thing as bad memory in Thailand. Unless you are a thai who has borrowed money from a farang... Or a politician whose reneging on election promises...
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