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  1. 54 killed. Sadly up on the average. Was reported that someone dies every 35 minutes on the roads here. Running at 26.6 minutes per death. Nothing to be proud of is it?
  2. First step would be to have vaccines to give everyone. Instead of hoping private hospitals will sell sufficient to cover the shortfall
  3. And it looks like the only way a farang can get is from their home country or wait for the private hospitals to start selling. And hope it's the real thing.
  4. So basically, the level will be 440 a day per norm. Remove the current acceleration items and in a month it will be 440 a day. Doesn't sound encouraging.
  5. A total of 29,685 have had positive tests so far - about 1% of those tested. So a 1% positive? 72 million population. Would that suggest 720,000 if everyone was tested! Just asking for a friend.
  6. If you go to the local community hospital in nangrong people are fed up of waiting, some for days on stretchers, and go in the private clinic next door. 600 baht. Shame on the system.
  7. Sinovac as low as $5 in some countries. Los seems to thing that $15 Was a good deal.
  8. But the government is saying that 60% of the population will have one shot by end of year. Seems odd that private sector can do by June.
  9. The government is struggling to secure supply. No mention of farang vaccines again! But private hospitals will be given the ok to obtain and sell. Sinovac as low as $5 in some countries. But Thailand thinks $15 is ok. What guarantee that the private vax is no more than saline solution? Already happening overseas, fake vaccine. Not to mention the price.
  10. They don't want to spend money on the people. C, mon lets be serious. The Chinese made vaccine is about $15 here. A bargain the powers that be say. Currently sells to other Asian countries around the $5+ mark.
  11. And then have to deal with people who are having alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  12. And why I'm working on getting out. Local school closed today. Two kids have covid19. Nangrong. Positive. But nothing published. Heads in the sand
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