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  1. BJ needs to improve his Engrish. How many times is he going to catch them all.? Every month its another headline Boring...
  2. Still at the discussion stage. Maybe same time, next year...
  3. I am. I'm driving mine and her tribe back to the village to vote. Many also have village registration and voting on day 24 too. I tried to get them to register for absentee votes... Naa. Farang can drive 450km each way to the village.
  4. Increase the fines (they really are pittance compared to other countries). Hit the hip pocket nerve. Points and loss if license is ineffective if people don't have a license. Impound the vehicle. Clamp vehicles. REMOVE on the spot fine payment. It's like Ground Hog Day. We keep reiterating the same possible solutions.
  5. The package tours are all pre allocated funds and venues. They normally have a free night to wander (and wonder <deleted>). Tips are built in the deal and go to the tour group leader, who is supposed to distribute as required. It doesn't happen. The tourists think the locals get handsomely rewarded. If only they knew!!! These tour groups do little for the people on the streets. It all goes to corporate business.
  6. Its available. (Always available) Just have to resist the temptation to buy it. Be interesting to see how many sit on Jomtien beach and imbibe a few, while puffing on the smokes that are also prohibited. (Usually while the bylaws and police look on) And then leave their rubbish in a little pile at the bottom of a coconut tree.
  7. You're making it up. The truck was unloaded it says. The three passengers were female, it also says. Same as several other speculative responses from members. A small car ran into the back of an empty truck. The three occupants were female. All three are deceased. RIP.
  8. I don't think it will ever stop, all this carnage on the roads. It seems to be a national pastime reporting on the severity and the ways injured, of the poor people involved. The TV channels coverage and the Police photo shot opportunities would all come to an end.
  9. She sells cars, or works for a dealership. Knowing how to drive and the road laws doesn't necessarily go hand in hand.
  10. Not sure how e Visa and on line applications plus dedicated arrival and departure kiosks is harder. Plus fee waiver recently. Long term I can't comment on. But waiver and 60 days TR look surprisingly more easy at present.
  11. You're back again!!! No wonder your review numbers over 14,000 + Its constant drivel like you keep putting out and the sad faces, that discourages newer members like me, trying to actively contribute. I said no more. Go and find your next target...
  12. Basing on a friend actually living there, after being here several years. The Visa is called Visa exemption certificate. Its renewal is 3 month or 6 months. Its working for him and he says to date he is much better off. Suggestion was look at this site and see what you think? https://www.expat.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=219 I'm only a messenger. But I will be going to see him shortly and I can see what he calls an acceptable way of life.
  13. Not quite true. Some countries like Vietnam openly greet tourists and retirement stayers with minimum hassle and costs. Thailand always has an easier way. Desk 8 Jomtien immigration is a classic example. $$
  14. First time ever visa application for Australia and had to not only get thai birth certificate translation but also a certificate of non marriage. Basically says that even though she was spliced with a thai loser in the village and had two kids before he took off for younger pastures, she is considered not married. Took several visits to the local seat of power, plus taking her 84 year old mother, eldest brother and head women. Plus two days, plus the translation afterwards. So does that make the two kids bastards? I know her son is a deadbeat, lazy shit already. This is Thailand.
  15. Good people, I'm looking for advice on getting an elderly person back to Australia from Thailand. He had a collapsed lung. Just finished the treatment in Buriram hospital and his daughter's have arrived to try and get him home. He is 91, and un insured. I drove up yesterday to see him. It appears a certificate of travel will be granted, but i said to his daughter's its not that simple. He may be denied travel by the airline. So now they are considering a medical assistance flight or similar. Something we all might need to know about, so hopefully it generates some helpful answers.
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