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  1. I lived in Singapore for many years until my recent move to Thailand. It would make no financial sense to do what you're considering. Flying and then taking taxis/trains would be a lot easier and cheaper. Singapore uses financial (dis)incentives to limit the number of cars to keep traffic moving. Along with the LTA requirements (autopass card, road tax, insurance, 14 day Vehicle Entry Permit), there is no place offering free parking. The LTA site estimates it would cost you S$380 to keep a car for 14 days:
  2. I have 3 foreign accounts and the FBAR only takes me about 10 minutes to complete and submit Why not just complete it now? It can be done well in advance of filing your 1040.
  3. I presume you are not returning to the UK? The original poster inquired about returning to the US. That's what I'm doing as well.
  4. Singapore Airlines' website is still showing flights to Phuket on Thursdays and Sundays in May. For the rest of April they are only flying on Sundays. Those dates with a $ (which is the one-way fare from Singapore) are the days they are flying to/from Phuket.
  5. Qatar Airways tickets purchased by the end of April are fully refundable and changeable with no fees if you fly by the end of 2021. I made a reservation earlier, cancelled when the price dropped, and had the money refunded to my credit card in 5 days. I then booked a new flight and have now changed it to leave Thailand earlier. I'm getting my Covid test at https://www.medconsultasia.com/. The cost is 2600 Baht. If you take the test before 10 AM you get the result later that afternoon. A test after 10 AM is returned the next morning.
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