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  1. Much more to it than that... I haven't drank in 20 years but I love watching sport in a bar ... including the sport of mongering ... all I saw last Saturday night were dark empty streets.. Soi's without any life going on and people who sell food on the Soi making no income .. girls without customers, and Farang with money and no where to spend it .. I missed seeing the 6 nations rugby matches and the premiership games ... nothing to do with alcohol for me but a major let down on a Saturday night in Pattaya ...
  2. Last weekend I was amused by the tourists wondering why all the bars were closed and the Soi's empty and dark. I was amused because the powers that be should know that any Thai who wanted to drink would be drinking and any tourist encountering this situation would be saying " never again" , or at least considering a different destination next time . The authorities are footless... the feet have long been amputated from all the shooting oneself in the foot that goes on in the LOS . I do not drink so I couldn't care less ... oh... wait ... the bars are closed ... no sports bars ... and my team is playing ... what the hell am I gonna do... .. Nanny State. ... except it's not ...
  3. All you judges and jurors and experts must be waiting excitedly for every new tragedy. Taking a story from any Thai media source is dodgy at the best of times , but layering it with the instant judgements some of you lot carelessly toss out makes it appalling . Half the exPats I meet in my frequent visits to Thailand are nuts anyway from living in Thailand and it's easy to understand why, but giving a platform to some of them to cast judgment and become instant experts on everything is unadvisable. May those young ladies Rest In Peace .. their suffering is over , but for their families the pain of loss is beyond bearing.
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