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  1. All you judges and jurors and experts must be waiting excitedly for every new tragedy. Taking a story from any Thai media source is dodgy at the best of times , but layering it with the instant judgements some of you lot carelessly toss out makes it appalling . Half the exPats I meet in my frequent visits to Thailand are nuts anyway from living in Thailand and it's easy to understand why, but giving a platform to some of them to cast judgment and become instant experts on everything is unadvisable. May those young ladies Rest In Peace .. their suffering is over , but for their families the pain of loss is beyond bearing.
  2. Ah now hold on ... there's a massive difference between living in the Iberian Penninsula and South East Asia... cost of living, and climate being the obvious ones. It's cold in Spain and colder in Portugal in the winter time. Go out and eat in those countries as see what you pay as against Thailand,Vietnam or Cambodia... and as for the ladies ... well we won't discuss that here.
  3. I also offered to show returns air ticket, Health Insurance Cert and €2000.... they didn't ask to see them ..
  4. I don't have a GF or a Thai Wife.. I'm an old Butterfy.. well that's what a Thai girl told me a long time ago when she tried to put me in a Velvet Cage and train me to bark and wag my tail when she spoke ! ... lol ...
  5. No.. and I asked him what about next time and he said you are ok ... but he won't be there waiting for me will he ... so I may get pulled every time now.
  6. Now there is a sad scenario. One of the best cities in Thailand,massively promoted to Tourists , and now off limits ... unless you are a thrill seeker extraordinaire. I loved my visits to Chiang Mai... I hate telling everyone not to venture near this area anymore. Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya , household tourist Mecca for decades... now destroyed by pollution, and all preventable. They have redone the beach at Pattaya ... it looks great.. but if you saw someone heading into the water for a dip... well it crosses your mind to warn them ... you will be sick soon... Oh.. yes.. and let's remove the street food vendors, who sell the famous ... what else... Street Food.. from the.... what the ...what else STREETS..of Bangkok... put 'em in a Mall ... makes it so much more exciting... and expensive ... and suddenly... not street food... I am giving up.. soon the ladies will be ugly... oh... that's happening too judging from a stroll round Pattaya hot spots recently... 555... Lol...
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