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  1. The only things these trials (may) show -in the best case- is that there is an immune response of some sorts and there are no major side-effects. This does NOT mean that vaccinated individuals are protected from severe COVID-19 infection. With the low prevalence of COVID (typically something like 20-30,000 per million inhabitants in the worst affected countries, this being cumulative data over a long period stretching from Feb to mid October, most of these have healed) a trial with 30,000 people is next to useless to establish efficacy against severe COVID as not enough persons will get infect
  2. There seems to be a misconception that with some potential Covid vaccines on the horizon, all problems will be solved and we will be back 'at normal' in no time. Say that a vaccine has an efficacy of 66% (note that the FDA in the US only requires 50% vs a placebo group for potential approval). That would not seem too bad (even so, of those 300 passengers waving there immune passports while waiting for their flight, a 100 would be susceptible to covid infection and some might actually have it without displaying symptoms). BUT, there is a second major factor, that is the antivaxxers clique. Supp
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