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  1. Please explain! What are the "much-needed law, order and discipline" they enforced ? Did I miss something ?
  2. So 10 year old kids have to repair a road at school. Wonder if this is part of their school education ... Director is pissing off instead of showing responsibility. Why I am not surprised about ? The family is asking for compensation of which the poor young boy will not see a single bath anyway. NICE ! I hope young man, you will recover quite well without being handicapped and in pain for the rest of your life.
  3. RIP poor young girl. To keep a loaded 9mm in an open compartment BEHIND his seat makes sense ? In reach of a VERY drunk guy, while pissing in the bushes ? VP shows responsibility ? Now block me if something of this is not legit to question !
  4. A barricade WILL be erected ? Why didn't erect it long time ago ? Did the leader of the herd not ask for it ? So he is responsible ! RIP big amazing animals
  5. FAIR for many is when they can make the better deal. Cheating seems to be part of the culture.
  6. ... and then they opened a new account under a different name as they usually do ?
  7. Not only you. What I wanted to say is that a "professional" van driver who carries so (too) many passengers doesn't seem to be very responsibly from the beginning of his trip. Same as the one who organized the trip. This wasn't a fun trip of some mates ...
  8. Because fully loaded trucks on sections of this highway can't drive faster than 20 km/H and the van driver was speeding as usual ?
  9. What I don't understand is why are 17 passengers + 1 driver in a Commuter as the max. number of seats is 15.
  10. Sorry, what did you learn about the speed to go driving in the night when you made your driver's license ?
  11. YES, they really love their pets. My friend's dog is too fat to walk and breath, but she's still feeding it with chocolate...
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