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  1. It's possible you were really and truly treated like a criminal, but I doubt it. You didn't give the details. I think more than likely, like the OP, you didn't like the treatment you received or the hassle of the procedure so you exaggerate to make your point more believable. An acquaintance sat with me at my lunch. It was breakfast for him and he was in no mood for questions or decisions. He doesn't drink so he wasn't hungover, just groggy and grumpy. When the waitress was 'grilling' him over how he wanted his eggs prepared and what kind of toast he wanted I could tell it was almost more than he could handle. Then she really 'interrogated' him and treated him like a criminal by asking him to choose between three types of juice. He through his arms in the air and screamed at her, "I don't care, just bring me the damn food!" I felt so bad for him, being treated like a criminal, interrogated, tortured to insanity...and all he wanted was to eat breakfast.
  2. So at immigration they handcuffed you and locked you in a cell? I never had that experience. I just go in and fill out some paperwork and am free to come and go as I please. I'm not treated like a criminal at all, just a visitor in a foreign country.
  3. According to thai-language.com dictionary it refers to wit, mental agility, quickness of mind. Also can be nickname for a boy. Spoken with mid-tone.
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