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  1. Interesting. Maybe your bank uses the required coding. Mine does not. Future developments and input from others might solve the mystery.
  2. Did they finally start enforcing the changes required to transfer money by ACH through BKK Bank New York? Last week I made a transfer and New York rejected it and refunded it back to my local account in the USA. Until now I've never had a problem with a transfer, even after their deadline came and went to change the transfer coding. I just went and visited my local branch here in BKK and they said the policy is finally being enforced and many foreigners have been in recently with the same questions. Anyone here recently have problems with the ACH transfer?
  3. What does a person's sleep/wake times have to do with having a blast? Different people enjoy different things. Is it not possible for people who are early to bed/early to rise to have a blast in their own way? Or is drinking in the bars after midnight and staggering down the sidewalk the one and only way to have a blast?
  4. Has your son had other disciplinary problems at the school beyond the two incidents of vaping? Is he a good student and hard worker with good grades, good attendance records, and a good reputation among the staff and administration? Is it possible there has been more trouble and it is now all catching up to him? Or is he a good student getting an overly harsh punishment for a mere (alleged) second offense?
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