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  1. If there are a bunch of over noisy drug-sex parties going on in a residential rented area, a quick call to the friendly local station (from a public call booth), saying that a group of Nigerians on a 10 year overstay are partying the the villa with georgeous young thai ladies, would rapidly solve the problem !!
  2. Did the Hon. Deputy PM find any good deals on Rolex replicas ?
  3. Inflation is going to catch up at Pattaya with the hordes of hungry seamen looking to flush their semen !! (Wonder what their gals back home will do, when they hear their ship docked near Pattaya )
  4. Better rush and get a proper manucure...never know....may need to point some fingers out there !
  5. Do see a few western "hostesses" in the dance clubs of BKK like Insanity or Levels....but mainly, what about all the farang boucers in these dance clubs sporting their secret service type earpieces ?...naturally they do have the appropriate work permits now don't they ?
  6. The message was actually "learn to share your brown enveloppes better.."
  7. Unfortunately "Good" and "Bad" are defined in Thailand by the balance of the bank book and nothing else....
  8. Maybe some answers could change when the THB will yield say 28 THB = 1 US$ !!!.. I definately would not stay on if the exchange rate continues to dwindle and cheat me of my valuable foreign exchange, just to fill the pockets of a greedy bunch on the top !
  9. How can the drugs be erradicated, when it's quite obvious where the big money ends up at the top of the brown enveloppe chain !!
  10. Statutory Warning to all tourists and foreigners - avoid these crooks like the plague...unless of course, you enjoy being ripped off all your holiday ca$h!
  11. well in that case, flyovers are necessary in towns all over Thailand as the reckless and careless drivers (provided they are Thai and not farang of course) are all over and fear at most, say a 2000 THB fine if they kill anybody ...
  12. Who is to blame ? The rogue unscruplous vehicle rental crooks of Thailand or the stupid, mindless tourists, who loose all common sense when in Thailand ?
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