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  1. well as it was in what you quoted that was a trump statement, refering to Turkey, so I may conclude to answer you......Turkey's.
  2. Each time we buy whatsoever an electronic device, we are financing China, making it a bit more powerful Even when we buy a new european car, many of the many electronics in that car are Made in (Guess)..... so again, we are now indirect shareholders of the Chinese Aircraft Carrier - FullSizeClass Co Ltd., ....and so on, so on, so on.....from furniture, to sex toys to almost everything except maybe a genuine Rolex or Audemars Piguet.... It's the western world's greed that today powered China and when the Chinese labour will scorn at low paid jobs, the global giant consumer corporations will shift their manufaturing plants elsewhere...... and the whole fun will repeat and start again and again.... .....so What are we complaining about here ?
  3. The "in my great wisdom" part is almost jestfully funny....what is of concern and very irritating, is the threat to destroy a country's economy.
  4. Some seem to get peed off, on seing Thailand bootlicking the indians .... ....with or without the sharing straws ... ....more seriously, the Thais are very far from stupid and know who are decent people who do not create drunken brawls, crime and those who do....should they be Indian, Chinese, or from any western country..... .......so no point in getting p*i***d off, if Thailand smiles at the indian group sharing half a beer and frowns down at some tatooed pot belly drunk, on solo booze overdose and speaking loudly for the whole surroundings
  5. If I may make a comment, get a cheap laser printer. it will last years on stand by....and the toner is not all that expensive from Amazon. much better then the inKjet printer racket....
  6. For the visiting dignitaries and their cronies, it will be more fun to be in a sunny holiday resort with many discreet places to fix up their mistresses administrative assistants who will travel with them...
  7. Bad man, no give me brown enveloppe so he will pay ....
  8. Golden rule in Thailand, never pay fully until all the goods or the work has been delivered. This is as much for online or goods delivery to real estate developpers who once have the money, will never finish the final jobs. Should they be Thai or farangs.
  9. The markets will cra$h, as that's the only way globally the greedy learn their lessons. The point is, when ?
  10. The manager could definately make some good bucks if he can provide booze and female "guides" 24/7 to his clients or takes a good commission on every lady "friend" a hotel customer bring back for "friendship" in the room.
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