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  1. The police will definately pay him a visit...and leave real fast, after getting paid !!!
  2. If I was an american bureaucrat, I would worry more of the Chinese tsunami that will slowly and shortly hit and flood the global arms market with hi-tech weaponry...at bargain prices !!...AliExpress at it's best (or worst)
  3. well obviously you neither do not seem to understand much, as if you did, you would not be ranting here and giving out wikiPedia references......whatever....to make it short, you are always right, me always wrong...happy ? ...good evening.
  4. An interesting résumé but do not forget that the caste system goes back to the year 1000 when the hindu kings banished their darker fellow citizens who fled to Europe and form today the Roma or what you may better understand by the word gypsies. So I guess the Raj was not fully at fault on this one. To keep thing short and simple, I still belive that in many nations and cultures, the rich don't mix with the poor. Caste does not have much to do in this day, as money buys status, regardless of education or social family status background. They are called the "nouveau riches" sometimes.
  5. are you a snitch for the boys in brown ? ... or are you just the daily troll post ? ...perhaps you should stick to your expertise of "sad" or "confused" faces and not ask to many questions
  6. yeah sure !.....your song reminds a bit of the wall street gurus singing and whiming that the public understood nothing, that all was ok, just before the major global financial crash many years ago.....
  7. And many more will follow in Thailand....time to take out every penny in Thai Financial Institutions and put it safely elsewhere .... perhaps under yer pillow that seems to be the safest place in current times no matter in which country.
  8. Far cheaper to bribe the regular corrupt clerk behind his counter and get a real document in Thailand
  9. I would tend to consider that people in general, with no regard to their nationality, colour, ethnicity etc etc...would primarily be more inclined to evolve within their social status circles....and maybe the caste issue would be a secondary criteria... the rich don't mix with the rags and same for the rags who cannot mix with the rich... India has quite a few rich and mega rich, who evolve in specific circles, where the average Cheap Charlie's do not have the means to look out for them and complain that they are sharing straws....
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