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  1. Enforcing civil behaviour amongst rowdy tourists has merit.....but it has a rotten taste when only done towards tourists and not fairly also towards locals.
  2. And at what price are they selling this food bash ? If it's the same as in Monaco, NYC or London not worth...
  3. And how will they prove that Somchai is saying the truth and not just trying to rip off another foreigner in his car with falacious reporting ? ? ?
  4. put the cold case file aside until everybody forgets about it....then archive it the the paper shredder ! Case closed.
  5. French ? really ??!... looks more like another Chinese invasion from the Airs to me...
  6. I would surely have a different idea on the service requested with 3000 THB from 9 to 11 pm ! p.s. to make a better assesment on this disgraceful and shocking attire and behaviour, could we please have some more photos without the pixel mix and if possible some close up's
  7. Are they comming up with all these flashy schemes on deliberate ? .... just to make people forget about the over inflated rate of the THB !!!
  8. Will they feed the chickens with the waste ?
  9. Hopefully, such fine gentlemen from abroad will never make it into Thailand ? ?
  10. anybody have that list of the approved insurance companies ?......on the other hand....pack up and leave...the hassles are going to far ...
  11. Oh my god....more road carnage ahead ! Could be a good investment now to set up a funeral company with branches near all the major highways ! They should rather be putting speed breakers with exagerated road bumps that would force the indisciplined drivers of Thailand, both Thai and foreigners, to be forced to go DEAD SLOW !
  12. Was it an american who conducted the interview or some local employed staff ? Just asking as often in the past I have noticed when dealing with various embassies, that the local staff hired, no matter in which country, often get their heads turned as they consider themselved above the others on getting a miserable job in a foreign Consulate or Embassy.
  13. What was the tough question anyhow ?.....was it : "are you a ladyboy?" ???
  14. Come, come....it was all staged and part of the scam....as such displays are nothing else and definately not art...but then who am I to comment to such "genius"..........but do hope that fatto got to boum-boum at least one of the many lovely ladies giggling around him
  15. Most of the "Koh's" in Thailand have become mafia run dens with corrupt and criminal oriented individuals and police, on the hunt to scam, rob, trap and extort or sometimes harm, foreigners.....some nations have published warnings on their homeland websites to warn on traveling to the thai islands.....shameful !!!
  16. What happened ? Was she bending down between his knees as her cell phone fell on the floor ?
  17. No surprise.....the shopping malls in Spain and France are cheaper then the prices at Siam, Central or MBK...and so is the booze in many spanish holiday islands....and when the hookers tourist guides in Europe will start to crash their "gift" rates, as it is already happening......Thailand will further sink in doomsday...... ....Stop the hypocrisy....people travel for sun, cheap but high quality food, clean beaches, no corrupt police trying to scam and harass foreigners as it happens to often in Bangkok or Hua Hin, affordable prices in malls, for booze, dance clubs and for boumBoum !!.....
  18. In Thailand, just avoid any Thai or foreigner like the plague, when they are seen drinking....
  19. For 60 bucks I'll give a like to anybody. For 500 I may even give a lick
  20. They have well publicized hotlines to sneak against farangs overstaying....so about time similar energy to be used with hotlines where one can report corrupt attitudes from the Thai Police and Immigration against foreigners. And have the cases followed up.
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