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  1. Weinstein is definately a pig of his own. No arguing.


    But what about the numerous bottylicious females who jump into bed of the first influential person they bump into, just to attain their goals ?


    It's rather easy to whine xx years later, knowing fully well how many women can behave just to get what they want - and in show business it's far worse.


    For the skeptical, I'm far from approving Weinstein and his peers, not at all. But the "easy-one-night-stand-on-first-date" type of women also need to assume their acts and stop crying wolf.


    p.s. that lawyer of his,  is one real 😜

  2. I make it a point to dress like a filthy tramp when I take my car to the garage for servicing...also when I go out shopping for quotes for furniture or heavy duty appliances. Always get the best deals.🤑...same when people come over to the house to do the gardening or service the pool..


    ....before the trolls jump to contradict, dress with respect when dealing with the nut cases behind their counters either in banks or immigration...definately...but you get the point I'm sure...there is a difference and always reason in dressing either humbly, or poorly, or with respect and sometimes rich, trendy and fashionably.....each has it's own context...up to you not to be stupid and adapt the attire.


    Dress like a millionaire fool and you will be cheated like a fool. Dress like a millionaire nut and you will only attract females after your money..IMHO of course and no hard feelings

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