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  1. this tread not has any bike, only ugly race bikes and racers not need be on road, only race area. were have all true bikes up 500cc and cruisers,choppers,boppers,or true travel bikes. goldwings,HD, all were has photo this tread NOT have normal human bike only idiot toys. were can looking bikes north thailand area khon kaen,udon thani roi et about. net site link please i looking new true bike now. NOT idiot plastic toys not have real bike. thailand have better use cruiser style bike than race style bike, road not have good condition and race not can use city good. race not can use anywere thailand roads. rebel 500 have wery ideal thailand roads. i has drive hundredthousands kilometer on thailand roads north thailand and test many bike, racer no can use anywere roads have poor,cruiser have best or travel bike goldwing have too heavy city not comfortable drive, HD hav ideal good normal eweryday user but too expensive, need drop HD prize about 70% then have normal. scooters wave and click etc, no need anywere, if live and drive only in city area. just has test drive new honda rebel 500cc and has comfortable,easy drive city but good at travelling far too. wery comfortable bike. cafe racers has only toy no need anywere,big race bikes no can use anywere good. long time travelling only have good chopper and goldwing and HD.
  2. my thai wife say, falang have big idiot if pay million sin sod. i not pay anythink, my wife work good job coverment office and no need sin sod, ewery not need, friend go marry and wife mother say sin sod we not live history, no need today newer. i no has newer hear any falang has pay sin sot more than 100 000B and all refurn sameday after wedding party. some family need warranty to mother and father little about 1.200 000b but not more. i has hear only idiot usa mens has pay million because have lot money and not anythink brains, smart men ask first many people, if believe woman and him family, have big idiot. go fast and far if come woman and want million sin sod. not have true today. not newer.
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