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  1. us maybe better "friend" but some countries citicens need ban and closed bordens forewer. make only big problem ewery country alltime, maybe busines have lto but no help because country have more expensive all problem this country peoples, i mean banned forewer all country out chinese,russian,african,and many UK citicen too, have more problem this people what make busines win. mean my bad englich, if chinese criminals (all peoples) make busines 29 million and chinese criminal peoples make problem what cost thailand goverment 30 million thai not win anythink why chinese can open borden. not chinese need closed out of all counbry in world, same russian and african niggers, all world no need thats peoples anbywere, only big problem all and need closed out of world.
  2. good all have glosed, i hope airport have 1 year closed too and all hotels. and bars normal human not newer need this
  3. normal tobacco need ban not e-cig because e-cig have lot lot better healty than cigarette tobacco. idiot ban e-cigarette.
  4. and if foreigns and expats end all busines in thailand thailand lose 7 million jobs more, if not change visa law normal human system ,future foreigns end all busines in thailand and then thailand have big big problem no money,no jobs, no live all thai peoples, hahahaha. newermind, stupid goverment made all this.
  5. stupid thai visa law need change normal human law, expat who has marry whit thai wife, need be lot easy visa than tourist and other who stay long time. all other country have marry visa lot lot easy than other visas, this is normal human not monkey law. PM has say him want make thailand same guality all than europe have, big work but first him need change visa law normal europe and normal human law then can build lot better thailand than now have, many europe law need made to thailand because thais not has newer understand how can be normal human. but i hope PM now build betyter normal human thailand and change all stupid monkey system end and start new better thailand same than europe have.maybe have ready when i die, i think thai not can do anythink good but i hope this next 100 year thai come near normal human and europe guality better if can fasten. visa law can change normal law one month if PM want make thailand better and good. now all have mid-ready or not has made anythink good.
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