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  1. My same plan, including phone line B499 per month. Lightening fast. In Oz they would neither offer this, let alone free, or come to your house for less than $250! And no smile
  2. Great local Service...it should read
  3. Just had the TOT Technician come and install new fiber optic cable at my house for Internet. Not requested by me, but provided free and efficiently. He came on time (called first to make sure it was convenient ), worked in the heat outside for about 3hrs installing a "pretty" (swaay) installation of the new cable, plus new modem and wifi router. Was very knowledgeable in what he was doing, all the right equipment...and new installation perfect. There are some very talented (or well trained ) Thais out there that know their job and do it with a smile. Most impressed.
  4. Hong Kong offers both Sinovac and Pfizer. Your choice....free. Latest study results by the HK university show that Pfizer is far superior in producing antibodies, and states that those who received Sinovac will need a booster. Source is the SCMP yesterday. Your choice !
  5. As I've mentioned in another thread, Hong Kong has downgraded Thailand from Medium to HIGH risk, so any Hongkie on a return ticket will face 14 ~21 days of quarantine on return ,depending on if they are vaccinated or not, plus various pre and post flight PCR tests! Maybe a one way ticket will work for those with reasons to stay here......IF one way tickets are permitted under the sandbox scheme ???
  6. Yes, look at the airlines mentioned. 2 of 3 are Chinese "budget" carriers using narrow body aircraft and originate from mainland China. My mainland Chinese friends.... business men, manufacturers and exporters, are still waiting to be vaccinated and NOT (easily) permitted to leave China. These friends all have business interests in Thailand and want to come to get a slice of new projects here. But can't at the moment.
  7. Who says (apart from one IO in the OP) Including providing the 400k 2 months before from her business interests? Never been asked to justify this, nor show the 400k is still.in the account during "under consideration period". Just lucky that that's how my local office (PT) works.
  8. Vaccinated friends of mine in Hong Kong have just gone to Bali. Had to do 7 days in a Q hotel in Jakarta first, then free to go to Bali with no further restrictions .
  9. Someone earlier mentioned "neighboring countries" opening up to vaccinated travelers. Not so Hong Kong. Only allowing in HK passport or Permanent ID holders, and even then, certain extremely high risk countries banned (and any flights from them...like India ) As a HK PR holder I can return anytime, unvaccinated, and face 21days quarantine at my expense. As Thailand has just recently been downgraded from Medium Risk to High Risk status (by HK), even if fully vaccinated I would require 14 days quarantine, numerous PCR tests, followed by a further 7 days "self isol
  10. They need to bring in some IT guys from Hong Kong. ALL the apps and websites there work faultlessly. Booking (and changing) vaccination appointments (choice of vaccines, hospital or clinic, day, time of day and same for second jab). Hospital Authority..same Banks....perfect. Get $hkd1mill at 2.4% all on your smartphone. Immigration appointments. Road Authority for licences, car registrations etc. It's obviously not that hard!
  11. Totally agree. They often place the cuff in the wrong place and use small, battery powered Amron units. I have one at home and being 70+ take BP regularly, as recommended by a highly respected cardiologist in Hong Kong. He also said to take 3 or 4 readings and average them out. I keep a photographic record on my phone, and this proved useful when at a dental clinic recently. Theirs read 168/90, twice. So I dragged out the phone and showed her my photo reading of a few hours before at home. So she recorded my reading of 133/77 and that was it.
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