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  1. 20 seconds! Ha! A group of 10 or more standing shoulder to shoulder in a small space all fiddling with phones trying to get the QR code app, or signing into the book! Yes I would be an idiot to think this procedure is saving the spread of CV19. 20 seconds to buy a drink.and 5+ minutes signing in and out of the shop! Duh!
  2. For a few months now my (favorite) local 7 has had temperatures taken and hand gel + mandatory mask to enter. Today, they now have the above PLUS the new data collection QR code system as well. I told the girl (same girl every day, every hour for weeks) I don't/can't do QR code, so had to sign in with name and mobile number (same pen and pad used by dozens). And sign out again. So now the data collectors have a fictitious mobile number for Mr Mickey Mouse in my locale.
  3. This topic just goes round and round. Would Peter Denis please provide a link to the Police/Immigration order that requires the 400k to be still in one's bank until the 1yr (martiage) extension is issued? I've never seen it, nor has this been asked for or enforced at my local IO over the past 5 extensions.
  4. As I mentioned in a previous post, at PT IO, l only needed updated bankbook and all the copies (passport only one photocopy of any stamper pages ), Bank letter,etc at initial application. After the "consideration" period, just walked in with my passport ONLY, got the stamp, and that was it. I don't think "normally" that any confirmation of the 400k is required at the end if the consideration period. Every office is different.
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