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  1. #Ubonjoe, I did that failed 90 day report within the last week prior to due date and failed. Website just said Pending, so must have been Pathum T IO that rejected it. Had to attend in person. No reason or explanation given why it had failed. Next one I did recently was 10 days before due date and Approved the next morning. I assume it's just their office!!!
  2. I think, as Hitch points out above, that the 7 to 15days window is very important. My only rejected online report was a day out of this window. Having then reported in person, subsequent online report (all EXACT same details ) went thru ok, with Approved and email the next morning. Same IO as I do annual extension PT.
  3. My daughter sends me packages of vitamins (much cheaper there than here) from Oz. By normal (trackable) post, arrive every time in about 10 days. She first sent by Special Express post .....much more costly, still.arrived in 10 days.
  4. Further to my post here in early November, I just had to get a new passbook (immigration requiring months of updates). Same local BB branch, and not the one where I originally opened the account. But this time, she had to photocopy not only first page, but flicked through all the pages to find my "expiry" date of current permission of stay. 6 signatures later I was out!
  5. Did 90days report online (Pathum Thani) yesterday, email and approved notification today. Printed out with new appointment date for April.
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