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  1. Just read what #ubonjoe says. He's reliably 99% correct. For a marriage extension you don't need to show where it came from. Just have it there in a bank account on YOUR name, seasoned for 2 months. Simple.
  2. Flew AirAsia a few days ago to Nakhon Phanom province from DMK. No documentation required except when booking online had to tick a statement about not having any covid symptoms etc. Normal masking, gel and temp checks on departure and again on entry into the arrival terminal here.
  3. Yes, I agree. But I've never submitted more than one copy (of everything), but this time, new girl not in uniform, took them all and copied them. Their photocopies were very feint..barely readable. Anyway, all done and "under consideration "stamp put in my passport. Think HQ will need good glasses to read their copies, but think that they kept the <deleted> copies and sent my originals to HQ. As for TM28, no receipt, just took my B60 with a smile.
  4. For those interested, a short (?) summary of last Friday's marriage extension at PT. Arrived around 10am after updating my bankbook with small transaction. Have to pay B20 to park the car across the road (use to be free behind the office). I had all the paperwork neatly stacked up....both typed and hand written TM7's, hand drawn and Google map of home address . Computer printed TM7 and Google map thrown away! Once again, as per last year, had to fill out and submit a TM28. This was done in a separate room and had to pay B60!! This for
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