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  1. Yes, I have found Thais very sensitive to the way they are treated. Disrespect and rudeness are often met with an immediate reaction, perhaps dishonesty. I can't remember the number of times a Thai has given me back money when I've over-paid. Several times I've forgotten amounts of money, in a hotel, only to have staff return the lot to me. Yet people here claim 7/11 is full of thieves and scoundrels. Not the ones I go into.
  2. Yes but I prefer this, though may have to use VLC Thanks
  3. Windows media player works fine in my Administrator account, but in another account on my Win10 PC, every time I log in I get the message 'Windows media player cannot play the video because there is aproblem with your video card.' Then I have to close this then reopen MediaPlayer. This is a peculiar thing with this software, which I like. Anyone know how to fix this, as everything I've tried does not work. Thanks
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