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  1. If I used a fine blade and went slowly after putting down tape on the door - could i get away with it? Any saw will do or does it have to be a long saw? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your suggestions, I have always found Defender to be good and have never heard a bad story, but people persist in telling me its not good enough.
  3. Anyone found a reasonable handheld language translator that doesn't need to link to a phone? Looking for something not too expensive that I can use to translate various languages. Thanks
  4. I like Thai Air, its like a scruffy, peculiar old friend. The staff are nice, food good, and there are sexpats to chat with. Sure the planes can be old, entertainment patchy and website illogical, but it always has a relaxed, scruffy atmosphere I enjoy.
  5. People say Windows Defender is not such a good antivirus package, but I've never had a problem Friends and IT people have recommended AVG or similar as better Do people avoid MS Defender, and prefer others? I don't mind paying if I get better protection, but MS 10 has always been good. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the information, most helpful! I have only just stopped using Office 2003, I prefer old versions, much simpler - but time moves on. Thanks
  7. > On the other hand in the US the freedom to kill each other is paramount. Then throw trump into the equation and US drops way down the list. You do realise you are using American technology now? You do understand that practically everything on the internet, the computers, the web, the chips, the software was either invented or developed in America right? Without America you would be a serf of whatever dictatorship managed to take over your country and turn your people into slaves. I recommend you boycott American technology ASAP.
  8. In old Word the search ox would close on closing the file, later versions keep it open, this is what I found confusing. Thank you
  9. I prefer 2010 to 2019 Office, but support is being discontinued. Is it still safe to use the old one or will this put me at risk of hacking etc. Is there any way to get the return to just go down one line, instead of creating new paragraphs with 2 lines. This is a feature in later versions of Word, but I prefer Return to always just go the next line in a Word document only. In Office 2019 when opening it goes to a menu, and I have to chose to open a new Word file, is it possible to automatically go to a new word file, as with older versions, when I click on the Word icon. Many thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
  11. Can I cut a hollow door with a jigsaw? It is recommended to use a circular saw but I don't have one. Can I use this and do a decent job? It is an old UK wood hollow door. Thanks
  12. With old Office, I could search for a word in a document, with Ctl F, then when found just do Alt F4, to close the search box. Now there is a Navigation pane, which have to close manually, with a mouse, which I find very annoying. Is there any way to get back the old style search box, or close the Navigation pane without having to use the mouse? Thanks
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