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  1. Can you explain some of this? I am not familiar with any of these terms. It looks the same as all others. I tried buying a few other cables, one Belkin, 2 generic off Ebay, all failed to provide an adequate signal. I can get a photo of the cable in a few days. It seems to be pretty standard, with moulded plugs, not manually added. Thanks
  2. In two UK properties, I can't get some Digital channels, as the signal is weak. But when I use an old TV coaxial cable, I get a full signal. I've tried buying new cables, but they all produce a weak signal, even name brand ones. The old cable looks ordinary, but always gives a great connection - what would I need to buy to replace it? Thank you
  3. Thanks for the clarification, seems most basic laptops come in S mode now. I guess it makes them faster or perhaps it stops people downloading rival software that competes with MS?
  4. They have really cracked down, some of the Office licenses I bought have been cancelled, MS just removed them, so I don't know how viable it is to buy licenses any more.
  5. PS If I simply use the instructions above to switch from Windows 10S to 10, will I not need to buy a Win10 license? Thank you
  6. Thanks for the info - most helpful. I can certainly buy Windows 10 license. Would that affect the speed of the laptop? If its designed for 10S and I put 10 in, will it become slow? Thanks
  7. Buying a laptop for a friend, she wants a cheap one and these days they all come with Windows 10S. I hear that it is different from Windows 10 in that you cannot install other software or apps not in the Windows store. If they buy this, will they be be forced to pay an annual Office subscription, so they can use Word. I was going to install an old 2003 version of Office. But if I get a Windows 10 S laptop, will this not be possible. I hear that is possible to change from Windows 10S to Windows 10, is this easy to do or desirable? Thanks
  8. I've always used Office license keys that I bought 2nd hand, but now Windows have been messing around with Word, which is not working properly on all my PCs. The Macros aren't working properly, in Office 2019, and I use them a lot. I was told by MS this was because the license key was not OK. It is expensive to buy Office with a payment every year, is there a cheaper way to get this sorted out? I could buy a legit 2016 Office key, that'll be 5 years old, but perhaps that's the easiest way - no annual membership fees. Thank you
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