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  1. OK Will do I think in the old days the filter used to get really dirty, as cars used to belch out a lot of soot. But with modern cars and trucks being so efficient and filtered, even though there are far more of them, the filter stays clean. Thanks
  2. >Awaiting the expected bubbles and levelling How do you do this? One mechanic said just idle it 20min with the radiator cap off Another said just leave the cap off overnight and the bubbles will come out. Its an '03 Nissan 1.4 petrol. Thanks
  3. >I know that I am going to hell for saying this but I actually laughed out loud whilst watching her speech. It is good that she is passionate about her ideology Children, uninformed, immature, easily manipulated and over emotional, are often passionate about silly things they do not understand.
  4. Far right, nationalist, white nationalist, white supremacist, fascist, Zionist, extremist etc. Do these words mean anything anymore? Practically anyone not on the Left who expresses some pride in their nation and desire to preserve their culture is likely to be called on of these names. There would be no free Poland without Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John II. History has largely been rewritten, Soviet style, to airbrush these out of events which they created. It is sad to see how easily and quickly a PC version of history has been created. No Lech Walesa could not have achieved anything without the courage of these three, who stood by him and gave the Polish people support to rise up against Socialism.
  5. Thanks for the information. Is there anything I need to look out for when changing the fluid? I don't want to screw things up, like leave air in there. I plan to just empty the radiator, fill it up with water, run the engine, empty it out again to flush. Then fill half and half, then run the engine with the radiator cap off for 20min to let the bubbles out. This is what my mechanic told me to do.
  6. Thanks for the information. Most useful. I have a 2003 Nissan 1.4 car, I usually get the oil changed every year with basic oil, going to a repair chain store (though I've seen news videos where they don't use the oil they promise or even don't change it at all). I guess I could just buy the oil and take it to my mechanic. I drive in city traffic, stop and start, and have only done about 1000 miles this year, very low. I don't know if heavy city traffic driving makes a difference, but wonder if I can just leave it 18 or 36 months, where I may have done 2-3000 miles. Do you change your air filter every year? In recent years, the filter has been quite clean, doesn't look like it needs replacing at all. I am tempted not to, as there is only a little black stuff in it. Can I do this every 2 years if its not that dirty? Thanks
  7. I change oil every year, but this year I haven't driven much, just a few thousand miles around town. Is it still necessary to change my oil? Can I put it off till 18mo or is this putting my engine in danger? How often do people change their petrol filter? Thanks
  8. Can I just drain the radiator and then put in coolant and water? Videos on YouTube instruct me to drain water from the engine, but that's too much for me. Is it harmful for me to just drain the radiator, fill up, then run the engine 20min to get the bubbles out? Thanks
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