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  1. I'll pick up a name brand port, as this Ebay cheapy leaves my mouse and keyboard unhappy. Thanks!
  2. Did you miss the ThaiVisa USER INSTRUCTIONS? Perhaps do a little reading before posting rude and aggressive comments... To everyone else here, who are very friendly and polite, I thank you. (And the question about the possible risk of downloading from 3rd party sites, as opposed to MS, still stands)
  3. So would it make any difference if I bought a more expensive USB adaptor port, to plug in my mouse, keyboard etc. Without power supply. Or do the cheap ones have the same effect?
  4. I have a multi port USB adaptor, but find the signal for keyboard, mouse etc. is so weak that they do not work.# What adaptor should I buy that gives a strong signal? The one I have now is a generic off Ebay, should I buy a brand name or a high speed adaptor? Thanks
  5. What I mean is - I didn't do a boot from external Killdisk USB, but installed it on the PC, then ran erase. Is this effective, as booting from external USB?
  6. Interesting. Good to know about that. And scary to know I've been selling formatted PCs, thinking my info was safe. I found it strange that when using Killdisk, it didn't boot from a USB or CD, I just installed it, wiped, then restarted to find my OS gone. Is this an effective wipe? In the past I'd always booted from the wipe CD, but could not do it this time. thanks
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Used KillDisk to wipe the HD, the reinstalled using a previously created Restore USB memory, looks good.
  8. Many thanks for the suggestions. Isn't there some risk downloading Office from 3rd party sites? Isn't there always the possibility of viruses etc. How would I know it is safe? I once bought Office in Pantip Plaza, and found a virus in there. thanks
  9. Thanks for the info. Yes I do see many keys for sale on Ebay, but usually you have to download Office form 3rd party websites and I'm always nervous to do this. Unless there's a site I can download from that's OK. I tried PID checker, it says my key is valid, but I can't download from the MS website as it will not accept my Key for Office 2013. Any suggestions? Thanks Key Status: Valid Product ID: 00215-90018- Extended PID: XXXXX-02159-001- Activation ID: 41499869-4103- Edition Type: ProPlusRetail Description: Office15_ProPlusMS
  10. Also What would you use to safely delete external USB memory sticks? [email protected] KillDisk ?
  11. Thanks for the info Daffy. Can I've never made a copy of the HD before, looks interesting. Could I just make a Recovery drive, and then install Win10 from that, after deleting everything on the HD? Thanks
  12. Have an Office 2013 key that I'd like to use on a different PC. When entering on the WIindows website, it doesn't work. Last time this happened with another key, I contacted MS and they got the key working again, but this time they said no. Is there a safe place I can download 2013 office from. Or is there a way to get my key active again? Its a good key, but its not registered with my account, so thus the problem. Thanks
  13. If I do a Windows 10 reset, erasing everything, is it safe to sell my PC? Do I need to use other software to wipe my HD. Or is the Windows reset format sufficient to remove all files and thus keep my information (multi million dollar off shore accounts, mistresses etc.) safe. thanks
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