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  1. Smokers are about 1.8 times more likely to die from the virus. It's a huge risk factor.
  2. 100% of the people who have died in this pandemic were going to die anyway. And everyone else, too
  3. My GF got a comment from a Thai guy -- "Can't your boyfriend even drive a motorcycle?", or something along those lines. I figured he was jealous.
  4. Alcohol does not make people any smarter. It m tends to make people take more risks. Beaches and bars are places where people tend to congregate, and party. It would be impossible to quickly implement a comprehensive system for dealing with the virus, and have it please everyone, and make sense to everyone. There are bound to be mistakes and rules that don't make sense. I'm not saying the Thai government has done a wonderful job, but it's not an easy situation. Personally, I like to sit in an open air bar every few weeks. I hope they come back online at some point. But if alcohol disappeared from my life completely, I wouldn't miss it. There are literally thousands of more important things to focus on, but to each his or her own
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