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  1. Transferwise doesn't work the same way a wire transfer would. They have bank accounts all over the world. You transfer money into their account in your bank's home country (The UK, let's say). Transferwise then takes money out of their bank in Thailand, and sends it to your account in Thailand.


    There is no transfer of funds across borders. The transfer would likely show up as a domestic transfer, for that reason, unless some special arrangement were made, or transferwise decided to code it that way.

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  2. 21 minutes ago, royalmice said:

    Do i need this insurance when i go renew my annual retirement visa next year April 2020


    I guess by that time the law would have changed 20 times again about this

    Do you have an O, or an OA? If O, no (at the current time). You get an OA on your home country, so if you got a visa in Thailand, you don't have an OA.

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  3. On 10/25/2019 at 7:48 PM, CGW said:

    "mortal coil" I had never heard this term until two days ago when I got a mail telling me a former colleague had "shuffled of his mortal coil" I thought he had been taken to a "nut house" thinking now I may have got the meaning wrong! :shock1:

    It's from Hamlet, the "To be, or not to be" bit.


    . . . To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
    Must give us pause: there’s the respect
    That makes calamity of so long life; . . .

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  4. You might have to do what's called 'bake the tape', which is a process used on old magnetic tape reels that have say around for years, without being rewound.


    You can look it up, it's not difficult, but it needs to be done correctly. It involves an oven.


    After that, it's a process of finding someone who has a compatible reel to reel player, and some simple audio gear.

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  5. 17 minutes ago, rumak said:

    I live in the North of Thailand.  Much of the burning comes from the Thai side.  Other nearby countries are

    also burning .  I really don't know where to move as seems everywhere in Thailand has air pollution.

    Where do you think the cleanest air would be ?

    Also.  are you and your friends starting a campaign to stop all this destruction that is ruining Thailand (and many other neighboring countries) ?

    The cleanest air is generally south of Bangkok a bit. Not now, though.

  6. In March, Phuket Town immigration had a sign out front with a dress code. I witnessed a couple of fellows with muscle shirts and shorts getting the boot and told to come back when dressed appropriately.


    A few days ago, at Patong immigration, I was the only one there with long pants, and no one had a problem with all the wearers of shorts.

  7. 2 hours ago, Falconator said:


    Checking in every 90 days for half a day at most when the queue is long - that's a breeze compared to what Americans have to go though every new calendar year even when you multiply that by 4.


    In the US, every new calendar year, we are faced with the extreme stress of having to deal with a whole bunch of confusing forms and paperwork, and we have to choke up hundreds of dollars to get all that done just to figure out how much we owe to the government. The IRS basically thinks that it's your responsibility to figure out what you owe them, but if you don't, they'll garnish your wages and could even put you in jail. Thais face far less stress doing their taxes.


    In the US, we have to keep popping into the local DMV offices for all-day waits and deal with very rude staff.


    Thais are efficient, believe me. Have you ever seen how India and the Philippines function? Thailand is pretty darn efficient compared to them.


    As Americans living in Thailand, we still have to confront those confusing tax forms. I would be happy to trade that for Thai bureaucracy. But I don't get to. I have to add the Thai paperwork to the American.


    America is, in general, much more consistent with the rules, than here in Thailand. The recent thread on the combo method for a retirement extension being denied in CM, is evidence of that.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, LivinLOS said:


    But these successful people and talented remote employees would rather spend days travelling round asia begging the latest short stay visa, waste large parts of thier working week in ED classes or self defense, instead of paying a small fee to be legal.. 


    See how that doesnt add up ??? Successful people have a value on thier time, they dont tolerate the nonsense of constant border hops and lies to obtain visas. They pay for a service using something thier time generates for them in short order. 

    Your assumptions that digital nomads all hop around Asia begging for short stay visas, or having to do constant border hops, or ED visas are incorrect.

  9. 7 hours ago, LivinLOS said:

    You dont get to define what they want, if they wanted it, they would make a visa class for it. 

    The recently revamped the smart visa (and didnt include online freelancers) they recently added the elite 5 years, and didnt include online freelancers, they recently introduced a higher wealth 10 year retirement, and didnt include online freelancers.. 

    The fact they are making these changes, and not including online workers, shows clearly that they are not opening this up like nomads want them to. 

    By this logic, the fact that they require some travelers to carry ฿20,000 into the country shows clearly that they don't want people with credit cards to enter the country.


    My guess is that some of the higher ups don't really understand online workers, and others don't know what to do about it.


    Let'sface it. If you are a sales rep on vacation, and your colleague from back home emails and asks where you left the TPS report, if you answer, you're technically breaking the law, right?


    Or what if you're on the beach working on the TPS report? Responding to a customer inquiry?


    Does anyone really think the laws are in place to prevent people from doing these kinds of things? I don't.


    Add to this, there are many people openly operating YouTube channels, in Thailand. They're shooting video in Thailand, and talking about Thailand. Some of them have even interacted with the police about various matters. No one from immigration seems interested in this, as obvious as it is.


    And there was the incident in Chiang Mai where a co-working space was raided. The people in the space were sitting, working on computers. Everyone was detained and then let go, saying it was a big misunderstanding.


    At this point there seems to be no immigration interest in people who are doing online work. Does anyone have a single, verified account of someone being in trouble with immigration for being a digital nomad?

  10. 11 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

    Nomad = freeloader / tax dodger. Unemployed or unemployable in their own country. Give us a break. Why would anybody who is a skilled on line worker choose Thailand? Except for the girlie scene. Work at home. Build a pension and come here on holiday. To me DMs are just above the rung of begpackers.

    I ran a (mostly) online business for many years in the US. Your post shows your lack of understanding.


    Why would I tether myself to a particular location in the US, where it's expensive to live, healthcare costs are outrageous, and it's cold and rainy a good part of the year?


    Why choose Thailand? The same reasons anybody else would choose Thailand. Warm weather, cheap living compared to the US, tasty food, friendly people, and a lot of things to do and see. And most importantly, less expenses mean I'm free to do with my time, as I please.


    How am I freeloading or tax dodging? I pay taxes according to the law.

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