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  1. I had a Thai friend take it from Rawai to the airport the other day. She asked several people along the route, when it was running, as the schedule info on the bus stop differed from the schedule info on the web site.


    No one had even heard of it. She asked two street vendors whose businesses faced the street and both claimed there wasn't any bus. She asked a waitress and the waitress said she'd never seen nor heard o if it. A few minutes later, the big, blue, modern bus rolled by the windows of the restaurant.


    When the time came to ride the bus, my friend was the lone passenger.

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  2. Even though it's a small number per camp, with 140 tests, you'd expect to uncover cases even if the infection rate is less than 5%.


    While this testing (if what's being reported is true) doesn't prove there are no infections, it strongly indicates the virus isn't widespread in the camps in Phuket.


    It's possible that one or more camps have infections and more testing would be good, but it's good news.

  3. 12 hours ago, AbeNormal said:

    The combo method now seems to require a minimum of 400k that must remain in the account for 12 months regardless of monthly income, although that is different to previous requirements it does make sense as the 400k minimum balance covers the minimum insurance requirements that O-A holders must have i.e. 400k cover

    Doesn't the income only method require 65k/month but there's no minimum balance? So if your monthly income were 64,999 baht, you'd need 400,000 in the bank in addition.


    Or am I misunderstanding something?

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  4. 2 hours ago, ID2020 said:



    Thank you to the rest of you for being very helpful, I think my heart wants to go because I know her family would take care of us and life in the UK is becoming unbearable.  Don't get me wrong I hear all of you and all of your worries and concerns.

    The NHS is leaving people to die in the UK, on purpose it seems, I have been let down and screwed by the NHS too so it's not like I look to them for security or support either, if I continued trusting their level of professionalism and care I would be dead by now.  


    The old world is being dismantled/destroyed and a new world is being born in its place. Not a nice one either, those who do not have land to feed themselves will starve, OR, take an mRNA vaccine and have additional instructions inserted into their DNA which will work in harmony with the AI systems that will basically run the global electronic cashless control grid. We will be monitored 24/7 and those who dissent or complain will disappear. It is literally Orwells 1984 on steroids.


    The only way out of it or to avoid it at least would seemingly be move to a third world county where the infrastructure is years behind and live out our last few years being self sufficient and away from city centers.


    BY 2025, half of the world population is said to have been decimated. I have done my research, I suggest everyone investigate Davos/World Economic Forum's great reset. The man made bio weapon known as covid19 was developed and released on purpose in order to deliver ID2020 in accordance with Lockstep2010, Agenda21 and Agenda2030. Everything is going according to plan.


    What this means is, unelected people have been deciding our future for a very long time, i.e. the past decade had already been pre planned just like the next decade has, therefore Covid19 under Event201 was a pre planned operation. We are in deep trouble here guys. A Technological scientifically created dictatorship is rising from the ashes of the old world and the entire surveillance system is controlled by.... "Skynet". Yes there are armies of drones and robot/cyborg police/army on the way. DARPA and their total information awareness program coupled with full spectrum dominance will keep all of us electronically tagged cattle in order. Anyone who steps outside of their allocated geofence will be fined and imprisoned. 

    You could say our worst nightmare is on its way and like HG Wells said back in 1939 (because this plan has been in motion for centuries now) "Countless people... will hate the new world order... and will die protesting against it".


    I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous to those who have not been reading or studying the subject, to those who have no understanding of the world we live in and what occurs behind the scenes etc. Covid IS a man made weapon, the Chinese have already confirmed this, multiple sources have confirmed this, its just the mainstream corporate controlled media not reporting this because it does not fit the narrative, we are being lied to on an organised global scale. I guarantee you, people are not risking their lives desperately trying to share this information for nothing. 

    I just want to go live somewhere I can be fully self sufficient and not ever have to beg the government for handouts... thats all. 

    If you don't beleive what I have written then you should be investigating the above because not only your life, but the life of your loved ones hangs in the balance, these people have already told us they want mass depopulation and a worldwide population of no more than 500 million. They are not messing about and are deadly serious, just like me sharing this warning. We must act before it's too late.

    Dr Carrie Madej - youtube NOW your life depends on it.
    Lockstep2010 - rockefeller paper on locking down all countries in unison based on plandemic. 
    Event201 - hosted by bill gates in October 2019 regarding the plandemic we are living through, it was pre planned pre scripted. 
    ID2020 - the mark of the beast being deployed globally. Without it no one can leave their home, work, buy or sell.
    Agenda21 - Agenda for the 21st century, orchestrated planned and governed by unelected billionaires - who said these people decide our future?
    Agenda2030 - the agenda to be realised by 2030. Meaning the next decade has already been planned and agreed on without your knowledge, awareness or consent!!!

    You must investigate their internal documents otherwise your opinion is warrantless. 


    This is their openly stated plans, only people devoid of knowledge and information will ignore this and deem it nonsense. 

    I did want to settle in Thailand with her anyway but the above is just giving me more reason to do so.

    There is no where you can go in the UK to become self sufficient without being bullied or robbed. In Thailand you can defend yourself with arms. In the UK you must kneel before those with arms, i.e. the government. Thai people will never surrender to anything less than freedom. Just look at the kids fighting the monarchy. The kids are wising up. I think I would feel safer in the jungle knowing I can feed my family...



    The guy thinks the pandemic was planned, Bill Gates was in on it, and that nano tracking will be in the vaccine. And people are suggesting he do research on Thailand.


    What makes anyone think he's capable of drawing a reasonable conclusion from research?

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  5. I talked to a bar girl in Patong a few weeks ago. It was the 17th of the month, and they said I was the first customer that month. I doubt that's true, but there were no other customers for the two hours I was there.


    According to her, they were not getting a salary, but all had a place to live and two meals a day. They sat at the bar day after day, hoping someone would come by.


    They were holding out for the possibility that things would get better in the coming months, but were not well informed about possible changes in travel restrictions.


    5 or 6 ladies there. I don't know what the rent on the bar or the house was.

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  6. 7 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    The time can't be far off, IMO, till the police unions tell white officers to refuse to deal with black suspects. IMO that's the only way for white officers to protect themselves

    A black man dies, and the concern is that the white officers who killed him be protected? How about the cops stop killing people?


    Yes, this guy had problems and shouldn't have been resisting arrest. But these are not executable offenses. Were they in mortal danger as they were kneeling on his back?


    Also, I'd like to remind people that Breanna Taylor was killed in her sleep. I suppose there's justification for that, too.

  7. Patong is fairly dead. Maybe 1/4 of the bars are open. The big clubs on Bangla have social distancing, and lots of police around to check, from the videos I've seen. The smaller bars there, and in other areas, few or no masks, no distancing. But also few customers.


    My GF talked to a bar owner downstairs from where she lives, and the owner said she wants to sell as she's losing money every month. But who wants to buy a business that's losing money, with a lease attached? What would you get for your money -- a pool table, guaranteed debt, and some half empty bottles?


    I understand that less touristb oriented areas are more normal, and from what I've seen that's true.



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  8. 1 hour ago, Deli said:

    Yes, Patong is dead in theses days. Only a few residents with limited funds. You van't expect the big party. Stick to Nanai Rd and you have some life. Or go to Rawai / Naiharn which is decent, under the c itrappy circumstances.

    The private jets and 1000 arrivals per day will soon change the whole picture. Sure not.


    Nanai, where the locals live, is bustling. Closer to the ocean in the tourist areas, it's a ghost town, but a handful more people than a week ago, seems to me.

  9. 2 hours ago, EVENKEEL said:

    The first thought that comes to mind is, what cop is going to use deadly force against a violent black person ever again when the "Death Penalty" is possible. From now on the 3 magic words will be "I can't breathe"  This will soon become a joke in the black community. What will a cop do when those 3 magic words are spoken? Well the cop will stop everything, call EMS, call for back up and call for social services. What white cop in there right mind would agree to take a call in a black neighborhood.


    Kum Bah Yah America

    They brought it on themselves, by shooting unarmed men, running away, and claiming they feared for their lives.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Anton9 said:

    Fearmongerer like to show these deaths numbers but they forget to specify that the vast majority were people who were going to die anyway.

    Average age of deaths is 80 years old with multiple comorbidities, a very high percentage of the deaths in the west were in nursing homes.

    Try comparing life expectancy in Thailand with many western countries.

    100% of the people who have died in this pandemic were going to die anyway. And everyone else, too

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  11. On 5/16/2020 at 2:16 PM, Thomas J said:



    I have no problem not having a meal without alcohol.  I just wondered if there was any logic whatsoever to the policy.  As mentioned it would seem as likely that you would get coronavirus sipping a glass of water as you would sipping a beer.  Yet the ban was instituted as part of the coronavirus response.  This one sounds as logical as banning people from the beaches where it has been incontrovertibly shown that sunlight, fresh air, and warm temperatures kill the virus yet the government locked the beaches down. 

    Alcohol does not make people any smarter. It m tends to make people take more risks.


    Beaches and bars are places where people tend to congregate, and party.


    It would be impossible to quickly implement a comprehensive system for dealing with the virus, and have it please everyone, and make sense to everyone. There are bound to be mistakes and rules that don't make sense.


    I'm not saying the Thai government has done a wonderful job, but it's not an easy situation.


    Personally, I like to sit in an open air bar every few weeks. I hope they come back online at some point. But if alcohol disappeared from my life completely, I wouldn't miss it. There are literally thousands of more important things to focus on, but to each his or her own 


  12. Smokers are an estimated 1.4 times more likely to have severe symptoms, and ,2.4 times more likely to need a ventilator, ICU, or die from Covid-19 based on linted data.




    There's limited data on Covid-19, but smokers are about twice as likely to get the flu, and have higher mortality rates. Smoking had long been known to impede immune system responses and cause problems in a number of respiratory diseases, if not cause them outright.

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