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  1. I plan to obtain my SETV in Savannakhet again, and this time I will enter Thailand via the Mukdahan land boarder. Previously, I have only used the Nong Khai land boarder, which was very friendly and stress free. Can I expect the same at Mukdahan? I.e. as long as I have my SETV, ฿20,000 cash, and bank statements, etc... should the experience be similarly stress free? What is the procedure to cross the boarder? Is a bus ticket involved? My final destination is Bangkok. I will be flying back from either Ubon Ratchathani or Nakon Phanom airport. My preference is to fly Thai Smile, because they offer a premium economy cabin and a higher level of service and convenience. However, I see that Nakhon Phanom is closer to Mukdahan, so the Air Asia fly ride service to DMK makes a lot of sense too. Is the trip to Ubon Ratchathani substantially longer? Apart from travel time, is the journey to one airport nicer or on smoother/safer roads than the other? Is the bus or van used by Air Asia from Mukdahan reasonably comfortable if one has a moderate amount of baggage? I would appreciate any advice on the Mukdahan crossing and for the flight back to BKK/DMK. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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