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  1. It is definitely nothing to do with a mobile app or Kuwait bank. I only make my online banking transactions through my PC. I log into my HSBC (UK) account via a secure encrypted connection and then transfer the required GBP funds to BBK Bank London through BACS. I understand that BKK Bank London then transfers the GBP funds to my FCD account held in their BKK HQ. As I said previously I will ask what the code NBK on the statement stands for the next time I go to the bank. Just to complicate the matter further, my FCD passbook shows completely different codes for both deposit and withdrawals. Deposits are shown as I/R and withdrawals are shown as IOP. At the back of the book there is a legend for some codes. The Deposit code I/R is not shown, the withdrawal code IOP indicates Amount Transferred Between Accounts. If it is confusing for us, what chance will the average IO have at deciphering all these codes.
  2. NBK might, just might, indicate that the bank book was not used when the deposit was made as I made the transfer from HSBC (UK) to Bangkok Bank London office online - Bangkok Bank London office then transfers the funds automatically to my FDC at Bangkok Bank HQ in BKK. But NBK definitely does not indicate that no bank book was used when I made a withdrawal. I go to Bangkok Bank on the Silom Road in BKK and are required to present my bank book and passport to affect a withdrawal. As I said in my earlier post I will ask when I next go to the bank.
  3. Although I obtained the statement just over a week ago for the insurance company, I never really paid any attention to the specific details until today after reading your OP. I have absolutely no idea what the deposit coding NBK stands for and, as there is no glossary provided, I doubt very much if an IO would have the faintest clue what it means either. It certainly isn't a credit card payment .... I will ask the next time I have to go into BKK Bank.
  4. I’m not so sure. A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my UK insurance company to provide proof of my Thai address and bank details so that they could transfer the proceeds of my life insurance policy which has matured (anti money laundering requirements etc.). They indicated that my Thai bank statement would be acceptable provided it showed my account details and my address. I have a foreign currency deposit account with Bangkok Bank HQ, so on a recent visit I asked for a statement covering the past six months which they had no problem providing for 100THB. I have attached below a redacted part copy of the statement which I received. and As you will see: 1...... Under the deposit column, for August, there is no indication as to where the 2k GBP has come from, e.g. overseas transfer or local cash deposit. 2..... You will also see that in August there were two withdrawals of 1K GBP on each occasion. In the case of the withdrawals it again does not show that the money was converted to THB or taken in GBP (cash). My concern is if I was to use the ‘income method’, is the IO going to jump to the conclusion that I’m ‘carrouseling the funds’, e.g. make a cash deposit 2K GBP at the beginning of the month and then do a couple of 1k GBP cash withdrawals during the month only to re-deposit that cash at the beginning of the next month. Fortunately if I was to use the 'income method' I’m able to show my HSBC bank statements showing the same funds being transferred from the UK to Bangkok Bank, and also my Bangkok Bank THB savings book showing the funds being deposited on the same dates. But will the IO take the time and trouble to cross check – possibly not. FYI…. My pensions are paid into my UK HSBC account. Then, as and when required, I do an online GBP transfer from HSBC to Bangkok Bank’s London office, who in turn transfer the GBP funds to my foreign currency deposit account at Bangkok Bank’s HQ.
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