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  1. Always enjoy The Week That Was. Even when its a rant, not this week, , which of course I have done on TV too, about the TM 30. Is your spell checker American? I noticed savior!!! Bum guns are great , every loo should have one worldwide, but even after a vindaloo back home, the icy water of the UK or anywhere in Europe over the winter months is a bit too masochistic. But I see from comments that a warm water option is available. Not exclusively a Thainess thing though, Arab countries have them too.
  2. One million baht of unpaid bills over 4 years? That's really diddly squat. I bet not much of that is longstayers not paying either.
  3. I see on Playstore Thai Immigration have an app for foreigners that has a 90 day reporting facility and by the looks of it little else of real use. Instead of a separate app for the TM30 why don't they put it on this app for foreigners? Yes I know the law requires the housemaster to file the TM 30 who is 99% of the time not the foreigner, but if there is a problem getting the housemaster to do it, its you that gets a refusal on an extension application and probably you that has to pay any fine too on their behalf. So why not add it to this app putting everything in one place for the foreigner? Just an idea!
  4. So what does one do if Playstore says " this app is not available in your country" and can't download it? I am trying from Thailand using a WiFi internet connection. My tablet was bought and set up in France, so I guess in some way registered there with Google. Anyone? Thanks!
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