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  1. Is it the same for extending on a non O multiple entry based on marriage? I thought only 2 months of 40k needs be shown. That non O had expired and of course I've been unable to leave to get a new one. I've already taken the 60 day extension, so it's extend for a year or leave at the end of the amnesty. I cant show at least 40k each month for a year, although the total if averaged is. I can only show at least 40k each month from January of this year. I was only in Thailand for a total of 4 months last year, not at all August through December,
  2. Indeed. As another has said it's the airlines who make the problem squeezing more and more seats in. But it's also customer choice to fly economy rather than pay for premium economy or business. As long as seats are built to recline people are going to recline. Why not make longhaul cattle class even worse ( for me anyway) and fit seats that don't recline? Shorthaul European budget operator Ryanair do just that. Bearable when the average flight time is under 1 HR. 30 mins and the price is so cheap. Covid may well change all this anyway.
  3. It's very tough and there surely aren't so many. Limiting this to those with permanent residency or holding a work permit is not going to unlock the door for most. France allows foreign non EU spouses and children to join their French or French resident spouses at their French home, but they must isolate for at least 14 days on arrival, even with only a Schengen short stay EU family visa. Just saying. However the logistics are tricky as only direct flights to Paris from Bangkok are permitted ( although I've heard of two who managed it, one via Amsterdam, the other via London and then using the train). A further worry is then returning to Thailand for the Thai as well as the farang. What conditions will be attached? And for the Thai spouse and children what becomes of them if their visas expire? The French have a visa amnesty in place for long stay visas until I believe the end of the year, but for short stay visas an extension request must be made to the local prefecture, normally such a request is very rarely granted.
  4. I'm 6' 2" and yes in most standard economy seating configurations my knees are driven in to the seat in front and a fully reclined seat in front leaves me trapped unless I have an aisle seat. A safety issue? So yes, I pay more, much more, to travel business with flatbed seat. Economy plus is just about bearable if I can't afford business.. in my opinion economy plus should be the basic configuration. What is called standard economy at the moment is, frankly, truly cattle class on longhaul flights. Perhaps Covid will produce this result!
  5. So far I've managed to ignore this. My phone is a very old one so it won't do the job. I do have a tablet with a Thai pay as you go SIM card but I don't usually take it shopping with me, it's a bit too big and I've already dropped it a couple of times and cracked the screen, so I don't go mobile with it any more. As it's a pay as you go SIM as soon as I turn data on it starts charging me and I find my credit quickly gone so I only turn on data when I actually need it and sign up for a 24 hour plan. At home I use it connected to my router. When it comes to signing the paper entry / exit log I never remember my phone number anyway. I gather some are signing fictitious names and numbers. If I was pushed in to doing this by staff at a mall that's what I'd be doing, which seems pointless Now if the Thais were kind enough t give me a smart phone, sim, and a subscription......well I'd be happy to comply.
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