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  1. Well it's a bit weird.We married in Bangkok. The marriage certificate bears her family name before we were married. The registration document records that she wishes to use my family name, but you never have to produce that. Then she gets a change of name certificate at her local Amphur, along with new ID card in the my family name. As we've had problems from this before, I always include the original cha be of name certificate plus a copy. Original always checked and copy kept. I stayed 2 nights: the night before making the application alleging supporting papers as the consulate is only open from 9 - 11 am for this and they only return your passport afternoon of following day. Stayed at Aura. Walkable to consulate, may be 15minutes. Very close to bus station. Pleasant stay. Restaurant is fine. A bit far from anything else though.
  2. Update: Yesterday went to the Savanakhet consulate as planned. Border crossing was fine. Not sure if you were scammed about the Lao entry stamp. Decided to get the consulate form across the road and fill it in whilst waiting to save time. The friendly guy asked if I had copy of Lao entry stamp. No, I said, not needed. It is he said. So I let him do it.15 baht for both form and the copy. Glue to stick on photos provided and plentyof pens. So wait to go in. It's 8:30 and a small number waiting too. 9:05 and let in. I'm number 5 in queue and about 10 behind me. First 2 needed the consulate form. The guy behind the glass hands over forms as none outside in the waiting area. So back of the queue for them. No pens, no glue. They go away to do the forms. It's my turn in just a few minutes. The guy takes my papers and competed form, including the copy of the Lao stamp in my passport which he be kept. He also took copy change of family name certificate for my wife and checked original. Why my wife decided to do this I do not know, but we have had this problem before because her name on marriage certificate does not match her ID card, which carries my family name, same as her passport. So I thought best add this in to complete the picture. Paid the 5k and given ticket. Less than 10 minutes inside. Nobody was waiting when I got there at 8 am. So going back this afternoon to collect my passport, hopefully with the right visa! No financial evidence of any kind required.
  3. A fast enough internet connection, I have 3BB fibre now out in the sticks in Kalasin province, 749@ baht a month, an Android tablet and a Chromecast. I don't have a smart TV, in fact it's quite old at 6 years, but plug in the Chromecast, get it talking through your tablet. You get Netflix on the tablet, cast it with the cast icon to your TV and away you go. No delays, no freezing. Also works with Spotify and Utube, probably other apps too. 3BB put the cabling in from the village and provided the router for free. Of course you need a Netflix account, the content seems to vary somewhat by country, as does choice of languages and subtitles. No VPN, infact Netflix won't work with a VPN.
  4. If you transfer directly from your out of Thailand bank account to BB Thai account perhaps they do, but I transfer by internet banking from my UK bank to BB London branch ( free) then BB London do a transfer in baht with a £10 charge at the exchange rate they offer on the day to my BB Thai account. A service I found on their website. However, this does not show on passbook or internet account print out as international, just as "auto". There is no paper trail either. It's very quick but is it no use for visas and visa extensions? Been doing it for some years and never a problem with the 800/400 k baht in the bank. The IO only paid attention to the balance for the seasoning period, letter from bank confirming balance and an in/ out cash transaction on the day.
  5. Love the huge grin! Hope they let him off lightly. Only for his personal consumption right?!
  6. Appreciate what you say, even though not what I was asking. I would just say that I do not spend more than 6 months in total a year in Thailand, and have finally realised that sticking 400k in the bank doing nothing for 2 months is not only a bummer but at least at present not necessary for how I arrange things..nor for expenditure here. Of course the coming and going, especially under this type of visa, could cost me more than 400k but I doubt it.,even travelling business class long haul. And thanks to all for your help and encouragement.
  7. I am doing a visa run to Savanakhet for the first time next week 16/17/18 January 2019. Sorry I know this has been done to death in various threads, but it's my first time after several years on an OA based on marriage and annual extensions. I am aware this will "kill" that! But as I come and go this actually looks better for me as no financials are required. Could someone who does this be kind enough to confirm the following: I will want a multiple entry type O visa valid 1 year based on marriage to a Thai. I think that is what I want as I understand it gives me multiple entries and stays each time of up to 90 days for the 1 year validity of the visa. By timing it right that could actually give me up to 15 months here plus 1, 60 day, extension if needed. Also, when I leave Thailand on this visa I can return the same day, if I wished, for a further 90 days, although I don't expect that to happen, still useful. I understand the documents I need are 1 fully completed application form, obtainable outside the Consulate My passport + photocopy of picture page 2 passport sized photos of me, plus 1 for Lao visa on arrival Original Thai marriage certificate + 1 photocopy, signed by my wife Copy of my wife's ID card, front and back, signed by her Complete copy of my wife's blue House Book, signed by her 5,000 baht fee. My wife does not need to accompany me. Is that it? i think I read that a handwritten statement in Thai from my wife, confirming that I stay with her and she wishes that to continue is also needed but I haven't found that post again. Needed or not? Also no financials of any kind whatsoever eg bank pass book, are required. Just adequate cash for the Lao visa 1,500 baht, for the Thai visa, 5,000 baht and for the expenses of the trip. I'll be driving to the bridge, as it's less than 3 hours from home, parking the car on the Thai side where I believe there is covered parking ( at a cost of 200 baht a day ?) and then getting on the bus to Savanakhet on the Thai side ( 50 baht) at Thai immigration. Do I do this before or after Thai immigration? I read somewhere that there may also be an entry and exit fee charged on the Lao side. Or is it the Thai side? Right or wrong? Have I missed anything? So far as the Thai visa application form is concerned: I could use some help, here's what I think Section 2 for present address I give the hotel I am staying at in Savanakhet, for permanent address do I give my wife's Thai address or my European address( ie: where I am legally resident)? Section 3 I am on a UK passport, so I guess valid all countries. Section 4 Purpose of visits. To visit my Thai wife, date of arrival in Thailand will be the 18/1/2019, travelling by bus/car, previous visit to Thailand would be the last entry date showing on my passport to 16/1/19, proposed stay 90 days each permitted entry, place of stay being may wife's address. Section 5 I have no guarantors either in Lao or Thailand, except of course my wife. Do I leave both blank or simply put my wife's name in for Thailand Apologies for the length of this post! Anxious to get all bases covered so as to avoid delays/ difficulties. Thanks in advance for replies. SVK-VisaForm (1).PDF