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  1. Never done one of these or had one done by the family ( they haven't a clue what I'm talking about: "silly man, this your home not hotel" but then they don't understand about visas either! ) when I come home in 7 years nor had a receipt ( or a fine) to staple in to my passport on renewals ( when my wife might have been asked to do it, but she assures me she knows a nothing and would surely have turned to me hand out palm up if there was a fine!) at Sakhon Nakhon so far, just the 90 day warning notice. The IO is 125 km away so pretty much a day's return trip. Don't know for this year as I went to Savanakhet instead and got a non immigrant multiple entry 90 day one on basis of marriage. I did post about this subject recently and Ubon Joe gave me a link ( it's in the thread on my post) to the online site where you can register to do it online. I'm going to try to register our marital home with her as housemaster, but haven't yet. Then hopefully can do it online next time I leave and return. I'm leaving in 10 days for a 3 month trip to my other family and home ( the one I actually own, rather than just paid for ha! ha!) in France. Will try it on my return. Hotels etc I'm sure do it and do it online, but you never get any kind of receipt. So if we do it online for each time I come home does one get a receipt? How?
  2. I have legal residency and a home in France. A no deal crash out, even a deal departure could call all that in to question. I could end up paying alot more tax ( although they call it something else it is just another tax) there for French healthcare not entirely free as it is, looks as if it will be harder to get my Thai wife a visa for short or long stays to France when I become a third country national. Very easy as an EU citizen. My income is all from the UK too and has fallen by 20% and may fall further against both the € and the baht, so things are getting tight. So despite the ever more strict visa rules here, hassle of annual renewals, need for and cost of basic healthcare insurance here, I am now seriously considering making Thailand my permanent all year round home! But if I do that, I will have no escape except back to UK....without the wife, without a home there.
  3. Well I have it, reasonably accessible, but would be hit with a massive tax bill on it as it's classified as a pension
  4. The new MG 3 looks good for a small car. Since the badge was bought by and cars built in China MG have popped up all over Thailand and sell competitively against Japanese marques. Cheekily badged on the rear to suggest there is something British about it, I don't think there is anything British about it now except that badge! Haven't driven one yet though.
  5. I have found Thai fine both as Smile and as Thai Airways International on service, but on long haul often higher priced. All airlines have blips in service sometimes, some are always poor!
  6. Agreed, but assuming no bank borrowing for purchase and no rent to pay, not quite that bad depending on its equivalent rental value. As an example only: rent 10k pcm = 120k pa ×19 yrs= 2.28 mil.
  7. Exercises in readiness for a military coup ousting the military in power since the last one? OK
  8. Thanks Ubon Joe. The link works fine, so does ( mostly ) Google translate. I get to a registration page, all seems straightforward enough to register our marital home with wife as registered occupant/ housemaster. After filling in the address there is a box I don't understand : " registered agency" if I click on it it quickly goes to another page and back and automatically fills in the box in Thai script, so I've no idea what I've achieved, but the box is starred as a "must" to complete and proceed. There is then the opportunity to upload documents, presumably copies of wife's blue book and ID card of which I can take photos or if they should be signed by her I'll get copies and photo them for upload. Do you know of anything else? In due course I'm planning on getting my own yellow house book, when I do should I upload a copy of that too do you think?
  9. Hi all! By way of background I have been coming to Thailand and living here semi permanently for over 7 years. I still have a home in Europe and spend just over 6 months there, the rest here. I started on visa exempt entries in 2012 and staying in hotels. I met a Thai lady who became my steady girlfriend then in 2014 we married, legally registered. Back in the autumn of my first year of visits I got a retirement visa and following that renewed it. After getting married and at the time to renew my extension I converted to a marriage rules renewal. Renewals fell in January. This year, for various reasons I decided not to renew, instead I did a border run which of course cancelled my existing visa first obtained nearly 7 years ago. Instead I got a mutiple entry 90 day stays non immigrant O at Savanakhet on evidence of marriage. During all this time I have never done a TM 30 nor aware of one being done.. Nor a 90 day report as I have always left before the 90 days was up. I am not aware of any fines for failure to do a TM 30. Never stopped or asked where I have been staying at Suvarnabhumi exit immigration. So to the TM 30. I have gradually become aware of this report and the convoluted law from which it comes and, apparently, has been extended ( from posts and comments on this forum, which first I just looked at, then joined, then started commenting and posting).. Each time I arrive of course I put the address where I will be staying on the Arrival card given to the IO at Suvarnabhumi immigration control. For several years that address has been the home I have here in Kalasin Province with my wife, who is the registered occupant with a Blue Book to prove it. We have never yet got round to getting me a Yellow Book. Usually though on arrival and before lesving I spend a night or two in a hotel in Bangkok and whilst here may take a trip or two, usually within Thailand sometimes not as with my Savanakhet run last month, involving a few nights in hotels. I guess when I do that as they copy my passport on check in this is for the TM 30 which they, rather than I, are supposed to file. When I started living here for several months, rather than just a couple of weeks at a time, first my Thai partner rented a small house in Kalasin City for 1 year. I came and went. Then we moved to Pattaya for about 8 months in total, renting a condo for 6 months and then hotel rooms whilst we decided what to do. Never saw, didn't even know at that time about such a thing as a TM 30. Agents in Pattaya did my visa extensions during this period. No word of any fines and I was still unaware of the TM 30 anyway. After that we moved to her village in Kalasin Province on my next return to Thailand. Married by then too. We stayed in, but did not rent, a house belonging to a member of her family whilst we had a new house built for us. At that time on visa extension we went to Sakon Nakhon Immigration Office, the one for the region, although not the nearest IO, because marriage extensions can only be done at the IO of the region you are living in. I was still unaware of TM 30 reporting. My wife certainly has never ever mentioned them nor has the IO at Sakon Nakhon neither on our first trip there nor subsequently. No fines ever levied either, of that I'm sure because I would have been asked to pay them!. Our last visit there was January 2018. As I have said, this January I went to Savanakhet Consulate for a non O based on marriage visa. From posts on here I have begun to wonder why I never got fined! I also wonder about the madness, admittedly with conflicting evidence about one being done every time you return home, within 24 hours, even though the address is shown on the Arrival Card and has been given every time on the extension application form plus copy of wife's Blue Book and ID card and this time at Savanakhet Consulate. So Immigration know where to find me anyway whilst I am in Thailand! On my initial conversion to marriage extension an officer paid us a visit too. They know where to start looking for me if I am not there but showing as in Thailand because I presume the first and subsequent hotel or guest house I stay at will have done, probably on line, a TM 30 report. As I understand it TM 30s were originally aimed at keeping track of foreign guests staying at hotels and guest houses, then got expanded to condos and rooms rented out. I can understand all that. But to extend it to private homes were you are not a paying guest, not an invitee even but a marital home registered to your wife , which you have declared anyway on your arrival card, on 90 day reports if you have to do one, and on marriage visa or extension applications as well.?? And to have to do it each time you return to what you regard as your home, which you paid for, on which you pay all outgoings and which the wife and her family also tell me is my home??? It's madness, bureaucacy over the top. And the IO for my region is 2 1/2 hours minimum drive away. Somewhere it says it can be done at the nearest police station, ( next village for me but it is just that a village station) that would be ok but then I've seen that Immigration don't accept such reporting as their systems don't link!! Should I or my wife be doing it? Where? Will I be fined next time I leave the country or need something at my Immigration Office, or indeed any IO? What is the fine, is it for each infraction? Will it be backdated ? ( That would be alot) does it increase for delayed reporting? Once again a long post, to explain the background and that I have never done one, nor been fined in over 7 years. But I'm leaving again in a few more weeks flying out from Suvarnabhumi. Might I get fined then? Don't usually carry a lot of baht when I leave, so it would be good to be prepared if I should be! Thanks guys, if you've read this far well done!, and for any and all sensible replies
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