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  1. Although I appreciate the health insurance I have from my company, I wonder if it is worth paying for myself as it seems the insurance companies will try to escape paying. My mother had paid for Blue Cross for years, but when she got cancer, they refused to pay. A close friend in England worked for an insurance company (car insurance). His sole job was finding ways for the company not to pay out. In Thailand, hospitals will overcharge foreigners, so paying for insurance is really a toss up if you want to fight the insurance company or the hospital.
  2. I wonder why no one treats this deadly disease like a deadly weapon? If you know you have it and refuse to wear a mask? Carrying a deadly weapon in public without a licence gives you a huge fine. Pass the disease to another person by not wearing a mask? Attempted murder. Passing the disease to someone who dies of the disease? Murder one. Premeditated murder. Once people realize it isn't them who is the center of the universe, it is the people they sicken and kill, perhaps people would be more careful.
  3. Peta changes the subject regularly to keep donations flooding in, often by getting it's female volunteers to get naked in public. Guaranteed to attract the international press. Is this ethical or PC?Battery farm chickens get remembered then forgotten. Around the world there are traditions one finds amusing or horrifying. The way Italians make veal is horrifying but objections will bring a sneer in Italy. Foreigners don't understand tradition. I guess the Chinese eating strange (for us) food is partly due to their history of mass starvation.
  4. Somewhere north of 1% of the population. Some countries, like Australia, South Korea and Uruguay have a positive rate of less than 1% – it takes hundreds, or even thousands of tests to find one case in these countries. Others, such as Mexico and Nigeria, have positive rates of 20%–50% or even more. In these countries a case is found for every few tests conducted. The WHO has suggested a positive rate of around 3–12% as a general benchmark of adequate testing. Source: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-testing
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