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  1. The title is another piece of evidence for anglo-autistic folly: The global standard for speed and its notation is km/h, not 'kph'. While I understand that you tend to create an analogical form to what you're used to, you should also understand that the way forward for you is not more fumbling but a clean new start. This wouldn't exclude further use on a lower level of what you're used to. Why should the world's civilised majority put up with the antics of/adapt to a somewhat retarded bully?
  2. This is the sign language of power. Read: We (who are in the know) expect to have the plebs vaccinated during '21 (because otherwise they won't travel), such that by '22 we can start to resume our lives as we mean to remember - only now bio-controlled. Welcome to the NWO.
  3. Now this requires some independent thinking, nowadays where we all have been indoctrinated to parrot 'smartphone, hotspot, data package' (and what have you), thus without any thinking of ourselves, then act accordingly. Just do what everybody does and you will be safe - right?! Let's focus on the 3rd item and rectify: This european (it's NOT american) system's layout is such that data packages are not impossible, but the basic setting is that you have credit - either real credit on your SIM card, or virtual credit because it's you and your name -, and then you can use your connecti
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