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  1. I stream all my TV content from the UK. US, AUS, Netflix US and VUDU using WIFI. My laptop and router are less than 2 meters apart, no problem. My daughters bedroom is 5 meters and our home gym room is 15 meters away. In both areas the WIFI connection stills allows video streaming by mobile phone and Amazon tablet. There are times (after school to bedtime) that up to 4 devices are in use at the same time.
  2. Instead of going to a pharmacy, look in the shoe department such as Big C and Tesco.
  3. If all the bags on the truck contain what the officials are holding in their hands, then it is not seed rice. This rice has already been milled and is ready to be cooked. Only rice that has an intact outer hull will germinate.
  4. That ratio will have a lower boiling point and will not be as efficient to prevent engine overheating in hotter climates, as Thailand. The bottle in the OP's post is a premixed 50/50 blend sold by Ford. Other manufactures recommend similar products for their vehicles. A 50/50 blend provides the best overall performance for efficient engine cooling, while raising the boiling point from 212F to 223F and even higher with a closed pressurized system. The heat generated during the fuel burning process migrates into the upper parts of the engine with most of the heat in the cylinder head(s). Using an incorrect coolant mix can cause it to percolate in the heads water passages creating voids that will overheat causing cracked heads, valve seats, seizing of moving parts and blown head-gaskets.
  5. In climates not exposed to freezing temps, its main purpose is to raise the boiling point of the water in a pressurized cooling system. This is best achieved by using a 50/50 blend of anti-freeze and water. It will also prevent the heater-core freezing up and cracking, in cars equipped with AC.
  6. I have had brought 3 laptops with me from the US and I have never had Microsoft or any source invalidate their products due to my location. If this were the norm, everyone that traveled outside the US for business or pleasure would experience the same.
  7. I bought Androgel 30 pack boxes from Southeast Pharmacy for 2400 baht last month. You can message them on Facebook. You can place an order and pay using Line.
  8. I used Macrium Free to clone a 1Tb drive to a 500Gb ssd. Not having an enclosure box, I just used the data transfer cables and set the new drive on top the mouse pad. I transferred each partition separately, reformatting to add space for updates. When finished, I rebooted from the new drive to make sure it worked, before making the swap.
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