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  1. Thanks Joe and Jack Does anyone know if there is special desk for this at Chaengwattana and if there is a fee?
  2. Hi, I have renewed my passport and need to transfer my old reentry permit and the latest entry stamp. Does anyone know the process for doing this at Chaengwattana....time it takes, cost etc. Also, the old TM6 will have my previous passport number, does that also need to be adjusted? Does the original non immigrant O visa stamp also need to be transferred? Thanks
  3. Thats my plan....done with this nonsense...the TM30 was close to being the final straw...but there is no way I am going to be scammed out of 30-50K a year for insurance i dont need and would be useless anyway....i already have insurance....what this scheme amounts to is a 30-50K charge for the one year visa extension...although even if you buy the policy you could of course still be rejected so its actually worse than a fee. So instead of spending 6-8 months a year in thailand and spending well over a million baht in the country i will spend one or two months on 30 day visa exemptions and thailand will lose a million baht or so...thats a lot of new indian or chinese tourists they will need to find...or whatever their latest preferred ethnic group is.
  4. And what if the vast majority of unpaid bills are incurred buy non O foreigners, such as ordinary tourists, or migrant workers, or other visitors? What if the vast majority of non O holders are high spending and law abiding and respectful and respectable people who are now going to say enough is enough and just not come back? Is there any evidence at all to support these xenophobic claims, or is this just a sneaky trick to raise revenue for the insurance companies and elite visa scheme?
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