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  1. People with cars (which means most potential customers) will be happy with the new location on Mahidol road, tho' to be honest, Promenada would be a better location
  2. There is quite a decent time gap between one light going red & the next turning green. Plenty of time for cars passing on orange to clear the intersection. it's not about safety, but money.
  3. 80 or 90 kph limit at that intersection. These redlight cameras all over CM are a cash cow. Must catch hundreds or more every day.
  4. I got one at same intersection, a couple of days ago! Guess have to try & stop on orange in future.
  5. Doubt it. Insurance premiums seem to be based on value of car, with no account of age of driver. Actually most insurance covers any driver.
  6. All the major intersections in Chiang Mai seem to have the automatic cameras now. It's a cash cow, seeing that they give them for going through yellow light, but not making across the big intersection before red. Got my first ticket today. They must issue hundreds a day, or maybe more! Took a month & half from offence to fine arriving in post, so they must be processing thousands.
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