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  1. Let the commissioned officers and VIPs be the guinea pigs. I don't care.
  2. "Meanwhile Dr Yong Phuworawan of the Chula virology department .... Regarding Sinovac from China he said it was right that the Thai PM Prayut Chan-ocha should not take it as clinical studies were still limited regarding efficacy for the over 60s. This didn't mean that it wouldn't be effective, just that more studies were needed.' Bingo! There you have it. He's right on this of course. I'd like to add that it should be the right of everyone to choose whether or not to take any Covid vaccine, at least until they have been proven to have no long term negative effects
  3. Those in actual need eh. Like Fatty the Watchman you mean?
  4. Perhaps you should read my post again, slowly. I don't need to justify pointing out that we don't know what the tourist said. And when you reach the part where I posit a 'what if' he had said something that most people on TV regard as a hanging offense, understand that clearly I don't know what he said either, nor am I pretending to know, but that we should at least consider that it is possible that he said something unconscionable.
  5. I know what you mean! How about all those religious nutters? People blow each other to smithereens because they've been conditioned to believe that 'their' god is better than 'your' god. Just Google and see how many millions of followers 'Jesus' has for example. Its insane what they believe he was and what he did! You just can't make this stuff up. As you said above: "They read it and then it's carved in stone".
  6. We have no idea what was said to fire up the Win, but it is a safe assumption that it might have been something pretty awful. Looking at the photo of him (the Win) he doesn't seem to be in a remorseful pose, so perhaps he feels justified. We read every day on TV about pedophile behaviour and the hang 'em brigade get all excited about that, having no qualms at suggesting the perp is castrated or worse. So think for a moment: what if the tourist at 2am and drunk asked the Win to find him a 'little something'. how might you have reacted?
  7. Not really. This is a fluff piece by a self proclaimed 'conspiracy journalist' who looks out for sensational stories to write about for a living. That a teeny number of people without any power or influence around the globe may have daft thoughts now and then is of no consequence whatever. The only thing that is dangerous about these kinds of articles is that they can detract from the real concerns of the world, not least what the likes of Bill Gates is really up to.
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