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  1. This is a useful starting point, but remember to add in costs of expenditures that are not covered by that website. They include: Your health costs Insurance for your health, accident, property, vehicles Travel Pet food and health Charity/gifts And that list doesn't include the potentially huge increase if you have a dependent GF/partner, or partake in renting them regularly. 80K before tax is certainly doable and you can live on it comfortably, but it comes down to your desired lifestyle.
  2. Good to see recommendations. The Xiaomi 2S is 4,399 baht on Lazada today, if anyone is interested in that one.
  3. Sorry, I've been away from TV all afternoon. I use Sharp FP-J30 which were sold in PowerBuy as well as on Lazada in December. Brings down to around 15-18 in a 22m2 room and around 5-8 in a 10m2 room (that's at my house, with gaps under doors that let in air from outside). for a really big space you'd require bigger units but you'll be paying alot more for that. I paid 3,150 baht each for the Sharp. They were on sale in PowerBuy in December and January. Just checked and none at Lazada right now. Haven't been to PowerBuy recently but I'm sure that they would have sold out in the sale and probably have more expensive ones now (that's supply and demand at work).
  4. You make some excellent points. I'd add that the reluctance to enforce the laws and to penalise wrongdoers also stems from ignorance and the belief that the PM2.5 pollution isn't serious. Case in point, villagers around where I live don't wear masks, despite the fact that PM2.5 levels have been 200-400 these past few days. We have three people working outside our house today and (wearing our masks) went out to talk with them about the pollution. The reaction: a shrug of the shoulders and "This is normal". A note on air purifiers. If you can afford them, get them as they absolutely work. We bought a couple of fairly cheap Sharp air purifiers in December for 3,150 baht each. While the PM2.5 in the open plan area of the house is currently 220, the rooms in which we run the purifiers (where we spend most time) are currently reading just 18. Obviously one for the bedroom is a must.
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