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  1. It really does depend. There's a world of difference between 1. A 'pond' that is full of water all year around, is nicely shaped and placed within a garden as an attractive feature, has lilies, water plants inside, has a path, bushes and appropriate trees around it, etc., and... 2. A 'pit' that is featureless, has steep sides, is half empty or worse for half the year. Particularly a large deep pit! A pond as defined has aesthetic value and maybe practical use too for swimming or for fishing. I had a house with a half rai pond just like this and for me it was an attraction that was a deciding factor on choosing that property. A pond can raise the value of the whole property. A pit on the other hand will certainly reduce the value unless the prospective buyer just happens to have a productive use for it and is looking for just that (not so likely). I have also bought a property that came with a one-third rai deep ugly pit and I couldn't wait to get it filled in and turned into something better. That cost a fortune. The cost of filling in a pit with soil is very likely to be factored into an offer when you come to sell and may put off many prospects from the get go.
  2. Yinn and others, Nearly everyone would be prepared to let a Government track their movements IF there was an overwhelming credible threat of death that could be avoided by so doing. That is not the case with WuFlu. And many people who object now might also go along with it IF they could be certain that the procedures would be stopped very soon. That is not the case here. Sometimes in life we have to make a difficult and even unpopular decision for the sake of the greater good. This is such a case. Not playing along is the right thing to do. It is not (yet) mandatory for malls and shops and restaurants to carry a QR code and not (yet) mandatory for the public to carry tracking and tracing devices and apps and otherwise to report their movements to the Government. If enough people do so voluntarily it will only encourage them (the Government) to make it mandatory and history tells that there will be no turning back thereafter. This is not happening only in Thailand of course. Even in democracies and countries that (relatively speaking) hold to principles of human rights, freedom and privacy, Governments are in the process of exerting greater control and limiting those rights, in the name of ‘protection’. In other countries – those that are used to being free to criticize their governments - there is a small but growing voice of dissent from concerned and intelligent citizens who see this as an irreversible step. Do you really think that having conditioned or forced everybody to give up their privacy and having started to collect all this data, the Thai Government will say in a few months "OK, no more WuFlu, you can all stop doing it now"? I certainly don't. An excuse will be found to continue to enforce the rules "for your own benefit". The WuFlu excuse will simply transition into another excuse. And the gullible will rejoice. Don’t let this work. Don’t encourage them.
  3. Perhaps the hopeful (hapless) recruits with no experience will be used to test the new all-Thai Wuflu vaccine...
  4. This was a Government Hospital. Private hospitals, such as Bangkok Hospital, have international insurance staff on hand and will sort out your claims quickly and efficiently.
  5. Yep. Overall inflation rate between 6-7%. That includes food inflation at over 11%. Out of interest just looked up currency exchange rates Thai baht to Laos Kip: 1 Jan 2017 1 baht=232 1 Jan 2020 1 baht=296 Anyone thinking about retiring in Laos and investing their money in kip should think very carefully ...
  6. You can read the Franco Lao bank's audit report at 31 Dec 2017 by KPMG: https://www.bfl-bred.com/images/NewWebSite/Financial_reports/2017/Audited_Report_2017_IFRS_Eng.pdf
  7. Having alot of trouble posting this. Sorry if it appears twice... Simon, could you kindly share information of which secure banks or other institutions in Thailand are paying out 6% NET per annum in interest? Or are you referring to kip deposits in Laos by any chance?
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