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  1. The requirement for OPD cover for long stayers is a travesty and most definitely a money grab. Mandatory travel insurance for all short stay visitors (tourists) obtained from their own county would be very sensible for all concerned and the Thai Govt/Thai insurance could not be accused of a money grab in that case.
  2. Alas my perfect location gets affected the same as Chiang Mai City, but I find it far more tolerable in the country than the years I lived in the City, as the air clears quicker in the country - far fewer polluting emissions and heat from vehicles and buildings that exacerbate the situation in a conurbation. Personally I've found the haze is previous years tolerable and easily found workarounds, by taking holidays mid-Feb to mid-April, cutting back on country walks on some days and using good quality air purifiers in my house. It has never been more than an inconvenience for me and far from debilitating. Certainly nothing serious enough to make me want to give up this idyll and to move elsewhere. Do you live in Chiang Mai, 'Blazes' (good name for this topic)? If so you'll be aware that the 2019 season was significantly worse than all other years and that's what has made this a 'hotter' topic recently. We are all hoping that 2019 was an anomaly and not the start of a new trend. Let's wait to see.
  3. Agree with you that the City of Chiang Mai has lost its charm: the Rose of the North now has many thorns. Over development without proper planning. But Chiang Mai is a big province and you don't have to consider going to neighbouring countries to find peaceful, quiet and charming places as there are many within easy reach of the City. As a province to live in, Chiang Mai still has enormous appeal. I have moved house a few times over the 30 years that I have lived here, moving progressively further out and now live in what I consider to be a perfect, very beautiful location surrounded by rice fields and forests and friendly, helpful Thai neighbours. I don't like to go into the City any more, but important things like very good hospitals, restaurants and shopping are all there, not too far away, on the few occasions I need them.
  4. Tourism is down and that's the biggest reason why downtown is relatively quiet. Many digital nomads who mostly lived in the city or frequented downtown locations have also left. Someone mentioned that things are just as lively as ever in the burbs and I agree with that observation. And the same certainly applies further out in the beautiful countryside where things are the same as they ever were. The fact is that most expats (not tourists) have set up home outside the city and I don't believe that the few who have left recently make a noticeable difference.
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