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  1. He is a danger to himself and society and should be removed from the road into a mental treatment facility (= not prison) and deported when his health conditions allow.
  2. Agree with Ubonjoe - you should have complained when it happened. Get a new one at German embassy. No big deal but costly. By the way: what is OT?
  3. Check it here: https://www.worldnomads.com/eu/travel-insurance/whats-covered/#insuranceQuotePanel
  4. It starts to annoy me that there is always a mix-up between HEALTH - and TRAVEL insurance. The later has nothing to do with age or existing pre-conditions - it is a travel insurance which covers accidents and unforeseenable cases of illness. A travel insurance costs peanuts and should be mandatory for ALL visitors / tourist in Thailand for their own benefit and safety. Of course it is not meant for so called "long stay tourists".
  5. Insane - should be put in the nuthouse for a while.
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