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  1. I am not sure if you really have to leave Thailand and apply at an embassy outside - Ubonjoe is the right person to address this question.
  2. I am in a similar situation. I left Thailand end of March and my WP expired in May. However, I asked my staff before if the can extend it in my absence and it was confirmed that this is possible. So they filled the application in BKK, got a receipt of payment and were told that the stamp will be fixed once I am back in Thailand. (You need the WP for check-in so the book is with me). Unfortunately my application for a COE was denied from Thai Consulate in Frankfurt due to the missing stamp in my book, although I have a WP since 14 years. Lot of sympathy from Consulate but without current WP no COE. In the light of a 14 days very expensive alternative state quarantine I am anyhow hesitating to return right now, but on the long run I have to go back to take care my business. Hoping conditions will change soon.
  3. I fully agree - making it a "mission impossible" so nobody of the Thai authorities is responsible for anything as nobody is able to return to Thailand by now. Is there a single case of somebody (non Thai) having returned to Thailand so far? Any experiences regarding the quarantine procedures?
  4. I clarified this already as I meant health insurance companies NOT travel insurance companies.
  5. It seems to be a very tenacious myth that insurance companies do NOT cover COVID! The additional requirement to get a certificate that insurance company does cover COVID is nonsense. ALL insurance companies MUST cover that virus disease as well as all other similar virus diseases like flue and others. Does anybody has a proof that an insurance company does EXCLUDE COVID from their cover? I do not think so. Addition: I meant a health insurance company NOT travel insurance company.
  6. I applied, too .... and my request was rejected. I have a company with 15 Thai people employed, a non-immi type B visa, a 160K US$ insurance - especially certified to cover COVID 19 (lol), was willing to spend 2.300.- €on quarantine nonsense and have a work permit. The last expired in May but was extended during my absence in April. However, as I have the book with me as a condition for check-in the stamp of extension was not fixed in the book. Now I can send the book to Thailand - which may take 4 weeks or longer due to minimal flight activities, get it stamped and returned to Germany. Unfortunately labour department can't remember that they granted extension although I have receipt of payment and proof that I have a work permit since 14 years. I am in a dilemma but Thai consulate would be most happy to help me - I just need to give them my work permit. Mission impossible but anyhow, weather is not good in Thailand and 14 days expensive quarantine does not really make me looking forward to returning. My visa will expire end of July so wait and see.
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