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  1. Government? What do you mean? Immigration or the cabinet? Or both? A teacher works for the government, has one of those lovely brown uniforms and all, but they don’t give a toss about the amnesty. The “government”? Come on, be a little more precise.
  2. Yeah I’m sure that’s been happening, loads of people have been flying out before the 27th, airports been busy with all these people flying out, yeah loads of people on Non immigration visas decided that they were just gaming the system and the fun is over. Lots of dads who couldn’t get extensions just thought, yeah let’s leave our 2 year old child and newborn baby and fly back to a virus hotspot with significant chance of death and leave children to grow up without of father. Yes I definitely think “I would hope those that haven't already made visa arrangements have booked a flight out before 27th.” Yes that seems like a wonderful thing to “hope” for.
  3. I would actually like to bet quite a lot on the amnesty getting extended in some shape or form. But since betting would most likely be against the law, I can’t take your bet, but I would love to. yes of course they are not debating it, for most Thais it doesn’t even pop into their head to think about it, doesn’t really effect most Thai people. It effects all the foreigners which is why this forum is going mental with threads on it but the media is not even writing about it. And Ive got plenty of options btw, no problem for me to stay past the 26th, regardless if amnesty gets extended. But it seems pretty clear to me it will get extended. I know it’s easy to come up with arguments for it not being extended. But the real factor is what would happen if it didn’t get extended, which is why it will get extended. If the outcome is just to extreme, whilst preventing that outcome holds few of any drawbacks, then that outcome will rarely occur, simple really. i cannot be sure, but I’m 99% confident the amnesty in some way will get extended.
  4. who has? immigration? but they are not the ones who decide has the cabinet in the last few weeks "made it clear there will no no further amnesty extension"? I don't think they have? I cant see how they cannot extend it further, its going to be total chaos if they don't, regardless of what the common consensus is, these guys in the cabinet are actually fairly smart people, unless somehow they just don't discuss the issue on Tuesday, if they do discuss the issue, they will come to the conclusion that the amnesty needs to be extended, and it will be extended.
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