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  1. Justgrazing

    more bike porn

    30's Husqvarna 500 competition bike .. Oddball 60's Jawa stroker 125 narrow angle V twin grand prix bike .. 60's Linto 500 near horizontal parallel twin ..
  2. Justgrazing

    REPORT: Let’s nail down SMOG CAUSES

    As Bob Dylan sang " A hard rains gonna fall " to get to grips with this with some hardcore solutions .. Check how London went at with first the congestion zone to control traffic entering capital .. then the LEZ to discourage older vehicles by charging them significantly more than newer cleaner running vehicles to enter .. and from April ultra LEZ is even more draconian requiring all diesel powered vehicles to be of latest Euro standards to avoid swingeing charges .. And authority that operate it are without mercy enforcing it via the 000's of CCTV all over the place and their link with the Vehicle registration database .. Try driving in without a permit or without paying and the vehicle gets issued with penalty notices automatically .. and they are equally ruthless collecting penalty charges .. It's main aim when introduced was to cut the amount of traffic entering London to reduce pollution and it works .. Would it work here ? Are the Thai's ready for a sharp change in the way of life here like leaving the Fortuner or Pajero at home and getting public transport as there real sacrifices to be made by society here if they truly want to deal with it ..
  3. Oh for sure adhering to a proper maintenance and service schedule laid out by the manufacturer would be a start .. but therein lies the rub here , they abdicate that in favour of blessings and amulets .. And if anything some of the older trucks here are just as bad if not worse than the buses ..
  4. Sticking plaster over a hole in a dam .. A lot of older vehicles here aren't Euro5 spec' so filling them with ultra refined diesel will make little difference .. Factor in lack of maintenance and servicing which is nearer to the problem of why some belch out black smoke and the hoped for result will be just that .. Hoped for ..
  5. Justgrazing

    Toxic smog settles in for long haul

    First up .. What parameters are they working to on the exhaust output checkpoints .. Second up the " free standing " diesel emission roadside check is not an exacting science as it cannot measure output of the engine under load .. Ever seen the smoke output of some of the truck's and buses here when loaded labouring along particularly uphill ? That's when a lot of the damage is being done .. And it is not difficult to fool the roadside exhaust probe check by placing something beneath the accelerator pedal to prevent the engine revving too high .. The bottom sentence kinda sums up why they don't have a clue about how to deal with this .. Unpalatable as it is a ban on everything but essential vehicles is the way to go .. So expect this toxic air smog issue to continue ..
  6. Justgrazing

    Smog to exact heavy price

    The authorities need to get real to this pronto .. The number of YouTube vid's out there , the coverage by overseas News channels , media outlets and warnings by the WHO of serious risk to health is going to increase the number of people diverting to alternative destinations .. So the only real God they have here .. Money .. is going to start to diminish on an incalculable scale .. They have been told ..
  7. Justgrazing

    More Thai bashing.

    Whoa there .. Only Thai's can play the blame game .. you should be in procession of that fact already as you are on here enough ..
  8. Yea but what about the Indians .. He's gonna miss out on 15 of 'em blocking the pavements outside restaurants whilst 10 minute discussions go on about how to slice up the one 300bt pizza they are contemplating ordering before entering the resto' if they are missed out in the woo'ing .. As for importance being put on the Chinese , that'll please the bargirl community who I'm told only come to Patt' to see the Johnny Farang's .. I wonder why that could be ..
  9. Hahahaha .. I'm going for the first option Sof' .. And for shoo'er good ole' Alvin he know's abit about shoo'ing my Coo ca ..
  10. You're selling him down Mok I mean only last week he displayed his extraordinary shoo'ing away a storm skills .. Not just anybody could have pulled that off ..
  11. What see thru' fences .? And for sure they'll want anti-theft provisions .. That one's as sure fire as the Pope being a Catholic .. And incorruptible security guards .. which should be a challenge to find over here ..
  12. Expect a missile strike on Khao Khiao before too long ..
  13. Fair do's to the girl for being able to speak reasonably good Engrish .. But is it not a cynical bit of PR on his part to employ such a young child to big him up when he don't do the Engrish .. And wouldn't it have been funny if she cut loose and asked when the election was going to be or mocked him for not having a good grasp himself ..
  14. They just don't get it so nowt will be done .. Death's among the elderly and those with respiratory problems will rise because of this but excuses will be found and other things will be blamed but pollution will continue to choke the place .. I have grave reservations that anything meaningful will get done as it will require such a fundamental change to the way of life here ..
  15. After nose picking , t*ssing is becoming something of a national pastime is it not .. An while Naen might be a little short sighted Nat is a little cross-eyed I'll wager ..