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  1. Could be worse .. Given he has a malfunction going on in the decision making department at least he hasn't sold it back to comrade Vlad' ..
  2. It depends on the vehicle batteries and charge station capacity .. the higher kWh chargers can recharge quite quickly now but these are usually found on motorways and are expensive to use .. chargers at home tend to have lower output and take longer to fully charge but are a lot less expensive to use ..
  3. Dude what are you going on about .? You appear to be labouring under the illusion that this con' affects me personally .. It doesn't and the 3 posts I have put up make no mention of it impacting on myself .. Go back to my reply to RichardSmith in which I state my personal situation is not the same as those who have commitments in Thailand and as such I would not criticise the folk who do need to return for having to accept this exploitation to get back .. Far from it I empathise with those who need to return and are faced with this .. but that does not mean I agree with it .. My post that
  4. You have no choice if you wish to enter Thailand than to go along with their banging you up for a fortnight and you pay for it .. not only is it being wrung it is fundamentally wrong to infringe on people's liberties and deny them freedom of movement and choice .. Sorry, I am sure you are responsible but to say the vast majority of people are is nonsense. The vast majority of people absolutely cannot be trusted to do what is right. Look at what is happening around the world. Having a blanket rule for all is sensible. And there you go again with ridiculous hyperbole: "p
  5. What compromises would I make .. paying to be treated as some sort of unclean being and agreeing to getting locked up for a fortnight with my right to choice curtailed wouldn't be one .. but my circumstances are different to many on here and as such I do not criticise those who have family and asset's in Thailand who feel they have no option other than to agree to this to gain entry to Thailand again .. my bitch is that the very idea of ASQ's smacks of Thailand thinking " we don't trust you but want your money so we see an opportunity where we will wring you to gain entry here again " .. Aside
  6. That nosebag ( food ) looks very appetising .. not .. can't use Grab or Panda .. plastic cutlery .. bring your own teabags .. no Irish Coffee ( I suppose a Turkish one'll be right out the window ) and a recommendation he do another 14 days banged up at home .. the only thing missing is being shot with a microchip like your dog so they can give you a scan with a chip reader .. Why not get the prisoners to sit in a box of snakes as well ..
  7. They do like tee'ing thereselves for some ridicule and would have looked a bit stupid calling it Tennis or Squash quarantine so 10/10 for innovation in going for Golf .. 15 to 20 million eh , they are really in the bunker with that one but hey if your gonna go silly then go overclub it big style .. I reckon they should pitch to hold the Marbles playing World Championship for they have truly lost theirs ..
  8. This sort of subterfuge was used to great effect during operation Fortitude carried out in South East England in the months before D-day that used similar inflatable tanks , aircraft , landing craft , etc to create the impression to Luftwaffe reconnaissance planes that a significant number of divisions were massing to attack Calais .. even after D-day launched the Germans kept a number of divisions in the defence of the town as they could not be sure that an attack on Calais was still not forthcoming thus preventing some of their armour being moved to Normandy to booster the defence there ..
  9. Love the geeza riding the firetruck like it was a chariot ..
  10. No mention of being able to exercise the right to seek insurance with a company of your choice from your homeland .. this is basically a coup to benefit Thai Insurance companies only .. " arm up your back buy it from us " .. if there's any doubt that they are exploiting this whole C V situation then this should remove it .. Two words containing 7 letters three of which are F ..
  11. Have a word .! Who does he think he is ? Arfur Daley .. max out on the seafood buffets .? and we are ramping up production of our new super mega shrimp to cater for your every stampede .. Please stop it .. you've dug a deep enough hole for yourselves with that one already ..
  12. A name change to Donut airlines might be in order ..
  13. Hahahaha .. he does hypocrisy particularly well if nothing else ..
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