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  1. That r/h pic' looks like insect larvae .. Crikey fancy putting those up you're jacksy ..
  2. Couple of old school Suzy 500's .. Rare TR500 water cooled Suzy ..
  3. The unpredictability of weather patterns and the effect they can have on agriculture may now bring about a need to consider other crops that are more resistant to drought .. but that may require seeking out and entering new markets .. Or better management of the current water availability .. And if push comes to shove it may be having to consider pipelines from area's with water to spare if this proves to be a regular occurrence ..
  4. Eh .! What's that got to do with seeking investment from Japan for a railway to be built in Thailand .. Anyway wasn't China the best thing since sliced kanom-bung when it came to railway stuff .. What's happened there .?
  5. for talking borrucks .. I was hoping to have got through an article that for once didn't include the word " hub " but that delusion was shattered just afore the end .. As for the " living airports " bit that's a load of gonads as well ..
  6. But did the seeds crack under questioning ..
  7. The Danes should play him at his own game and stick a bid in for the U S ..
  8. Puch and Csepel 50's 2stroke singles .. Note the difference in carb' to exhaust port location ..
  9. Two little ducks to use Bingo parlance .. What is the particular want for these .?
  10. Stale , tired and overpriced .. I know no-one who even consider Thai Airways when travelling to and from the Kingdom .. The cord needs to be cut from the government bailouts and let them sink or swim alone ..
  11. Yea for sure none of the fast food chains wish to go on the record about what they are actually doing to reduce plastic and styrene use concentrating quite often on a counter narrative to portray thereselves in a good light .. Major Supermarkets are as bad if not worse and surprise surprise take a similar line to McD's in avoiding talking about it .. There is a huge market for water proof paper based ( lacquered ) packagings that degrade quickly and are easily recycled a Brit' company is working on such now but it's all hush hush while testing and evaluation is carried out ..
  12. Serious problem this is becoming now and will require some brave hardcore initiatives like compelling manufacturers to seek alternative packaging as just about everything you buy nowadays is wrapped or encased in some sort of plastic .. Fast food containers made of styrene are another problem that need sorting out .. But as learned contributor Bluesofa has alluded to the petrochemical industry stand to lose a lot if alternatives to plastics are sought ..
  13. Someone has to .. They need to upgun the amount .. 1000bt won't even get you a nish in Soi/6 nowadays .. Better still give green shield stamps after every visit with a freebie available upon accumulation of the req' number of stamps ..
  14. Yea but what about the Indians .. Trying to get half a dozen to buy more than one Coke during waking hrs is hard enough anyway .. and the Russians are usually well caned by that time so the chances of getting a few more out of those is remote ..
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