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  1. Supercharged Norton .. Don't know what the label hanging off the tank is about .. And who'd have thunk it .. Plain Jane XJ900 Yam' with a refreshed look ..
  2. Yes sure ultimately 4 strokes have prevailed even though they are more complicated and expensive to build than stroker brethren but the emissions issue is what downed the 2S concept as the technology wasn't commercially available to clean them up in the same way 4 strokes have been .. But Yamaha continue to fly the 2 stroke flag looking at numerous ways of trying to get them to meet ever tighter emissions reg's .. From racing perspective Honda chucked in Grand Prix 4-stroke racers late 60's to dabble in F1 leaving MV to soldier on against the Yamaha's in the 70's before chucking the towel in with Agostini jumping ship to race for Yamaha .. Honda did attempt a comeback 10 yrs later with the disasterous NR500 against the 2 strokes but that ended in tears ..
  3. A & S Plod have got to have one of these for pulling bikers in their manor ..
  4. As far as I'm aware only Honda built a 5 cyl 125 and that was a 4 stroke but both Yamaha and Suzuki made 125 V4 stroker's back in the 60's ..
  5. Chokchai had some natty little sleeping bags for the pipes to snuggle up in at the exhausted pipes shop ..
  6. Couple of 70's stroker superstars .. Though you won't be getting too far on the Kawa' with those 'zorsts and filter's on it .. 12/14 mpg anyone .. And probably not much further on the Suzook either .. Yamaha's fuel injected GL750 4 banger stroker from early 70's .. Like the RZ201 rotary bike Yam' backed away from putting the GL into production .. Shame .. Injection system was further developed turning up on 2 stroke snowmobiles ..
  7. Judging others by his own high standard's then ..
  8. 1920's lovely James V Twin .. 30's James competition bike ..
  9. Top bike is by all account's one of only four in line 4 banger Brough's made and was one of the 8 bikes and bits 'n pieces found in that barn in Cornwall 4 or 5 yrs back .. As I understand they were all basket cases having been there 50 odd yrs but even then the whole lot sold at Bonham's for nearly £750k with the bike in the pic' pulling in £330k .. Bottom machine is SS100 based Pendine Sands racer " Baby Pendine " ..
  10. I do find some photo's are tagged with incorrect details so I went back and checked this one .. The photo as found on 'net is below .. I couldn't remember ( bloody memory is fading now ) who bought who so I went and read up abit on it .. According to Stickypedia H R D went into voluntary liquidation early 1928 and the assets were bought by OK Supreme who sold the name , pattern's and tooling to Vincent's about 5 mths later .. But either way 'tis a good looking machine is it not ..
  11. 30's Vincent single in black .. stunning ..
  12. Superb early 30's German O D T100 ..
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