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  1. Chance'll be a fine thing to find a public khazi nowadays .. And the ones at the gas stations the minivans stop at on the Cambodia border runs always seem to have kite flyers hanging around them ..
  2. If she's already done 2 mill' I can't imagine a penny is gonna make much difference ..
  3. So round 'em up then stack them like sardines in the back of a pickup .. That makes sense .. And a bit of overkill with the assault rifle is it not ..
  4. Yea but what about the bit above the toes and below the neck ..
  5. Yea but how you going to get in if you've got C V and will the miracle be available only after you've done the 14 days isolation if they do let you in ..
  6. .. I Myself have a watch previously owned by a deceased tribe member .. unfortunately it was a LCD Timex that cost more than its worth to renew the Batt' but these things can happen ..
  7. dressed as Schoolgirls and in pyjamas .! What sort of clucked up fetish is that ..
  8. Bizarre thing to say I've never been offered a shampoo in one of these establishments and the head massages that have been offered were not for the one on the top of your shoulders .. Needless to say I always made my excuses and left .. no really ..
  9. Bit misleading that .. Thai Airways owes 24 billion in refunds would be nearer the mark ..
  10. Old Mustang getting loaded with a 120kw electric motor and a old BMW Csl coupe fully electricked up .. Moggie thou with front mounted batteries .. Can be done but some consideration be given to things like no more brake vacuum assistance or power steering from the engine .. These can be replaced with electric pumps but it all adds to cost .. Also to be considered is increase in weight as Batteries are quite heavy and to get any sort of range you need a lot of Batt' power and this can alter handling characteristics .. But all said and done there are quite a few specialists offering these con's now on just about everything if you got the dollars ..
  11. and Bird says you might survive CV but you'll never live down the embarrassment .. Is a ghost wearing the one on the left ..
  12. Best decide who your gonna jump in bed with then as Trump is getting proper wound up by China threatening all sorts of sanctions going forward and poor little Thailand is gonna get caught between them like sugar cane going through the masher ..
  13. Part of the national identity pointing is .. use your own .? What a cheeky little minx asking for your dog & bone .. and down in the dumps .. Hahahahaha .. another girl wanted me to write my details .. Blimey she took a shine to you pronto .. The first said to the 2nd " him scanned aleady let him pass " .. Hahahaha superb , I was crying with laughter at that .. There are some real gems in there Mr Sofa ..
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