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  1. I've seen GPS robot lawn mowers but not sure they'd be much good indoors as they'd be giving the carpets a haircut more than anything I should imagine .. which would probably create more mess ..
  2. they be cuckoo even thinking about Switzerland if that's it in the pic' .. No way will the Swiss roll with fortune seekers ..
  3. No shame and no credibility eh .. But will he be able to attend any crop growing fairs in Oz' now he's managed to hang on to the position ..
  4. Money .. most aspects of Thai life ultimately have a price attached .. Including the unfurling vaccine debacle ..
  5. after disco'ing their money had been invested in skateboards .. which are easily flipped ..
  6. Just waiting for a Mexican variant to be discovered then they can have a Mexican wave ..
  7. Machine it if the gasket blew .. ali' head's are prone to distortion and depressions in the metal particularly in the area where the gasket blew .. a 005 thou skim should be enough to assess before and if necessary taking another run to true everything up ..
  8. Given the top of the class buffoonery being practised on a daily basis by those running the show that may be closer to the reality of the situation facing Thailand than any of TaT's fantasies ..
  9. including hanging upside in a cave after flying about all night with 000's of buddies ..
  10. Unless they wanna play chicken in a inflatable dinghy with English Channel maritime traffic there's about as much chance of catching a brick in a cobweb than getting into fortress Britain legally at the mo' ..
  11. And necklace said to hood " I'll hang around while you go on a head " ..
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