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  1. you blew my mind , I would kiss the sky but I can't see it ..
  2. Yea right .. not at the price it ain't .. More likely to be low grade wild grown commercial weed , sticks , stalks and leafage all compressed together .. The going rate is a lot nearer £5k for a kilo of quality green of a known strain ..
  3. as they can't tan their armpits in the Motherland at this time of the year .. or having press up competitions on the beach after a few big bottles of Chang he added .. to try being Russians on their hol's with borst , pickled herrings and industrial strength vodka ..
  4. Yea right .. more chance of Thailand getting to the Moon before that'll happen .. Does this not put into perspective the " success " in the C V fight when they seem unable to take measures against quantifiable problems like the road death toll that are there to be seen on a daily basis ..
  5. No worries .. have the birds tribe 'round and they'll still sit on the floor to chow ..
  6. Who would now be a lot stiffer if they were there .. Great to see good old brake failure is back after being usurped by micro sleeping ..
  7. Doc Yong looks like he's giving him a tattoo .. probably a Cheech and Chong portrait .. Good trick there by the P M .. if the Health minister drops off the perch or develops bat's ears shortly then he'll know he's hedged the right one with the A Z stuff ..
  8. Talk of a lasting memorial with possibly a Hospital being named after him which would be fitting tribute ..
  9. He's been on that hair dye again .. though the Arthur Scargill homage styling is new ..
  10. Wanna wager that frog he was conversing with wished he would croak ..
  11. And yet the Chinese gear that only turned up a few days ago is being bigged up as already OK'd and ready to roll according to another thread on the vacc' subject .. how can this be or would they be the words of a cynic ..
  12. He can't be scared of a little <deleted> surely .. And why does it need to be postponed indefinitely if as the reason given is the documentation has gone to S K .. If it exists that's a temporary hitch .. Sounds more like someone's selling porkies again ..
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