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  1. Sheryl...Thank you for your lead. I will check it out further. It sounds promising. I will let you know how it goes. Happy Easter!!!
  2. Wow 2 replies!!! Im returning Thailand in a few weeks after being locked out with the Covid stuff... I live in Burriram but not difficult to get to Bangkok.. Enjoy getting out of the Village every now and then.. I had a Cochlear implant inserted 3 months ago and the benefits are amazing.... The thing is you need to get the implant tweaked like a hearing aid so the nerves keep understanding the new signal and the ear keeps getting stronger... If you let it lapse then the ear gets lazy and the nerves stop re building.. Very important especially at the start of the implant. The gear to monitor h
  3. I recently had a Cochlear Implant in Australia and am looking for an Audiologist who can adjust the settings if required (mapping). The implant is a Nucleas 7 and I plan to send my audio file from my current Audiologist in Australia. Obviously they need to be Cochlear accredited with the computer software needed. Long shot...old thread but hear...here....goes...
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