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  1. My house is unlocked...Burriram.. Neighborhood watch... If you take something that has not been given to you then it will be dealt with in a neighborly manner. The neighborhood jurors don't mess about with a Judge.. Seen first hand..
  2. Found this youtube 6min clip on what I should be able to see with a Huawei system readout. Perfect info display. Huawei FusionSolar reporting - YouTube
  3. I think I need to go to 101school learning phases. I will stick to just counting the wires. Does it have 4 low voltage wires (smaller insulators)? No cannot see. Phone call and Email sent to contractor this morning. Pointed out my performance readout issues and attached the photos below to compare. The second image readout is over a 24hr period and shows what I would expect to see. I mentioned that I think it is the Chinese Power Sensor unit not giving correct values and that they should install a Huawei Sensor.
  4. There is a transformer about 300mt up the road with 2 phases coming in (3 wires total...(hope I got my phases correct this time!!) coming in). The supply then branches out to the tapioca and vegetable plantations with about 6km of wiring. Only supplying power to water pumps and the odd light after our Bahn supply.
  5. Before I call it a night I found this Q and A link about Huawei Smart Meters... It shows that Chinese settings for positive are recorded as negative and vise verser. Looking at my read outs it helps me comprehend mush much about chinese method. Link to Q and A..... Case-Smart Meter Types(Other) Connected to SmartLogger Instance - Huawei Enterprise Support Community
  6. So todays production was 23Kwh back into grid as read by PEA meter with solar protection drop outs due to High Voltage from PEA. Solar kept starting up and then would soon drop back out with over voltage again for about 1 hour. Graph below showing interruptions ... Tomorrow its time to phone Contractors with concerns... I will wait until the Issan Luv Machine has her 3rd coffee before we call.. I think it is a full moon tonight... Not a good start...?
  7. Another day and had afternoon shut downs due to High Voltage from grid. Last time it was low Voltage. I was never aware how much the Grid voltage changes until now. I saw it it peak at 229Volt before solar shut down on protection mode. I have seen it around 210V at an opposite side of scale. The Bahn is 3.3km from village up a dirt road mostly... Have had the power drop out 3 times last two months for about 3 to 4hrs each time. Only one drop out effected the village supply. I can usually go and find the breaker which has tripped on our road...
  8. They did rewire the 2 phases back into 1 phase between the 3 phase breaker and house fuse box. They had to go into town for heavier cabling and joiners and I watched them join connections.
  9. No idea! I was only aware of brown out when I checked the alarm records. House appliances where not effected. There are only two grid wires running past Bahn.. Live and Neutral.. The two phases we have 2 Live 2 Neutral coming to Bahn are feeding of them so cant change setup... Blackouts/brown outs not uncommon here.
  10. Just checked daily graph readout which might help explain why meter did not run backwards today.. Production stopped a couple of times early afternoon.... now I am going to have to log in using my phone app so I can read possible errors through the day...software does not allow user to read faults via computer as far as I can see.
  11. Just a 1 liner update.... today Sat 27 Feb.. Started the day with meter showing 92Kwh morning read and ended up at 92Kwh in the evening read... Sunny day with pollution/smoke haze... A/C's x 3 running + irrigation and sprinklers...
  12. Do you think it might be what is causing the incorrect values being displayed on my readouts.. I'm going to hit the installers up Monday with the erroneous readouts.. Thankfully my Issan Luv machine can see the errors also.. I am wondering if because they did not install an original Huawei power sensor the software is not recognizing the DDSU666-H Smart meter they installed.???? I have spotted your link on the Solar carport thread with the readouts and I am envious with the info you see. Hope you do not mind have copied here below your link... "Local Energy Consumption" plo
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