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  1. I really sympathise with your plight. I have a rural property back in Ozz with maybe close to 1km of poly pipe running every which way. Leaks are inevitable. It sounds like your leak is somewhere in the pipework. The way I locate a leaks is systematic. You need to isolate each (known) branch with a valve hopefully near the pump and then open and close valves to find which is at fault. Process of elimination. From experience I have found wet patches nowhere near where pipes are located. Up to 8 meters away from the actual leak. I suggest a walk around the yard and look for any water telltale. If there are pipes running near cracks in the concrete or walls look hard in those places. Also 90% of my leaks come from a join or elbow joint. Also check around the tiles under showers for water weeps. Sometimes hard to spot as area is always wet anyway. Good luck.
  2. Thank you gentleman for your effort replying. I am a novice trying to build up a better knowledge. I need to do more research especially with the local TEA. I do not think there would be many days or hours that my planned 4.5Kw system will push power back into the grid. But in saying that I would like to get a return from them for doing so if it happens. Interesting to hear the disks can be ratcheted slowing the return supply down. Being a retired Ship's Captain doing calculations keeps me occupied. The internet makes it so easy nowadays. In Burriram there is a difference of 46Deg in the Suns angle throughout the year. In my planning I want to change the angle of the solar panels each 6 months to capture the most power from the Sun. March 21st and September 21st.
  3. Thank you sometimewoodworker for comment. It is a positive reply to what I wish to hear. I have done heaps of calculations on paper with Sun angles expected efficiency and return on investment etc. I am at a stage where I think I can purchase materials and do it for a lot less than have Somchai do the same job. I might be looking at a 6 year return on investment. Maybe 180,000Bht -- compared to 240,000Bht++ Somchai wants. Electricity in Thailand is relatively cheap compared to Western Countries but I am happy to look up at the sun in the comfort of my A/C room knowing soon it will be free. Our house consumes most power 10am till 2pm water Irrigation pumps and A/C. Hopefully a 4.5Kw system will drop my power bill around 1800/2000Bht P/M to get the return.
  4. Are any of you guys feeding excess power back into the grid? If so what is the process with Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)? How do they work credits out with excess power you may supply back to them?
  5. Sirquest, Any updates? I am costing/looking at installing a 15 panel system in both series and parallel. Each panel 310W 8.36A 37.09V. The resulting feed into the Inverter (3 strings x 5 panels in series and then put the 3 strings in parallel) would be 4651W 25.08A 185V. How does the WIFI display work. Is it tied to the internet? Where is the data stored? I really like the idea of having a record to look at so you can see the performance.
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