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  1. Just an idea, but not sure whether it would apply for uk, In Australia you can apply for a Tourist visa, only one type available, duration 90 days with a max stay of 60 days, you cannot change this tr to any other type during your stay, however if you are on an O with a re entry permit then once in the country just revert back to it?, The TR is much simpler to obtain as it requires no Insurance, Police Check, Medical etc, however you still need a COE, like I said not sure if it would work. https://canberra.thaiembassy.org/tourist-visa-2/
  2. Peter are you still able to renew a OA by exiting just before it expires and re entry before it's due for a further 12 months or have they cut that?.
  3. Thai embassy in Canberra generally replies via email within 24 hours, unlike sydney, never had trouble getting through to them, I applied to leave the country last week, I uploaded a copy of an old visa, only because you need to upload something, no stat decs, no other documents, just tick the box that said your leaving for over 3 months that's it, approval within 24 hours. I think op is better off with applying for an oa rather than an stv, cost would be approx same except for a reduced premium for 3 month insurance rather than 12 months, with all the hoops in place you better have
  4. Zip chance of achieving that, however if someone has tested negative and later it is confirmed that they were infected in an asq then they should be fully compensated, full refund and ongoing support, the asq then should be blacklisted.
  5. Why does the ongoing news coming out of tat get worse with each and every news announcement?, Are they not wanting tourism to get back to normal.
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