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  1. VOA forms are distributed on board on inward flights. On Friday (23rd August) I completed my VOA form and attached photo. I got to the application desk 1 guy ahead of me - I handed in my application and passport , paid my $35 and I had my visa within 2 minutes.
  2. Avalon Residence is reasonable and located 2 minutes from the bus station - e mail or book online. There are plenty of hotels in the vicinity - I suggest you google Agoda/Booking.com to get a feel for the hotel, price and location. Not much in the way of nightlife in that area other than the big food court nearby: take a right of Avalon walk about 100 yards take a left and about 150 yards along the food court is on the left. All Lao, but no problems and you might find yourself being invitedd into a bit of a drinking session which was just fine by me. Also, to the right of the bus station (as you face the bus station) is a large convenience store so you can stock up and they sell the ready food packs you can ask to have warmed up.
  3. I obtained a Non-O visa based on marriage to a Thai in July - absolutely no problems. Do not apply on a Monday or a thursday due to the visa run packages. No request for bank details. Documents required: 1. Visa application form duly completed and 5,000 Baht. 2. 2 x Passport photos. 3.A. A valid passport. 3.B. A copy of your main passport page which you should sign. 4. Original marriage certificate which they will return immediately on application. 5. Copy of marriage certificate - I and my wife countersign on the back of the copy. 6. Copy of the wife's house book which she signs in Thai. 7. Copy of the wife's Thai ID which she signs in Thai. In addition, I always include a copy of the wife's passport page which she signs in Thai. No request for proof of funds. I turned up 10 minutes before the gate closed thus missing the early morning rush. Next afternoon I turned up approx 2.30 p.m. no one else around. Staff were friendly and cooperative. There is a copy shop across from the consulate just in case. Also, the consulate is within walking distance of the town with several hotels. On receiving your passport with visa, you can walk back to the bus station to catch the bus to travel back to Mukdahan, if required. Best of luck.
  4. I have been required to produce my WP a couple of times when entering Laos, probably twice in 10 years. I know from experience that Thai immigration at Sadao are stricter than at other immigration points.
  5. As others have posted, you have not supplied sufficient information for others to assess. As regards the staff attitude, when I visited recently, it was a Thursday and really busy, they organized well and everyone was seen to in an orderly fashion. Next day, I collected my passport after the rush had gone and the guy on the counter was very friendly - I should state that I omitted to submit a relevant document and the omission was overlooked and my visa granted.
  6. As you are married to a Thai, it seems to me that the easiest option is to obtain a single entry Non-O visa based on marriage Allows you 90 day stay.
  7. The train connection from Nong Khai to Thanaleng (Laos) runs about twice a day. Thanaleng is in the middle of nowhere and usually only a tuk service which departs when full. Far better you alight at Nong Khai and catch a tuk tuk (30 Baht) to Friendship Bridge 1 and cross over and then decided on the relevant transport option into Vientiane - Green bus, tuk, taxi.
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