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  1. The covid Czar is doing such a wonderful job, silly little man, all those cabinet portfolios he must be drowning in his own anger.
  2. Yet another committee so the incompetent can collect their allowances for more jaw, jaw and no action.
  3. It's like asking the corrupt illegal worker traffickers to stop sending migrants, don't ask, enforcement is the answer but won't happen as too much money involved.
  4. We pay 30baht a month into the village funeral fund, it's like a small life insurance policy to cover the basic costs. Some village funerals are huge with 200 or so turning up so needless to say the catering costs rise accordingly for that day. Locals make a small contribution some only 20baht but I guess it all helps.
  5. Thailand is still very much a cash society especially outside the big cities, you hardly ever see anyone paying by card and occasionally at BigC I have seen it but they are usually visitors from Bangkok here to see family.
  6. I am sure he's happy that his offshore bank account is piling up the dollars while people are dying in their thousands every day because of his incompetence.
  7. No doubt the Czar is still in his free accommodation and raking it in while the people die in their thousands because of his utter incompetence.
  8. November, they can't even implement a plan for next week, already they are putting back vaccinations for people they said would get jabs. The military Muppets can't strategies anything to do with health because they aren't qualified and won't listen to the science. Power corrupts, absolute Czar power, corrupts absolutely.
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