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  1. I agree, if there is no proper training like in the UK, it's all pigs will fly stuff.
  2. The technical problem is the chronic corruption this unelected **** has propagated for the last 7 years.
  3. Oh dear, Thailand is being thrown under the bus by it's Submarine building friend and the WHO which has only just stopped slapping the Thai's on the back for their response to the Wuflu. You can't trust anyone these days ...
  4. Judging by the scenes seen on videos posted online, the social distancing measures have already gone out of the window, which some might live to regret.
  5. Bumrungrad sent me an email asking if I was interested in a vaccine for CV19 plus any other family members as and when they get it. So I said yes and they have put me on their list of potential customers.
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